Sunday, 30 December 2012

One Down... Who Knows How Many Left To Go

Semester one is done (and has been for the past two weeks, but that's besides the point (as I have been busy the past couple of weeks)

Semester recap:
Psych 101 (with my friend d.hang) with Richard Ennis. He was a cool prof who made learning pretty fun, for the most part. Granted, it was not an easy course (mainly 'cause the textbook was gigantic and, while being an avid reader, I'm also a professional procrastinator). The course was held bright and early at 8:30am in the Hagey Hall Theater, and my class was made up of about 500-700 some odd students. He taught through overheads but he was really organized and had a lot of fun stories that added to the intrigue of the subject. I think my favourite class was about persuasion. 72!

Music 140 (with d.hang) with Simon Wood. He was my favourite prof this semester. The thing I loved about his class was that it was a mix of history, politics, music, psychology... basically everything, mixed together to create this linear, step-by-step walk through of pop music history. It was a fun class, made up of 197 students, and was held from 8 to 9:50pm. Alike to eggtart's recommendation for her econ teacher, I'd like to recommend Prof. Simon Wood for anyone who's interested in an awesome music class ~ I found out of that he was teaching a second year music class, but by the time I realized it was being taught by him, the class was full (which seriously sucks). Note, his classes fill up in like seconds, so if you want to take it, grab it as fast as you possibly can. How's the course? It's actually really interesting. Basically, you start with the years of African slavery, and get carried through to the years of Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Woodstock, and into present day Rap. This course is quite easy, so long as you go to class, and you take notes, and you listen. There's like a tiny amount of textbook reading, but overall, it's a lecture based class. In all honesty, it was a fantastic course ~

English 101A (I was lonely, though I did make a friend or two) with Paul Kreller. If you ever want a vague picture of him, he looks kinda like Mr. Dressup. It was a simple English class, and it was fairly easy to pass. He gave away a lot of information for the books and really told you what to write in your essays and such. Other than my struggle through The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the course was easy (though I'm also thinking of majoring in English, so the fact that English was easy for me could be because I'm actually good at it).

French 151 (with eggtart) with Mikalai Kliashchuk. This was an easy course. Again, this could be because I'm actually good at French, but I found it quite simple, so long as I followed the textbook, and attended the labs and tutorials, I did fine. I had a lot of fun in the tutorial sessions, mainly because I befriended a number of people and we (including my TA) joked around a lot. You basically got the run down of our teacher through eggtart's post, so... yeah that's French. (Note: my TA was different from eggtart's)

Econ 101 (alone again) with Wokia Kumase. Right down to the point. Unlike eggtart, I hated this course. Maybe it was the prof (who knew what he was talking about, but, compared to my others, just wasn't up to par), or maybe it was my utter distaste for microeconomics? I don't know. All I know is, I hated this course. Hated. No words for my hatred. Basically, the lectures were nap time, and the textbook was so dry, I wanted to burn them by the end of the semester (okay, after the first midterm), but I'm selling them, so that wouldn't have worked out. But yeah, hated this course.

How is living on res?
I thoroughly enjoy living on res. It's fun and a lot less stressful living on my own than living with my parents. I'm really glad I decided to leave. My only regret is leaving my brother. He's only six and basically, I'm missing most of his childhood by being away. However, I do think that living on my own really helped me become really self sufficient and independent.

How's the university of Waterloo?
I like the school. The libraries are great for studying, and I like the set ups. The food on campus is really good. If you have a taste for Timmies, you probably won't after a year on campus and a meal plan. The piano rooms are fun, the SLC is always buzzing with sales and interesting events. The clubs are fun, and the people are great. There's not much else to say. It a great school. Is is better than UofT, Laurier, or Ryerson? I honestly couldn't tell you. Why? Because I've never been to the other schools. I love Waterloo. Is it the best? I'll never really know (unless I take a summer semester at one of the others, which I won't, so... yeah, I'll never know).

How is university?
It's basically high school, except you have to learn on your own/you have to teach yourself a lot more than you would have to in HS. You go to class, and then, instead of homework, you have chapters to complete at home. Often, each week is about one or more chapters from the textbook, and teachers expect you to read everything for exams (unless they tell you otherwise, like my music class). So is it harder? I wouldn't say it is, but that might be because I have a fairly concrete work ethic. Do I procrastinate? Hell yeah, but I do know the limitations to my all-nighter abilities. Now-a-days, it's more of a week of work with many breaks.

Advice for first years?
Don't let the amount of free time you have fool you. It's not really free time. Read the assigned stuff before classes, or soon after. Don't wait until a midterm comes around to check the chapter lists and have a heart attack when you see you have 25 chapters to read through in the next day or two (trust me, it's not fun. I'm speaking from personal experience). As an art student, I have a lot of free time, even with all the readings, so don't think that uni's a total fun killer. Granted, engineering's a lot different, as is science, so those programs will result in more work time than free time, but that's expected. So schedule your time wisely, and don't leave readings 'til the day before a midterm/exam.


Sunday, 23 December 2012

End of first semester + Winter Break!

QUICK NOTE The reason you guys haven't seen fishandchips around recently is because she thinks she's too good for this blog now. Just kidding, the real reason is because she's soooo busy but she's really not. Okay, I kid, really though... she's supposedly spending time with her family and I don't even know... MIA, I guess. But I'll take this as a chance to catch up to all of her posts she made while I was busy in China this summer!


The end of my first semester at university is officially over!

After studying for five exams, I was finally set free on the 18th! One of my roommates and I left for Toronto on the morning of the 18th and left my other roommate behind. Sorry bro, but it's not our fault your exam schedule sucked!

We did make a note of leaving a bunch of stickies around our apartment to rub it in her face though!

If you're wondering... my roommate has like no classes so she does nothing all day
+ She loves to rub it in our face that her schedule is so "chill"
Thought this was a good comeback :)

"brb running around in Toronto"
this one was left in her cupboard where she keeps her Ramen ~
Instead of taking the express bus like we normally do, we caught the bus that took us around uptown Waterloo and it was really cute to see the streets. One day, if I manage to get some time, I definitely want to go up there again and visit all the cute little shops!

Anyways, now that I'm back in Toronto, I haven't been doing much other than going shopping with my parents everyday.

I saw these at Costco and thought they were adorable! :)
Didn't buy but if anyone wants to ... for me ~
I don't remember where I saw this but this was too funny!
Other than browsing around and taking pictures of cute things, I've been paranoid as hell over my grades. They've been slowly appearing online and gaaaah. I didn't do as hot as I hoped on my exams and so my marks dropped quite a bit from where they used to be. I currently have a 89 in Economics, 86 in French, 82 in Law and Business and... and now I'm waiting on my Sociology grade. If all goes well, my average will hopefully be around 85 or a bit higher. I guess 85 is ok considering my crap-ass studying habits... but next semester ... POKER FACE MAN. I AM GONNA GET 90s.  

I hope.

Anyways, for some pre-boxing day shopping, I went to American Eagle and H&M and got myself three things. Well... I got myself one thing and my mom and dad got me the other two. I love sales at American Eagle during the Christmas times 'cause I feel that they give really good discounts during the holidays.

A peek into my closet and my ugly nails
BUT... here's the hoodie I got myself.
It was $20, so I feel like it's pretty good :)
American Eagle hoodies are pretty good quality ~

Excuse my mother's bra there.............. LOL.
But yes, I've been looking for a skull scarf for some time now and
BAM, I walked into H&M and it was there for only $8!
- mom's gift to me

Another item from American Eagle!
I don't actually have much jackets and the jackets I have are all
black and plain. I never had a pea coat-like jacket soo...
thank you daddy! :)

For boxing day, I'm thinking of heading to Old Navy cause there's some things that I've been eying.
Oddly enough, a lot of my friends aren't really into Old Navy 'cause they feel the style is a bit old and not as "trendy" as stuff from Forever 21 or Abercrombie. Personally, I feel that clothing pieces are what you make them. Just because something isn't as expensive or as brand-name, doesn't mean it isn't good. I feel like Old Navy stuff is really good quality and they're easy to accessorize with!

Anywho, I just finished watching Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles last night. I can't describe how I feel about the series. I felt like the story was okay and it's a good watch when you're bored BUT oh God, the characters are just so.... STUPID. Not one character in there was someone who's worth respecting 100%. I felt like everyone was just so so so DUMB.

To make up for it though, I started rewatching Hana Yori Dango which is easily one of my most favourite dramas of all time. Is it stupid to say that Hana Yori Dango is the reason I'm me today? If it wasn't for this drama, I wouldn't have gotten into NEWS (the first boy band I ever loved) and I wouldn't have slowly moved into K-Pop and ahh... Hana Yori Dango

I didn't think it was possible but I fell in love with Hanazawa Rui's character all over again! I'm still on episode 2 and this guy managed to grab my heart once more ~

Let me just do some quick screen caps for you guys so you can admire his character as well!

So I can't printscreen so I took some camera pics!


... and he only gets hotter as the series goes on

omg and he's all protective too
my heart can't contain these feels

Anyways, brb gonna finish watching this totally amazing series because my darling Hanazawa Rui awaits me!

- eggtart

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

AOD Awards + TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Results - my feels ♥

... if you guys haven't seen my fangirling yet, well then here it comes.

So, recently the AOD Awards in Malaysia and the TVB awards in Hong Kong were held. See... while I'm a huge K-Pop fan and all, I don't actually know too much about the whole industry and I only like a few groups here and there. But the one thing I pride myself on is how well I know my TVB dramas and the actors and actresses.

Anyways, I didn't watch the whole AOD Awards but I'm currently in the process of downloading it. I did see clips and bits of it though.

Ok, it's hard to fangirl with proper grammar so ...

- omg so the part when Raymond Lam won his award and he was thanking his "little sister" Kate Tsui and he was all "my character would have been nothing without you. thank you for having such good chemistry with me throughout the series. tonight, you are the niiiiice-est candidate" omgomg k that was so beautiful 'cause his character in the drama always said "niiiiice" and ahhh LOVE ♥♥♥

- and then when Tavia got best actress award and instead of calling Him Law (her boyfriend) on stage to accept the award with her, she called Raymond Lam onstage and he was so shy and kept giggling about it and then later he asked her "are you sure you don't wanna call Him on stage?" and she slapped him omg their relationship is so cute ♥

- andand I was so proud of Koo Ming Wah for winning his award for his character as So Gay. he's been in the industry for sooo long and now he finally got an award && it was so cute when he kept rambling on and on cause he thought he might never get a chance at another award again ;-;"

- but really my favourite moment of the entire night was when Tavia and Kenneth won cutest couple but Kenneth was still filming so he wasn't able to attend and so Tavia accepted the award on his behalf.. and she was giving a speech and suddenly Kenneth comes in from the far end of the room (?) and goes through the audience and walks on stage! and then he was saying how as long as her character exists, he'll always be by her side and afghjkl ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ship them sooo hard waaaay more than her and Him Law

k so onto the TVB awards! so the AOD awards were hosted in Malaysia and it's only been going on for 2-3 years? but this was TVB's 45th anniversary awards so this is pretty big!

so Mandy Wong won most improved artist (female)! I'm actually so pleased with this selection cause I've watched Mandy since she first started appearing in dramas and it's very clear that she's an amazing actress way better than the person who wins best female actress BUT my one problem was that.. I felt that she deserved so much more than just the "most improved" award. last year, they gave the award to Sire Ma who I felt like... was still such a n00b in the industry and her acting was very .. stiff and awkward. with Mandy, you can tell she's able to do so many different types of roles so perfectly! she's definitely one of my faves in TVB ♥

then Oscar Leung won most improved artist (male)! I'm pretty happy with this too but again, I found it unfortunate that he's been in TVB for 10 years or so and he only finally gets the "most improved" award.. last year, MC Jin got the award and I love Jin and all but he didn't deserve it... Jin was so new to TVB that he didn't even have any series to look back on and say that he "improved" from it .. but yes overall, so much love for Oscar and so happy one of my darlings got the award! ngl though, I thought Him would have gotten it...

then best actress in supporting role was Nancy Wu! THIS award again .. omg, k super duper happy about the results but again, this award came so late! Nancy deserved this for so many years and she's been improving so much in each role she takes on... I remember how anxious she was last year for the award but ended up not getting it.. but yes, so happy for her! I hope this means she'll start getting more lead roles now because she's sooo capable of them!

best actor in supporting role was to Koo Ming Wa! I think this was the same award he got in Malaysia during the AOD awards... I didn't really follow the voting for this award but I'm pretty pleased with the results.. I think he said he's worked for TVB for almost 20 years now and he finally gets an award so I'm glad he won :)

favourite female TV character went to Kate Tsui! I'm really happy with this because this award.. was exactly how I wanted it! from the times when Kate first debuted as an actress until a very recent past, I didn't really like her 'cause she had the whole I'm-better-than-you face and she came off as very rude but recently, she's really been growing on me especially after her role in "Lives of Omission".. then when she played Pat, a drug queen, omg she was so good .. I love how emotional she got and how she adfghjkl k she was just perfect.. so much feels when she started to cry on stage when she got the award. Kate was saying how she knows that a lot of people didn't like her when she first became an actress and she's been through so much and ahhhh .. ;_____; SO HAPPY

then Kenneth Ma got favourite male TV character for his role as Yat Kin and OMGOMGOMG k see I loved his character and all and his acting is superb which is why I wanted him to win the "best actor" award but this was good too! but if I had to choose, I'd say Kevin Cheng's Law Bak, Raymond Wong's Bat Dee, and Raymond Lam's Happy Sir was a lot better than Yat Kin's character.. but yes still, so happy for him because Kenneth is one of my favourite actors ♥♥♥

for the biggest awards of the night, Tavia Yeung got Best Actress (TVB Queen)! I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed because I really liked Myolie's and Kate's acting this year which is rare for me 'cause I used to hate them both so much but I feel like Tavia's acting has not improved at all over the past couple of years... she's always been the strong-independant-woman-with-a-soft-side and it gets really old, really fast. but I guess if we're talking about seniority, she goes before Kate and she does deserve it for her hard work.. so I'm cool with Tavia winning.

OK AND Best Actor (TVB King) went to Wayne Lai AND HERE IS WHERE I HAVE A PROBLEM OK. UHM WUT. k I like Wayne Lai and he is an amazing actor and all BUT THIS IS THE THIRD TIME HE GOT THE AWARD. THIRD, OK? I'm a very strong believer in give-others-a-chance and UGH. and just like Tavia, every time Wayne wins TVB King, it's always for the same damn character. the guy that's all JUSTICE, FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AND BLAH BLAH. ok that's important and all but again.. gets old very fast. this year was the year of Kenneth Ma/Raymond Lam, ok? I have been supporting those two since the beginning because they've shown soooo much growth in their acting and both of them portrayed such awesome characters this year .. this is just a deja vu of last year when we all know that Michael Tse was supposed to win but somehow.. it ended up in Kevin Cheng's hands. I MEAN.. ok fine Kevin Cheng's Law Bak role was funny and clever and he did it well.. but Kevin's won before and Michael's Laughing Gor was amazing... then there was that whole issue last year where they said that the TVB awards were rigged and that it was already decided that Kevin was going to win because they didn't want to loose him to the rival TV station and so the TVB King award was just a way to make him stay... THEN this year there's the whole issue with TVB not showing the voting results from netizens/citizens which makes the whole thing seem very sketchy again since the netizens/citizens are all very aware of Raymond Lam's fanbase which is HUGE.

ANYWAYS.. some other people that I really love didn't get awards but they looked beautiful so here are some pics of them:

Niki Chow (left) and Michelle Yim (right)
omg Niki's gown is so pretty.. ;-;
also, can anyone tell me how Michelle is like 50+ but still looks so young and fit?

Last year's TVB Queen and King!
Myolie's dress is weird but Kevin looked cute :)
I feel like it would have made more sense if they won this year as opposed to last year...

Fala Chen!
one of my favourite actresses!
she looked stunning that night
& apparently that dress was specially made.. only one in the world ;-;

k there's a lot of other pics, but I think I'm fangirl'd out.


another post soon - finishing the first semester of university! :)

- eggtart

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The last 3 months ...

Wow, I can't believe that the last 3 months have actually gone by pretty fast. It felt like just yesterday when I was complaining about each day feeling like a century.

Without even realizing, I started to get so used to living on residence even though I still come home every weekend, and all my profs and TAs even though I'd never admit it.

 For French this semester, I was blessed to have one of the best professors ever not that I've had a lot of professors. He's really the biggest derp that anyone would meet and he's just so caring and funny that I don't think anyone can hate him. I did pretty well on all my tests in his class and I even aced my comprehension test with my TA in the weekly French tutorials.

I gotta say, I started off the year with such a dislike for my French TA since he always picked on me mainly because I don't participate in class. But now that tomorrow's my last class with him, I'll actually miss him and my class so much. My class is filled with hilarious people who I don't think I'll ever meet again since university is such a big place. Plus, my TA's growing on me mainly because I realized how much he actually favours me sometimes. On a side note, my TA's name is Julien and that's a pretty sexy name

Economics has been the best. Favourite prof I've had this semester and I wouldn't have it any other way. He's an amazing guy and he always makes the class laugh with his "I-don't-give-a-shit" about anything attitude. When we had our final class on Friday, I swear he made me tear a bit with his final speech about how we've been a great bunch and he wishes us all the best in the future. It's a shame I won't have him for any other Economics class after this. 


Old picture from the beginning of the semester!
Back-of-the-room view in ECON101!
I've officially finished SOC101 too. I thought I'd never finish that class but I've survived. Our final project was to create a presentation of an organization that we supported. We ended up choosing SPARK which is a girl-power-type organization. I think I might make a post on that too later on! My task for the group was to make giant bristol board posters that we'd be using as props throughout the presentation.

I used our whole dinner table to make the poster.
My poor roommate had to eat dinner like this LOL.
Legal Studies 101 is officially done as well! I finished my case brief assignment that was worth 45% of my mark. I ended up with a crappy 78% and then went to rage-email my TA about it. She shot down my arguments and so I appealed to my professor who bumped it to an 80%. Not a big increase but hey, it's something. 1% boost to my final mark. I finished the final exam on Thursday; not feeling as confident as I should but it should be okay.

ARBUS101 is done as well. Our final task was to write a 27-page report on our Mike's Bikes game results. I stayed up long hours to finish that stupid report since some of my group members are incompetent and I had to re-do all their work. I mean, one girl was trying to say that we dropped our bike prices from $760 to $720 but she wrote that we dropped it from $600 to $425.. GURL WUTCHU SAY?

All that's left now is final exams for every class except Legal Studies which I've already done. I should be hardcore studying right now but... no. 

Even worse, my dad finally got me the iPad Mini which I've been eying for a while now. I love it and all but... damn, I am sooo not gonna study with this thing. 

Stupid flash but ... YAY iPAD!
I got a case and screen protector after getting the iPad yesterday.
I think it looks pretty damn sleek and pretty at the same time! :)

Rewinding a little bit, I went out with my favourite buddy from high-school! We used to spend almost every second together back in high school, but unfortunately, we went to different universities and I haven't seen her in a very long time. We ended up going to Pacific Mall and getting K-BBQ which is really such a fun way to catch up with friends, relax, and eat some good food. 

Just looking at this makes me crave K-BBQ all over again...
On a side note, another one of fishandchip and I's favourite restaurants, Mongolian, closed down recently. My roommate wanted to go there for her mom's birthday and found that it had shut down. Guess we need to find another really awesome place where we can customize your own noodles and eat awesome desserts covered with chocolate from the chocolate fountain. 

Anyways, so when we went to Pacific Mall, I went back and got some nailpolish. I may have blogged about those nailpolishes before... Pardon me while I got beauty guru on your asses:

So I was really pleased with the nail polish I got from DEBBIE a while back. I decided to go back to get some more and I found these two really pretty colours. 

The lighting may not do them justice but these colours are so beautiful!
I think the one on the left is a really pretty Autumn-colour and the blue is really good for Winter!
I painted my nails yesterday night!
Wintery :)
I think what I really like about this brand of nail polish is how you actually don't necessarily need to paint a second coat. So many nail polishes I've gotten need a second coat and it streaks so easily. This brand is so amazing and the colours are all so beautiful. Another thing is that it's so cheap! Other brands such as OPI and China Glaze cost around $8+ per bottle but these are approximately $2.50! I'm thinking of going back soon and getting the black one with sparkles next week! It's not the same brand but I tested it out last time and it was just as good as this one. 


I want to just take a break right now to once again mention my stupid parents, who are still, in a fight. If anyone's read my last post, they'll know what I'm talking about. 
Dear roomie,

I really doubt you'll see this 'cause you don't even know I have this blog. I just wanted to give you a quick shoutout 'cause you're awesome. I know we've been in countless arguments since we've moved in and we've gotten super pissed off with each other in the last three months. But I really appreciate you listening to me rage-cry about my parents and how stressed out I felt. I hate crying in front of other people but I guess I managed to do that with you. I'm glad you were patient enough to listen to me break down and complain about my stupid parents. I'm glad that after everything I said, you replied with, "It's okay. Calm down. Put them out of your mind for now. You need to focus on school........ Do you want some food?

Even though our personalities clash like crazy and we might not even wanna room with each other next year, you're still gonna be one of my bestest friends.

P.S - quurl u noe u luv da nagativityy i bring 2 ur lyf mkay ok 

My roommate and I have known each other since the seventh grade and we've been really close since then. We ended up going to different high-schools and making our own group of friends but we always talked online everyday. Now we're roommates in university, and while I find some of her habits highly irritating, I don't think I can have it any other way. 


So lately, I've been really into these things:

Yoseob's not my bias in B2ST but he's still one of my fave guys. I'm so proud of my baby Junhyung since he produced this album and he wrote this song so well and it's just so ... asdfghjkl
Also, Junhyung is so damn hot even though he appeared for only 4 seconds. God damn. 

So, the drama that this song was in ended a while back but I've still been listening to this song non-stop. Raymond Lam has one of those voices you just can't get tired of and and omg this song

Marble Slab icecream!
The ice cream at Marble Slab basically costs out the ass but it tastes so good. Everytime I leave that place, I think, "No way am I going back there! $7 for a small ice cream cup!? Pft!" but then when I finish the ice cream... I just want to go back again. Shoot me. This is why I'm fat. 

I think I'm starting to develop an unhealthy obsession with EXO-M now. Lay and Tao are just too beautiful for me to handle. This performance was so amazing and so was every other performance at the 2012 MAMA awards. If you guys haven't seen PSY's final performance of the night of "Gangnam Style", you need to see it now! Really awesome. 

I've been anticipating this series since the day it was mentioned by WongFu and then I got sooo excited after seeing the trailer. I think this one will definitely be a lot better than their first one called "Away We Happened". For starters, this one has people who can act. Plus, Yuri, Mike, and Phil are all amazingly talented at everything they do! Also, the ISA channel on Youtube uploads "Step by Step" videos of Phil learning different choreographies from amazing dancers. I have such a thing for hip-hop dancers and the dance itself. 




- eggtarts

Saturday, 1 December 2012

University Y01W13

Exams are next week, and I have yet to start studying. The world wide web has been distracting me. It's like I start doing something, and then my attention goes flying off to Jupiter (more like tumblr, or some other social networking site). It sucks. I know I have to get a lot of stuff done, and yet I can't help but get distracted. What's worse is that I can't not go on the computer 'cause I need to type out my essay. No I don't need it to do my notes for exams, but I need to finish my essay like now... Any tips ?

I know, going on the internet to find out if people can help stay off the internet. That's smart. But hey, you never know.

I think the exam I'm the most prepared for at this point is Music. And that's not 'til the 15th of December. I wish I had Music first and Econ last. That'd make me a lot happier.

On another note...

I saw this guy stealing the picnic table that my friends and I sat at after we escaped from Monte Carlo during O week
Needless, to say, I was fairly sad to see it go.

Also, happy December to everyone !
I get open up this sucker today :D ! Hooray for cheesy parents and advent calenders xP
I also saw this song and was highly entertained~
My roommate/suietmates and I put together little candy packages for everyone on our floor and the floor above us (: They were very cute... but I forgot to take a picture so... well... yeah x(

On tumblr, you always see those little designs in the milk/foam something or another of hot drinks, and so my roommate had tried to do it
Not too bad... It looked like leaves... bent and twirled ones, but leaves, nonetheless, haha~
On another note, I heard Nolan Gerard Funk was in Glee... as a Dalton Academy Warbler. I was just like WHHATTT ? Mainly 'cause this is the Nolan I knew:

And I loved him when he sang this:

Now he looks like...

And he's a Warbler. Not any Warbler, but the head Warbler in Glee at the moment, Hunter Clarington. But then I saw this...

And I was just like OMFG. Him singing Whistle was just... *A*... (Better version here for Whistle, Better version here for Live While We're Young) (I think it's safe to say I've watched their performance of Whistle about 3429834792387 times now...)

The only two stars I'm willing to drool over: Oliver James (who has seemingly fallen off the edge of the earth) and Nolan Gerard Funk.

I mean, like, that SMILE. </brbmelting>

Sebastian singing Live While We're Young was good too... but Nolan as Hunter...? -insert a billion hearts here-

-end of momentary fangirling-

Anywho, back to my essay, which is thankfully about halfway done.

Good luck to everyone on finals!