Saturday, 19 May 2012

After Prom... [fishandchips POV]

Prom was amazing! My photos were taken by eggtart (so scroll down to see the set up and the food).

It's funny, I went into school on Thursday and was just like "Prom is tonight... UGH". And yet, when I got there, I was getting that insane buzz that tells me it's time for a party. After a number of irritating pictures taken by my dad of me + the building + some trees, I went in. Little did I know I was trapping myself...

Prom Ticket!
Our school warned us about the no in and out policy, but I didn't think it meant before anyone actually got there. I was there at like 5:50 pm, and I wanted to take pictures of the banquet hall before everyone got there. So I went in, and then after taking pictures, and saying hi to teachers, I noticed a bunch of people outside taking group photos and was just like I WANNA GO! But the teachers wouldn't let me, hmph.

Add that to the fact that the corsage my date got me was half broken, I'd say the start of the night wasn't amazing. The salad did not help. 

To the food! Ever eat weeds on a plate? No? What about dirt? No to that too? Well, if you tried this salad, that'd be something to scratch off your bucket list. Now, I love green salad. I won't eat a salad unless its green. But this one tasted like dirt smells. It was horrid. And the salad dressing, 'cause I was actually considering it, was like brown coloured vinegar, not appetizing in the least. Ergh, just thinking about it makes me cringe. To it, I give a 1/10.

Dish two: the pasta. Though a little al dente, the pasta tasted fine. The sauce was flying though, haha. Our friend A got it on her white dress, and our visiting friend AP got it on his dress shirt (on the shoulder of all places...). This dish, I'd rate a 6/10.

Dish three: chicken with a cheese and spinach stuffing, with sweet potato scallops and veggies. The chicken, was amazing. 10/10 for the chicken: it was tender, tasted good, and mmmmm~~ amazing~ the sweet potato scallops (well, I think they were sweet potato) tasted horrid, I gagged... The veggies were alright though. Overall, I'd give this dish a 8/10, just 'cause I loved the chicken so much.

Dish four: an ice cream filled crepe, with strawberry sauce. One of my least favourite things to eat is anything with fruits. Desserts just should not have fruits in them in my world. It's blech. I give this one a 6/10. The ice cream was good, but the strawberry taste ruined it for me...

To the dance floor! Okay, I hate dancing. absolutely detest it. I'd rather shoot myself on most days than dance in public where people can actually see me. But at parties, I love dancing. Why go to a party if you're not going to dance -ahemeggtartahem- ?! I had the time of my life on that dance floor~! There's no way to describe that feeling. Even though I know that I'm not an amazing dancer, at parties, I tend to just dance as if no one's watching~ It's exhilarating! I had a great time dance (more like jumping around) with my friends, and even some people whom I usually hate. I slow danced with my date thrice, and once with AP (another thing I get to cross off my bucket list~). I was shocked that my date danced. He even got up for some of the fast dancing near the end of the night. It was hilarious (he's not too good... haha) and a lot of fun!

Empty Dance Floor ...
Our DJ!
Doesn't he look like a vampire you'd see on Vampire Diaries?!
My friend thought he was cute...

Dance floor!
To the photo booth! The hall had a photo booth. You know that thing where you take like four photos and the box spits 'em out? Yeah, that thing. They were unlimited and free (well, the limit was as many slips of photo paper in the machine). It was a lot of fun. I ended up with four slips. It was a lot of fun, but we all can admit that we over abused the poor machine, thus rendering it useless by 11pm. But that was alright, because I had a tonne of photos from my camera: 121 to be exact.

I had a blast. I loved this year's prom because there wasn't any drama, just a lot of dancing, laughing, smiling, and fun~ Though I woke up the next day with blisters on my feet, bruises on my hands from clapping, and a really rough voice, Thursday May 17, 2012 was one of the best nights of my life~


Friday, 18 May 2012

Night after prom... [eggtart POV]

Prom was alright.

I didn't exactly go into prom with high expectations for it to be an amazing night where I would dance like a wild person. I also didn't go in expecting myself to win prizes such as "Prom Queen" or "Best Dressed".

All I wanted was a simple evening where I can eat something good and take some nice pictures with my friends. I got... none of that, reeeally.

Basically, prom happened at The Venetian Banquet Hall & Hospitality Centre.

For me, the best part of the evening was taking booth pictures with my friends. At prom, they had a little booth where people can go in and take a slip of 4 photos. I'm sure everyone's seen those type of machines before. I took 4 slips of photos, but I feel like it just wasn't enough! I am so sure that some people over-abused the machine and took so many slips that they had to shut down the machine early on in the evening.

Other than that, I didn't really take much photos with anyone. I think in total, I took about 20 pictures? Boo.

Another good thing was the fact that the hall was decorated really nicely.

Entrance into the hall

Tables + seating

If you can't already tell by the Eiffel Towers on the tables, the theme of Prom was "Midnight in Paris" which I also thought was really classy and beautiful.

In terms of food? It was kind of meh. The first thing they served was salad.

I don't know if this is some sort of procedure where all meals have to start with salads, but oh dear...

I hate salads. Unless there's a whole lot of good dressing, I'm probably not gonna be eating it.

Taken from fishandchip's point of view (I lost my photo of the food):

Salad - First dish (I rate it a 1/10)
Then, they served some pasta. It tasted okay, but I wouldn't say it amazing.

Pasta - Second dish (I rate it a 6/10)

Next, came chicken stuffed with cheese and spinach with broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper, and two small ass pieces of potato.

Chicken - Third dish (I rate it a 7.5/10)
Lastly, we got dessert!

Ice cream crepe - Dessert (I rate it a 8.5/10)

That was about it. They ended up also having waffles, but since I would have had to move my lazy ass to get it, I decided I was safer just sitting down and watching people dance.

Overall, I don't regret going to prom. I definitely do agree that it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and people should definitely not miss out on it!

Although I wish I was able to have more fun, prom was still okay. Maybe I'll have more fun at graduation! :)

- eggtart

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Night before prom...

... and I'm vaguely happy about it. I'm not a Debbie Downer. You do not know how freaking excited I was for this two-three weeks ago. I was hopping around, asking everyone about their plans, and rounding up people to get a full table. What brought me down? Well, it's a number of things I guess.

1. My friend, we'll call him Emmy, just 'cause I do that anyways, couldn't come 'cause he couldn't rustle up the money. I get it. It's $70 bucks just to go. Now add in suit + a corsage for me (if he was feeling charitable) + a boutonniere (if he wanted to get one) + limo/gas/bus fare, and it adds up to be like $200. And it's not even for his own prom (he's a year older), so I get it. A part of me was really disappointed, though at this point I really shouldn't be. *History moment: Gigantic crush only (barely) ended by the fact that he's actually gay. A total Carly Rae Jepsen moment.

2. However, after he said no, my friend asked me. Now, I like him, he's nice and all, but he lacks any conversation skills. He holds up fine for the "Hi" "Hi" "What's up" "Nothing much" part, but after that, conversation basically dies. He asked at such a random moment, my automatic response was "yes". Though, I'm may just be regretting that knee-jerk reaction at this point... the fact that I don't know what to do as a supposed 'date' makes it a little worse. Do I have to sit with him for the whole 6 hours? Do I have to dance with him? WILL HE EVEN DANCE?

3. I was supposed to go in a limo. But I'm broke. So that makes the night a hell of a lot less 'mystical' and stuff, haha.

This year, I'm definitely taking more pictures. After my eighth grade grad party, I found myself wanting more pictures to capture everything. I've been prepping for my senior prom since ninth grade. I hate that this stuff brought me down, but I know, by at least 9 tomorrow night, I'll be having the time of my life.


... and I'm actually nervous. I don't know why I'm nervous; it's not like prom is my wedding and I'm getting cold feet... but that's exactly what it is to me right now.

Prom is supposedly the biggest night of your high school life, and I'm not even all that excited. To be honest, I'm paranoid as hell about people seeing me in a dress. I've gone through high school looking like a man-beast and I'm pretty sure that I attract more flies than I do guys.

Credits to this person for the above photo!

I know the picture is a parody for the whole "other girls vs me" meme that's been circulating on Tumblr, but that's exactly how it is. I'm not a psychotic killer, but I might as well be treated like one. In comparison to quite a few of my friends, I have like the bare minimum amount of friends. While everyone has like over 300 friends on Facebook, I just recently reached 201.

Going back to the paranoia... I've basically been wearing either jeans/sweatpants for the past four years of high school. My tops are always hoodies, tshirts, plaid shirts, or maybe other simple and casual tops and cardigans. So while others go to school looking like a Korean pop stars, I go looking like I was drunk last night and partied so hard with my teddy bears.

Not to mention the fact that I'm fat too. I mean, this isn't a whole, "ohohohoho i tell ppl im fat so dey complimentz me..."

This is a legit argument. I'm overweight. Not to the point that I'm obese, but yes, I am quite fat. Which means that while others are dressed for prom like this:

I'll be there looking like a rhino covering up my fat upper arm and legs. Yup. 

Aside from the fact that I'll stand out like a sore thumb, I'm just not feeling prom anymore. A month ago, it was so hyped and I was pretty excited to go. We rounded enough people to fill our prom table and we all got our tickets. But now that it's the night before, I feel iffy. I mean, I paid $70 for an expensive meal, to say the least. I'm not much of a dancer, and just ... bleh?

What I'm hoping for is to just take a lot of pictures with the graduating class and hopefully just to create some nice memories.

- eggtart