Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tough Love

So first off... Yeah I'm failure with Apple products. Like give me anything that was made by Apple and it's just a bunch of trial and error attempts with some vague sort of success (if there is any at all). I guess this is what happens when you just never buy Apple. Yes. I've never owned anything Apple. I've used Macs, and I've played on iPods and iPads, but yeah I've never actually emptied my pockets to purchase anything from them... 'course this also leaves me with this laptop I'm currently using, which enjoys shutting down whenever it damn well pleases. As annoying as that is, I still like Windows better (note: my laptop's 7 years old. give it a break. I do... not like I really have a choice though... but I still do /poorunistudent).

Anyways, at the moment, I'm at eggtart's place. I was told to come at 8:30pm to supposedly help her edit her law essay. It's 12am now... and she's still not done...

This is what she's been doing all night:

I managed to capture her at a rare moment... she's working... shhhh...
Anyways, while she's been doing that, I've been working on this:
Blog posts for my review blog (which I've been kind of neglecting 'cause school...)
I've also been working on this:
There once was ten... and now there one... well actually, now there's none 'cause  eggtart just ate it
Okay, she's finally done... four hours later... -switches laptops-

 - fishandchips

Hi Internal pals!

Fishandchips and I just switched spots. She is currently at my laptop editing my essay while I'm laying in my bed, on her laptop, continuing this post.

This would be fishandchips going on Twitter  when she's supposed to be editing my essay.

And if you were wondering what the tweet was, she was basically recapping our conversation.

Her: What's section 128.a of the Highway Traffic Act?
Me: I dunno? Thou shall not speed?

This shall be my position as I type this post.
Don't be hatin' on my Teletubbies bedsheets.

Anyways, this is the first time since the birth of this blog that fishandchips and I have made a joint post! How long as it been since this blog started? I think we started this blog during prom-season last year. This means that in around 3 months, this blog would have been on the Internet for a year!

I wish we both had the motivation and perseverance to do something special. We have tried to start a Youtube channel where we would write, film, and produce mini skits but that quickly went to hell. We also tried at Nanowrimo a couple years ago, got down a basic sketch of characters and plot, and then gave up.

I wonder if we should do something special for our one-year blog though? But I don't think there's much that can be done when you write blogs that don't get much reads.

Somehow I notice that we seem to be getting readers from areas such as Germany, England, USA, and many other locations but no responses? Seriously, someone... let me know if you're alive? ;_____;

Anyways, our "About Us" page is still being worked on and our background will be changed soon again since fishandchips doesn't seem to like the flowers.

Alright, not much else to add! Talk to you guys in March! Hehe :)

- eggtart

Monday, 18 February 2013

YouTube Music

Now I know the both of us are on YouTube about 90% of the time. While eggtart watches all things Asian, I tend to go for music covers and songs by obscure people that were played during t.v. shows. These days, I rarely even watch those shorts that WongFu and NigaHiga post, unless I'm hanging out with eggtart.

Anyways, so I was watching a bunch of videos today and thought I'd share some of my favourites with you guys ~

I found Kait Weston's videos a while back, right after I became totally obsessed with Demi Lovato's album Unbroken. It featured her singing "Skyscraper" live, in her front foyer, and honestly, her voice blew me away.

Then I went on to listen to all her other songs, and her voice is so damn strong and powerful.
Yes, that is Cookie from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. He grew up... Kait also has some original songs: Carry Me Home and With You.
The other guy is Eppic. IMO he's a good rapper. He's done a lot of collabs with other YouTubers.
I haven't really kept up with Jess, the girl who sings in the video, but she's an amazing singer too.

Another YouTuber I absolutely love is Tyler Ward. I learned about him through eggtart, who showed me his old collab partner, Julia Sheer, first. They no longer do collabs together, but hopefully one day they will again, 'cause they sang well together.
This first video is Tyler's collaboration with YouTuber Alex G. singing a cover of Ho Hey. They have both done original songs too. Tyler recently released a mini album, and Alex G has her original called 4am.
This next one is Julia doing a cover of Safe and Sound.
She also collabed with a number of YouTubers, such as Alex Goot and Against the Current, in this next video, which has forever prevented me from listening to the original version of the song.
Love that cover...
Against the Current's original song "Thinking" can be found here.
Lastly, you've already seen Kurt Schneider's work, in that video with Max Schneider and Victoria Justice that eggtart posted a few weeks back, but I also want to show another cover that Kurt helped produce, this time for Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie:
One of my favourite covers, next to One More Night.

Anyways, YEAH. I just wanted to share some of my favourite YouTubers with you~ There are more, but this shall have to do...


P.S. Ignore some of the weird stuff going on with our blog. It's in the middle of a make-over xP

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Harlem Shake + Other Updates

Let me just jump right into it and ask: WHAT THE HELL IS THE PURPOSE OF THE HARLEM SHAKE?

I am so god damn confused by this dance. Can we even call it a dance? People are calling it the next "Gangnam Style" and while I'm not the biggest fan of Psy or the horse-riding-dance, I just find that offensive. At least that was a dance. What the crap is Harlem Shake supposed to be?

The first time I heard of it was when one of my peers posted this up on a Facebook group:

That itself was weird as hell for me. The first time I watched it, I didn't know that it was the Harlem Shake since the title of the video didn't exactly make that clear for me. Then, people started showing me videos of other universities doing it and I was just flat out confused. Is it... funny? Interesting? I don't know!

Then, you read comments on that video and it's pure Laurier vs. Waterloo pride and well... ok then. Then, there was talk that Laurier was to "retaliate" as if this was actually a war. So they made an "official" Harlem Shake video and this is how it turned out:

As a Waterloo student, I thought this video was pretty darn cool. Oh dear God, if a uWaterloo student is reading this, don't kill me. But uWaterloo's was pretty darn awesome as well. Here's the video:

Random note: The girl doing the splits in the second Harlem Shake was... interesting LOL.

Another random note: While I'm all for uWaterloo pride and spirit, do you think it's too late to change our cheer/chant thing from "Water Water Water Loo Loo Loo" to something else? Seriously, don't kill me.

and while I do think it's awesome that all these students managed to organize such a big thing... I STILL DON'T GET IT. But oh well, another big boom for something "cool" and it'll be sure to fade away soon. Hopefully.

-awkwardly moves onto another topic-

So the past week has been absolute crap for me. I did horrible on my accounting midterm and my French test and I pretty much just want to hid under a pile of clothes and sleep away my sorrows.

Unfortunately, I can't do that since I'm swamped with a pile of crap to be doing this Reading Week. Well, actually... it's not that bad if I manage my time well but ya'know... Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, watching dramas and all that stuff just sounds so appealing next to that 7-page paper and the 600 pages of readings. brb, crying.

Once I get some of my stuff done though, I think fishandchips and I should do a bit of cleaning-up on this blog. Maybe a better layout, a better "About Us" page and overall... better. That would require me to magically pick up some html skills so... yep.

Anyways, this will be one of my shorter posts since I need to basically do all my readings from the beginning of this semester for Political Science now. A+ student right here.

- eggtart

Monday, 4 February 2013

Who Said Arts Students Didn't Have a lot of Work!?

Pardon the Taken widget... I was trying to win a contest (and I might've but I have not received an email so I'm assuming it's mistaken identity on my part... /sad.)

On to the point of this post.


No, we don't do a tonnage of math problems or formal labs for science, but we still have a lot to do. There's so much reading and note-taking and so much to remember... IT'S INSANITY I TELL YOU.

Don't let people tell you that in arts you don't need to try 'cause that's a lie. Sorry.

Today, I went to the library to get a book I needed for a research assignment I'm doing for English. Now I love the library, however, when your website says that a book IS IN THE LIBRARY, I expect it to be IN THE FREAKING LIBRARY. I walked my lazy butt all the way to the DP library only to find that the book I wanted to get wasn't even there. They don't know where it is. LIKE C'MON. UGH. So now I'm lacking book sources which won't fly with my teacher 'cause we need a 'large variety of sources'. CURSE YOU WORLD.

On another note, Prodigy by Marie Lu is out! AND I CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT ~~ (But I must 'cause I have so much work /dies.) Shades of Earth by Beth Revis is out too, and of course, The Indigo Spell is coming out next week (which I am REALLY excited for) !

I have nothing else to say, really. Since second semester started I've basically become a recluse. Okay, that's not totally true (I went to one club meeting where we played Crimes Against Humanity. It was hilarious and fun... otherwise, I haven't really gotten out much)... but it's close enough.

I seriously have to start working -rolls away- hope everyone's has a great February~