Tuesday, 17 December 2013

EXO's Miracles in December

Hi, all! I've been MIA, I know, but it seems like this blog is doing well even without us constantly updating? Anyways, I'll join Alikiya later, and make a end-of-semester post talking about my courses and profs!

For now, I wanna talk about EXO's new mini-album that I've had on repeat for the past week or so.

Friday, 13 December 2013

It Is The End

Stars, this term went by extremely fast. Sorry we haven't been updating much... Well... I haven't been updating much. I meant to post like 45 times this term but I never did. Sorry !

Let's start from the beginning ! I was an o-week leader this year. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. If you don't know already, I'm in the Arts faculty at the University of Waterloo. I was a front-line leader, and by gods, I was raving about o-week last year, yet somehow this year was better.

As leaders, we helped with first-year move in. That was a crazy workout, and this year I'm planning on going to the gym everyday in the summer just so I can be less tired next year (but seriously, maybe like a sit up here and there (I'll never actually go to our gym 'cause it's far and summer term will be hot)). However, it was a lot of fun helping the first years get settled and move it, and it was great getting to see some of the people who were on our team too.

Throughout the week, we took shifts and we accompanied the first years for a bunch of activities (one of which got rained out to our dismay). There were giant jigsaw puzzles (which were a lot harder than they sound), capture the beanbag (which was a kind of unfair game in all honesty, but fun nonetheless), campus confessions, and learning the Arts dance. It was a tonne of fun. We also watch Single and Sexy, a campus created play that talks about issues students can have and the places they can go to help them with said problems, as well as a campus amazing race (which, again, got a little confusing here and there but was a lot of fun). We also took an aerial photo that did not turn out well (sorry guys, but it was really bad...) and I was a blackjack dealer during Monte Carlo (the people who sat at my table can attest to the fact that I suck at addition) and it was ... and interesting experience (read: I will be doing it again, but I might add addition drills to those supposed gym visits).

Aside from hanging with the first years and joining them for all the activities I met a lot of awesome people during o-week who made the experience all the more awesome. It's extremely cool to just be walking around campus and then suddenly see people you know. In the past four month, I've become really close with a group of people and I am so happy I met them ~

Since O-Week, I've mainly been in classes, doing work, derping on tumblr, or hanging out with my awesometastic roommates, Dee and G. Lee ~ I definitely liked living with these two this past term than I did with G. Lee and our other roommate last year. There are some people you can be friends with and live with and there are some people who are best left as friends. It's been a blast living with these two this year and I've love that I got to know these two better this year ~

Anways, I'll be back next week to talk about my awesome (and not so awesome) classes this term ~


Sunday, 29 September 2013

EXO Sasaeng Fans?

All photos are not mine. All we were from Tumblr/Google. Credit to owners.

TL;DR at bottom.

See, I normally never blog about K-Pop related controversies, or issues, but I just have a question that's just been nagging at me for a while, and it's especially relevant today.

How did you guys know Baekhyun's brother was getting married? And how did you find the marriage location/party? 

So normally, I don't really shit on sasaeng fans. Not because I support their actions; I really, truly do not condone it. It's generally because I'm someone who tends not to really care much about things that don't affect me. Call it self-centered, or whatever you may, but if it's not something I can solve because how am I supposed to really stop all the sasaeng fans out there? then I just don't really care/have an opinion about it.

Even now, with the current Baekhyun-wedding situation, I still don't have much strong opinions on it. I do have questions though. 


- I read on Tumblr that fans arrived before Baekhyun arrived. They were bugging a lot of guests at the wedding asking if/when Baekhyun and the rest of EXO were coming. And again I want to ask, how the hell did you find the damn reception center?!

[In reference to this post, I have even more questions.]

- So if you're a sasaeng fan, in definition, you're someone who is an "excessively obsessed Hallyu fan" and "extreme fans who stalk their idols and invade their privacy with questionable methods." So, basically someone who's crazy "in-love"/obsessed, right? So... can I have an explanation as to why punching someone's throat in hopes of damaging their vocal chords and ruining their career is showing love? Again, speechless. 

- Also, showering the front of the SM building with chrysanthemum flowers (flowers that are supposedly used traditionally for dead people) because Baekhyun ignored you? ... Really?

[In reference to this post, I have even more questions.]

- Does making your idols apologize/feel sorry for your wrongful actions make you happy? I, for one, would not want my idol to feel like they're a burden on my life, and vice versa. 

- To make people that generally seem good-natured, (I say "seem" because I don't personally know them, although I'd give up a lot to) spew out posts that seem so angry... do you feel some sort of power over them? Like "WOW, I HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE TAO ANGRYZ"? Seriously though, what if he goes wushu on your ass? 
Seriously, I still care for you sasaeng fans.
Fair warning though, no?
Granted, he seems to fail a lot with his wushu moves on TV.

Now, what I'm about to say is just personal views, so don't feel the need to get all offended because you don't agree with what I'm gonna say:

1. To people who say that Tao shouldn't be such a sensitive ass about privacy since he gave up that right after he decided to become a famous, public figure: See, I agree with this to a certain degree. First of all, no one forfeits that right once they become a public figure. Privacy is privacy. You get less of it, yes. You absolutely should not have NONE of it, though. It's one thing to be photographed and followed on the sidewalks, or at the airports even. It's a totally different thing to be crashing a celebrity's relative's wedding. Some territories are too private, and there's a boundary that shouldn't be crossed. Now, if this was Baekhyun's wedding, it still would be inappropriate, but at least it's understandable, to say the least. But it's his brother's. 

Which goes to my second point...

2. I never understood people who can't seem to see things from the idol's point of view. Would you like it if someone crashed your relative's wedding because of you? Would you want to have to then go and apologize a bazillion times to the groom and bride? Would you then proceed to feel guilty, and incredibly ashamed of yourself for becoming an idol? Why, oh why, didn't you listen to your extremely conservative Asian parents and just become a damn accountant? Would you want to get punched in the throat?

And lastly...

3. How do sasaeng have time for this crap? God damn son, I have so much work due to do that I just want to cry in my mother's lap as she smothers me with love and food. How you gonna be out paying crazy amount for taxis to follow your oppa? I don't even have money for McDonalds sometimes.

TL;DR: In all seriousness though, if you have the resources, and time for school, do attend. I mean, following around your oppas and unnis aren't going to get your a job. And you're probably going to need a job for all that K-Pop merch, right? Privacy is privacy, no matter how much of it an idol has to give up. Think before you act.

- Your unni that needs to start working,

Monday, 2 September 2013

K-Pop Fanatic Confessions

Since I started following unpopularkpop-opinions on Tumblr, I've seen a lot of confessions that I always wanted to respond to, but I didn't want to come off as being disrespectful (like so many of the other repliers I've seen), so I figured I'll just compile some here. Because I can totally appear rude here, right?

Let's start with some of my own confessions:


So there's this girl I know. I wouldn't exactly call her a "friend", but we've spoken quite a few times during our high school days and we're on good terms with each other. So we follow each other on Twitter, and sometimes I just can't stand her tweets about K-Pop. She's said stuff like (not direct quotes), "EW why is this store playing SNSD omfg like i can't stand it i need to block this off from my ears ughh" or, "OMG B2ST <3 but i dont really like junhyung tbh and ew hyunseung wtf your hair is gross omfg yoseob stop being so manly and go back to being cute"

QUUUUURL, it's fair that you don't like SNSD, but that was just rude and uncalled for. If it bothers you so much, step out of the store then. Also, how can you so often claim to like this band, but hate this member, be bothered by this member, etc? Just enjoy the music then.

I'm Junhyung biased, but I love all the other members as well!

Everyone's always talking about how EXO is untalented and they're all just pretty boys, but I mean, I personally do feel that everyone's talented in their own way. They may not be the best at what they do, but it doesn't mean that everyone has to live up to your expectations of what a good singer/rapper/dancer is, right?

EXOtics haters. Where do I even start?

Let's begin with, "Stop calling yourselves EXOtics. it sounds pretentious/cocky. Besides, it's not even official that your group will be called EXOtics anyways. Just call yourselves 'EXO fans'". OK ASSWAD, first of all, a person can call themselves whatever they please. If they want to call themselves EXOtics, then who are you to tell them to stop? If calling yourself EXOtic sounds pretentious, then what about B2UTYs? VIPs? And lastly, the name EXOtics has been used for so long, that it might as well be the official name anyways. We're not going to stop calling ourselves that, and there's no reason why we need to type another character to express what fan-group we're a part of.

Then there's, "EXOtics are so annoying! They're all sasaeng fans. They're rude, obnoxious, elitists, and just so annoying! I can't stand them." Alright pal, can't stand them? Sit down then. Let me give you a nice coaching on common sense. If you feel like they're doing something wrong, tell them nicely. If you just can't stand to be around them, leave. Overgeneralizing just makes you seem like a douche. I mean, it's kind of like being racist, no? "Oh, all Asians have small eyes!" I mean, have you SPOKEN with all the EXOtics? Are they all really that unintelligent and annoying? I beg to disagree.

Lastly, the famous, "I'm an EXOtic, but I would never admit to it because being one is so embarrassing." I... actually don't even know what to say to this one. What's more shameful? Being an EXOtic? Or trying to hide something that you enjoy?

Totally irrelevant image, but this has me dying every. single. time.
I have a ton of other confessions of my own, but I'll stop with those two. I'm gonna go through some of other people's confessions now. I'm too lazy to read and link each and every one, so I'm gonna summarize: 

"I don't like that HyunA is made to look so slutty/sexy for their concepts. She should just be herself; she's so cute in real life, they should just let her do that."

To be honest, I think the biggest appeal of HyunA isn't that she's sexy. It's that she can do the sexy thing so well despite being a really cute and dorky girl. It really makes her stand out against other idols who can't really seem to be able to pull off a bunch of different concepts. Or at least, that's why I like HyunA.

"SM is not promoting f(x) very well. They're like the forgotten group. If they can't do it, then f(x) should just leave and go to a company that actually cares about them." 

I'm sorry, but at what point do these people become marketing experts? Just because f(x) has yet to reach SNSD or Super Junior level in popularity, doesn't mean that SM is doing a bad job? I mean how many groups out there really has reached those insanely popular levels? I don't know, maybe it's because I'm just being ignorant to the fact that they are being ignored. But at the same time, f(x) is still one of the top girl groups, no? But since you propose that solution, what other company do you think can honestly do a better job? What other company doesn't already have their own baggage trying to put their own girl group on top? Which company has the resources to get f(x) on top then? I just feel like each member has their own stuff going on. Without SM, do you think these five girls would be MCing? Taking on lead roles in dramas? Musicals? But hey, if you can make a valid proposal, I'll totally listen.

Responding to these are getting tiring, so here's some confessions I agree with: 

Alright, there's actually a lot more, but I'll stop here for now.

All photos are from unpopularkpop-opinions on Tumblr! Follow them if you have the time! Some of the opinions on there that are submitted will have you face-palming, but it's always interesting to see other people's comments towards K-pop (at least for me)!

Anyways, school is starting soon and I have to get cracking with packing and other crap.


- Dee

Friday, 9 August 2013

Crappy Summer + Asian Dramas; hitting me hard in the feels!

What's up, everyone?

I've signed in about a dozen times, but I've been so unmotivated to make any posts. I just saw Alikiya's post today, and I figured it's about time I do something semi-productive.

So the last month and a half has been pretty hectic, in a way. My family lost someone very close, and there was just a whole lot to do with hospital visits and funeral preparations. It's all good now, but then other stuff started coming up, and let's just say that everyone was pissed at everyone for a fair amount of time.

Anyways, luckily, I have some little things here and there to keep my spirits up! As Alikiya mentioned, B2ST and EXO are back, and they're two of my favourite groups. f(x) is also back, and I'm loving their album. If anyone wants to purchase it for me, message me and I'll give you my address. I'm really loving "Rum Pum Pum Pum", "Shadow", "Goodbye Summer", and "Airplane".

As for Asian dramas, I just recently finished watching "Lucky Seven" and "Dating Agency: Cyrano". Both of them were really good, light-hearted dramas. Nothing too serious, or anything that will tug at your heart. If you're into the detective/comedy drama, then I really recommend "Lucky Seven". Eita, who plays Nitta in the drama, was such an awesome actor. It was the first time I watched one of his dramas, and now I'm such a fan. Thinking of watching other dramas with him later on.

Cyrano was the second K-drama that I ever finished. It was really, really cute. That, or I just haven't watched romance dramas in a long time. I think Sooyoung was pretty darn awesome, and for those people who judge dramas that star idols, I think that Sooyoung will really change your mind about that! Also, Hong Jong-hyun was amazing as well. I saw him first in "Wild Romance" a little while back, and I hated his character and his acting seemed boring. Then, I think it was also him in 2NE1's music video recently, which was really awkward too. BUT he was so qt in this drama, so yes, I recommend everyone to watch it if you haven't already!

So, after Cyrano, I took a little break 'cause I sat on my ass for days watching that drama, and I seriously think there were some serious health issues after that, LOL.

I started watching "I Hear Your Voice" a couple days ago, and I'm currently on episode 14. Since my online course has started, I'm taking a two day break to get going on my assignment before I continue the drama.


Even though I'm constantly recommending dramas to Alikiya, it's actually been a while since I sat down and watched dramas for myself. I had a really long phase back in middle school where I was super into J-dramas and NEWS (especially Yamapi) and so I literally watched every J-drama I could. Hana Yori Dango, 1 Liter of Tears, Nobuta wo Produce, Dragon Zakura, Kurosagi, Proposal Daisakusen, Yukan Club, and so much more. I also watched a ton of Taiwanese dramas like Smiling Pasta, Bull Fighting, Romantic Princess, etc. And if anyone knows me, I also watch TVB (Hong Kong) dramas on almost a daily basis. But ever since high school, I've really slowed on dramas, and I was just really busy with school life and just watching short stuff on Youtube.

Anyways, now I'm right back where I started and I think "I Hear Your Voice" is a big part of the reason. Words can't even describe how good the series is. The plot is so interesting, and if anyone knows me, I'm a big sucker for detective/law/psychological thriller type dramas. Plus, when you throw in a cute side-romance story with a perfect, good-looking Korean boy... welp, I'm basically set.

How does this guy make looking bruised and bloody so hot?
If they could just stop zooming in on his face...
Yeah, that'd be nice.
This face is why I got nightmares a couple days ago.
Anyways, my friend also recommended me to watch: Reply 1997, Ghost, Sign, and School 2013. I'm gonna trust her on this since she's the reason I watched Cyrano and "I Hear Your Voice". She totally gets my taste in dramas.

Uh, aside from all that, I've also gotten into Tyler Oakley. I knew about his channel before, but I never subscribed, but recently some of his video collaborations have me laughing so hard, I almost cry. Check out these:

Other than all that, everything else about my summer has been a bust. I was supposed to get a job, but that failed epically because no one wants to hire me. Most likely due to the fact that I have zero experience. Ironic thing is... how am I supposed to get experience if no one is hiring me!? But anyways, I'm hoping I'll be able to find a job for co-op when I head back to school next month.

Speaking of co-op, the course has officially started for me. It's online, and my first assignment is to make a bomb resume. Unfortunately, that means I have to actually start working when I'm on the computer as opposed to watching my dramas or scrolling to hundreds and hundreds of Tumblr pages. I guess it's a good way to get me out of the rut that I've been for the past 4 months though.

Anywho, I'm off to continue making my resume.

I'll sign off with some lovely photos of these three perfect men:

Follow me on Tumblr and Polyvore!

- Dee

Thursday, 8 August 2013

What Is Up World!?! -Waves Hands-

How goes life people of the Internet? How am I? Well, one would think that due to my lack of posts on here, I have been extremely busy with life. Alas, that is not the case, well... not really the case.

This summer, I'm learning to drive. Let me tell you... I SUCK at right hand turns. I don't even know why. My instructor doesn't know why. My parents just don't understand WHY. My dad's actually so confused, he came back today after I drove around the city and was like, "See, most people have issues with left turns, and yet you have no problem. But your right turns are horrific." Basically every time I have to turn right, I scare everyone in the car, and likely those surrounding it, shitakeless. Pro Asian driving man /partofthestereotype.

I have also been posting regularly on my book review blog (a miracle, I must add). It's been great getting back to it and I hope (and PRAY) that I'll manage to keep it up through the school year. 'Cause it would suck if it just dies again because I lack time and initiative... Anyways, check it out if you're into books, or like reading stuff by someone who's obsessed with them ;)

This year, I've taken it upon myself to watch a number of dramas. I've finished Smiling Pasta, One Litre of Tears, Secret Garden, and am part way through The Queen of SOP. I'm thinking of starting Lucky Seven which stars Matsujun, or get into School 2013, High Kick: Revenge of the Short-Legged, or I Hear Your Voice purely to see Lee Jong Suk, because he was beautiful and sassy in Secret Garden (which I highly recommend by the way). Anyways, we'll see how that goes. Might also get into Dating Agent: Cyrano 'cause Dee recommended it (she also recommended two of the others listed).

What else have I been doing... watching a lot of YouTube videos, that's not unusual, but I'm doing it more now that school's off. I've been stalking a number of B2ST performances. Can I just take a moment to mention that Hyunseung looks amazing with his hair white? HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL ~~ 

Also, I've been loving all of EXO's new songs for their repackaged album.

And I've been loving all the videos Max Schneider, Kurt Schneider, and others have been posting ~
asdfghjkl they're so goooooooood -flails-

Hmm, I've also been doing a lot of jewellery making and fixing. I'm hoping to maybe sell some of my stuff one day, HOPING, but doubting I'll ever get to it...

So, people of the earth, tell me, how have all your summers been going ? :D


Sunday, 7 July 2013

EXO - Happy Camp (快樂大本營) on 130706


So after almost a month of postponing the broadcast, the episode for EXO on Happy Camp has finally been aired! The English subbed version might not be out right now, but by the time I finish this post, it might be. You hardcore EXOtic subbers out there. I see you. Last night, I watched the episode on TV, because we have this box thing that gives us access to shows that are shown in China. It's pretty good since we get to watch the episodes the same day it's aired!


I felt like this episode really brought out the EXO-K member's variety show skills. If you're watching this show for Lay, Luhan, or Kai, you're out of luck because those three barely showed up. The whole episode basically centered around Kris, D.O., Tao, Suho, and Chanyeol. The rest of the members I didn't mention got some camera time, but not too much. Nonetheless, I still thought this episode was the best one that EXO has filmed with Happy Camp. It was really cute and funny, so I decided to point out some highlights!

So EXO came out with their performance of "Wolf" in Chinese. Pretty much expected...

As much as I love Happy Camp, there's just one thing I can't stand. I hate the bright-ass lights that they use for performances. There's hardly ever a good, clear shot of a member's face before some sort of bright-light special effect kicks in and ruins the shot. Thus, excuse my crappy ass screenshot. They looked better on TV.
So, during their introductions, Nana (one of the hosts) was saying Luhan doesn't really look like a wolf, but more like a little cat. So they told Luhan to do a scary wolf expression, and they'd make scary wolf sound effects for him. As soon as Luhan made the face, Nana meow'd like a cute little cat.

One of the best parts of the show was when they shrunk D.O. with special effects. When everyone was introducing themselves, Baekhyun, Chen, and Kris decided that they would mess with D.O. and announce that they too were also main vocals. Aside from Chen, Baek is actually a lead vocal, and Kris is mainly a rapper. So with the overcrowding amount of main vocalists sprouting up, the hosts said that it seems like D.O. is just getting shorter and shorter. 

So they decided to let those four have a little competition. Everyone sang a snippet of "Baby, Don't Cry", which prompted Kris to ask, "Is it ok if I sing in a lower pitch?" Yes, babe, of course you can. 
Then because Kris would have clearly failed as a main vocalist next to those three, he tried out as our lead dancer. They brought out Kai, one of the main dancers of EXO, who danced to Wolf. Kris failed three times in a row. First time, he somehow got confused, so he did some weird little freestyle thing. Second time, his hand got stuck/accessories started flying about. Then, he just completely missed the part of the song he was supposed to dance to since it took him so long to get ready. Remember, dumbzhang, I still love you.

Kris realizing he messed up, prompting everyone behind him to
collapse from laughter.
Then, they had this mini segment where they asked the members, "If you could go back in time, at what age/time would you go to?" I just want to take a moment to forget what they answered with, and just take a look at Chanyeol's baby picture. 

Chanyeol's baby picture.

Lay said he would have wanted to go back to when he was in his pre-teens (when he was a child star). He would have wanted to partake in more shows, so that he would have more clips to show everyone now. He also wanted to learn more from Weijia ge (one of the hosts of Happy Camp, who used to host other shows that Lay was on before). Oh my God, Lay, you sure know how to butter someone up, eh? Darling is so good with words. Then, as one of the main dancers of the group, Lay did a little freestyle dance for us which was the sexiest thing my eyes have seen. 

Then, Tao's response was my personal favourite. He said he wanted to go back to last year when he was on the show with only EXO-M. He said he felt like he came off really "silly/stupid" at that time. 

Why I think this was the best answer was because Tao used the term     
"傻不啦叽" (sa bu la ji). It's a term that mostly people from the NorthEast of China use. It's actually a term that I've grown up saying. I really love it when Tao accidentally let's his Shandong dialect slip out 'cause I think it's absolutely charming and it really makes him special!

Then, Tao did a little Korean rap for us. But it failed multiple times. He had apparently actually prepared a "surprise" along with the rap. Surprise? No wait, I meant 色卜瑞丝 (su pu rui si). Dear, your English is charming, you know that? Finally though, with Chanyeol beatboxing and Kris joining in the rap, Tao finished his su pu rui si rap. 

After this, Happy Camp put up 12 poles for the EXO members to stand near depending on their rank for certain titles. The first one was "the most immature member". Person at the #1 spot was most immature, and person at #12 was the most mature. 

Xiumin ended up claiming the 12th position. HE WAS SO CUTE HUGGING THE TALL POLE ALL CONFUSED.

Chanyeol and Tao were then dragged to the front by Chen, despite their protests, with Chanyeol as #1 and Tao as #2. When Luhan was asked who was in the wrong spot, he answered with, "Chanyeol and Tao". Tao, thinking that he had a chance to be put towards the end of the line (closer to the mature end), Luhan stated, "Tao is actually #1".

Poor Tao.
Stabbed right in the heart by his hyung, Luhan.
Next, it was "who's best at charming the ladies". In a secret vote before the show aired, almost everyone voted for Kris, who ended up winning the #1 spot. Like last time, Tao was not pleased. At the behind-the-scenes voting, Tao stated, 

"What does he have that makes people look at him and not me? Really, I'm pretty handsome too. There really isn't much difference between us. Sometimes, I think people are looking at me (when I'm out with Kris), but then I see their line of vision, and I end up being wrong. They were actually looking at Kris. Honestly, I'm a bit jealous. But I mean, I'm not that bad either. I think everyone can tell, just by looking, who really is the most handsome."

Stroking the face he's so proud of.
Then, they dragged Chanyeol down from the #1 spot to allow Kris to step up. He Jiong (main host) asked Chanyeol and Kris to comment on how they felt about their current position (Kris as #1 and Chanyeol was moved to #6), Chanyeol decided to answer this with a skit. Unfortunately, no one really understood what the skit had to do with anything. Poor Sehun and Luhan was dragged into it too.

Chanyeol asking for 100 bottles of beer in Mandarin.
Last question was: "Who's the biggest scaredy-cat/who get's scared the easiest?" Suho got the #1 spot. To help him overcome this, they played the trust game in which Suho stood on a higher platform and would fall backwards into the arms of his members. 

Poor guy was so scared, and you could see how worried he was with the look in his eyes. When a helper stepped off the platform, Suho was quick to ask, "Where are you going!?" in Mandarin, begging for them to not leave his side and to help him with the fall. 

Suho gave a very touching speech after the members caught his fall.
Afterwards, they played a game that split them into teams. Somehow it ended up being the short-team vs. the tall-team. And even though my biases were all in the tall-team, I was definitely rooting for the short-team because they were too funny!

He Jiong as "Snow White" and his 7 dwarfs.
Sehun and Kai crouching a bit to match their heights, LOL!
The fall of the tall team.
Short team's awesome teamwork vs. Kris
Xiumin as mother hen! Great leading, Xiumin!

Tall team (losers) forced to carry short team and do 5 squats.
Hai Tao (host) dropped Chen.
I mean... "Chne".
Lay had to carry Weijia (host).
Apparently Lay did well in the beginning but started making
constipated noises
towards the end.
Weijia's face as he makes the noises, LOL!

And that was basically the whole episode!

There was a lot more funny parts, but I didn't want to make this post longer than it already was! If you're a fan of EXO, or you're just starting to get into them, watch this episode! You won't get to know all the members really well because only a few got to shine, but it's a really funny episode. 

Normally, I don't really care much for members like Suho, Xiumin, or D.O., but I feel like this episode really let them shine, and they were really funny and cool. It seemed like the EXO-K members really had a good time, so I'm glad they enjoyed themselves even though they're not great with the language.

Anyways, EXO's episode for "Weekly Idol" is coming up soon! I can't wait! 

- Dee

Sunday, 30 June 2013

A1 Chinese Radio: Him Law (羅仲謙) Fan Signing

  • The last month has been uneventful as always except for the fact that I celebrated my birthday on the 21st (my actual birthday is on the 24th) with my closest friends. We went for hotpot, and it was pretty awesome, but I'll talk about that another time and upload pictures too. 
  • I just signed onto this blog to see that we got a lot of views/reads for my EXO post. Avid K-Pop fans out there, I'm guessing? Thank you so much for that. It's actually the most amount of views/reads on a post that this blog has, I think. Maybe I should just do more K-Pop related blog posts from now on. (Edit: That post is now at around 9k views?)

I'm going to try and be as eloquent and use the least amount of profanity as possible on the following description of my day yesterday. If I swear, please excuse me because I was about to cut a bitch yesterday. 

Yesterday, my friend and I left our homes at 10:30 in the morning to hop on the bus for an hour long bus ride to Splendid China Mall to meet Him Law, a popular Hong Kong actor, for his autograph session. Let's start my rant here. Why did we leave at 10:30, and not earlier for an event like this? Why didn't we line up outside the mall two days ahead of time? Okay. So Him Law... ain't no Justin Bieber. He may be popular in Hong Kong, but outside of that little area, I don't think many people really knows who he is. Now, I would have left home earlier, but I had learned my lesson from last year. On June 29th/30th of last year, Raymond Wong (黃浩然) was invited to come to Canada (also by A1 Chinese Radio) for a fan signing. Being an avid fan of his work, I dragged my friend to leave early in the morning with me at 8:30AM. When we reach Splendid China Mall, no stores were open, and we actually ended up reaching there before the set-up crew for the event. This time though, we had a plan! We left at 10:30, got there around 11:40, ate lunch, and we stood in line at around 12:20. We were about the 20th people in line (as opposed to last year when we were probably 5th). 

NO BIG DEAL, right? It's not like the people at the front of the line got any special perks. We knew that; we were here last year. NOPE. After waiting in line for almost 2 hours, a volunteer at the event started handing out posters for people to hand to Him Law to sign later. Awesome, right? They thought ahead this year! Last year, no one got posters until late into the event. When I had went to grab a poster last year, I actually got yelled at by some ignorant man telling me to not cut in line. WTF... I am standing in front of the person handing out posters and am in no way in a position that indicates that I was prepared to cut in line. But whatever. WHAT MATTERS IS... this year, they're handing out posters early! NOOOPE. They were only handing out approximately 10 posters, and only the people at the front of the line got them. I don't know how absolutely stupid these event planners were, but did you expect only 10 people to show up to this event? I mean, if only 10 people did, then you might as well not host the damn thing. IF I HAD KNOWN THAT THE FIRST 10 PEOPLE GOT POSTERS, I WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE EARLIER. UGH. Okay, fine. I'll let that slide. Him Law will just sign my mini autograph ticket! If you think that worked out, you are sorely mistaken. Why? Because they took back the mini autograph tickets. HOW CHEAP DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO COLLECT BACK THE TICKETS YOU HANDED OUT? IT WAS LITERALLY 1/20TH OF A STANDARD 8"x11" PIECE OF PAPER. But what did the hosts have to say about this? "Just go over to a newspaper stand nearby and buy the SingTao newspaper! The cover is a picture of Him Law!" What do you possibly benefit from that? It's not like you get no damn commission from the newspaper stands for sending people to buy your newspapers. So, I bought the newspaper. It's cool; it didn't cost that much anyways. What did I see when I got on stage for the signing? Mini-posters beside Him Law's arms in case you have nothing for him to sign on. If anger could kill, I swear that everyone at that mall would be dead except for Him Law and I.

Deep breathes, girl, deep breathes.

So, at the event, there were a lot of chairs that were surrounded by these gates that went around where people stood, as pictured below:

So you're thinking... that should fit almost everyone who's standing outside the gates, right? NO. Do you know who took all the seats? VIP members. Do you know where the VIP members are? Probably shopping around the mall, NOT IN LINE, because they already have guaranteed spots. You're exaggerating! How many VIP members can there possibly be! Enough to fill the entire seating area. So aside from getting posters, what benefits do the first few people gain? Absolutely nothing. You think you're coming here early so you can get great seats at the front. You'll be up close and personal with your favourite actor, but no. You're stuck still standing for another couple of hours as the event goes on. Oh, how old were these VIP fans? Average age range: 40s-60s. I mean, fan girling doesn't have a limit, I understand. But when the average age of everyone standing in line is 15-25, and the actor is 28... nah, I don't see anything wrong with that AT ALL! -rolls eyes- But it's fine. I'm not going to rant too much about that because I can't guarantee that I won't be like this when I'm middle-aged as well. All I want at this point is to just take a nice photo with Him Law. Screw the rest.

I'm going to take a moment out of this post to dedicate my annoyance to the people standing in front and behind me. So, two-girls-behind-me... YOU'RE LOUD. Let's put it this way. When I think you're loud, you must have serious issues. Because let's face it, as a Chiu Chow girl, it's in my damn blood to have the whole room hear my voice when I speak. But you know what, there's a time and place. If you scream for the people singing before the event, that's cool. If you scream when Him Law walks in, that's cool.  If you just got a fabulous picture with Him and you're screaming as you run off the stage, that's cool too. But to literally scream like crazy over a lame joke your friend told you, IN MY EAR, you best be glad I'm not one to pick fights with people. What I wanted to say to you? "Can you kindly not scream over the most idiotic of jokes? If I'm not allowed to judge you for your clearly special idea of what is humourous, then I sure as hell can judge you for you manners. Has your mother never taught you to use your indoor voice? There are hundreds of people waiting in line in a quiet mall. If you must laugh oh-so loudly, I'll even grant you that. SO LONG AS YOU DON'T DO IT IN MY HEAR." Then, they had to audacity to be pointing and whispering about me. I mean, go ahead and do that. I'm blogging about you anyways. But have the common courtesy to do what when I'm not looking right at you. Then, the two-girls-in-front-of-me-accompanied-by-one's-boyfriend, you guys are BIG. No, I don't mean "fat" because that would be offensive, right? Plus, who am I to be calling you that when I'm heavy myself? What I mean was... they were extremely tall, and had really broad backs. So if you could kindly stop stepping backwards into my face, I'd have appreciated you a lot more. What started out as a good space between us somehow turned into my face being pressed on their backs. Plus, with them being so tall, I felt like I was standing next to Mt. Everest and I swear the air pressure changed a bit. So, to the four people on either side of me, thank you so much for making yesterday that much more memorable.

Let me just insert some pictures as I cool myself down...

Fast forward to the actual moment when I get to "meet" Him Law...

Now, I use the term "meet" loosely. I guess that's even a stretch in itself too. I barely even got to "see" Him Law, and this is why.

Before I continue, let me mention four people to you. As I don't know their names, we'll call them:
  1. "Man in Black T-shirt (MIBT)"
  2. "Man in Yellow T-shirt (MIYT)"
  3. "Woman in Green T-shirt (WIGT)", and 
  4. "Annoying Woman (AW)"
So as my friend and I were standing in line approaching the stage where Him Law was, we were planning on how we were going to take our picture with him. Keeping last year in mind, we knew MIBT was going to rush us, and our photo was going to end up horrible. I saw people hand their phones/cameras to their friends, and their friends would take the picture for them. It'd probably be a lot better than if MIYT took the photo. Let's all keep in mind that you're not allowed to go behind the stupid table and take a picture. No. You lean across a table and try your best to match your face's angle to Him Law's and take a good picture where you don't look as if you're both staring in different directions. This itself was just ridiculous. I mean, why are you rushing everyone so much? Everyone literally gets 3 seconds with Him before they drag you offstage. I WANT A GOOD GOD FORSAKEN PHOTO. I WILL GIVE UP HIS AUTOGRAPHED NEWSPAPER FOR IT, OK?  

So as we're heading upstage, I told my friend to take my iPad (she forgot her camera) and take a photo in a "selfie" way. That way, we're in control of the camera and we know when to snap the photo so that it looks good. We even came up with a backup plan in case the "selfie" method didn't work. If we're not allowed to take the photo ourselves, we'd let each other take it. As we're walking up the stairs, WIGT saw my friend holding my iPad with the front-camera on, and told her that she's not allowed to take photos herself or with the help of me and that MIYT was the only person allowed to take photos. OK PUTA REALLY, EH? HE'S THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED? SO WAS I HALLUCINATING WHEN I SAW OTHER GIRLS TAKING PHOTOS OF THEIR FRIENDS WITHOUT THE HELP OF YOUR USELESS STAFF?

Ok fine. So you'll take my picture. I'll hold it in. My hair was neat, I was wearing a nice outfit, and I practiced my smile. Oh yeah, thank you for taking the picture as I was blinking by the way.

But it's not like I got to say anything, because AW was rushing me off stage before I even had to time to collect my autographed newspaper and iPad.

 Let's just break this down into questions, ok?
  1. Why am I not allowed to take my own photo? 
  2. Why am I not allowed to let my friend take my photo?
  3. Why were others allowed to let their friend take their photo but not me?
  4. Why are you incapable of taking the photo when my eyes were open? 
  5. Why can't you let me collect my belongings before you rush me offstage?
  6. Do you think I'm deaf when you guys repeated over 60 times that everyone must immediately leave the stage after the autograph/picture?
  7. If so, are you insinuating that my friend and I, along with the rest of the people you rushed off stage, are somehow disabled? Hard of hearing, or perhaps we're not intelligent enough to comprehend your simple instructions? 
  8. If you're going to insinuate that I'm disabled in some way, may I do the same? Are you blind? Can you not see that I'm grabbing my stuff and heading in the direction to get off stage?
and that would conclude my rant...
excuse me as I get annoyed over another problem in my life. 

- Dee 

 P.S: Update soon. Another K-pop related rant or should I upload photos of my uneventful life? Hmm...