♫ we are who we are ..


  •   formerly known as “fishandchips
  •   Gemini
  •   born and raised in Canada
  •   currently majoring in Rhetoric and Literature
  •   Chinese-Canadian
  •   fluent in English, understands basic French and Taishanese
  •   avid fan of NA and YA novels, the vlogbrothers, and Marianas Trench.
  •   (mentally) married to Adrian Ivashkov
  •   but secretly dating Tony Stark and Tao of EXO-M
  •   enjoys reading, writing, and hibernating
  •   me in 3 words: lazy bookworm blogger.

  •   formerly known as “eggtart
  •   Cancer
  •   born and raised in Canada
  •   currently majoring in Legal Studies
  •   Chinese-Canadian
  •   fluent in English, can speak Cantonese and Mandarin
  •   avid fan of TVB, B2ST, SNSD, EXO-M, Jay Park, and NEWS
  •   (mentally) married to Jay Park
  •   but still secretly dating Junhyung of B2ST and Lay of EXO-M
  •   enjoys eating, sleeping, and watching TVB dramas
  •   me in 3 words: procrastinating on everything.

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