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AOD Awards + TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Results - my feels ♥

... if you guys haven't seen my fangirling yet, well then here it comes.

So, recently the AOD Awards in Malaysia and the TVB awards in Hong Kong were held. See... while I'm a huge K-Pop fan and all, I don't actually know too much about the whole industry and I only like a few groups here and there. But the one thing I pride myself on is how well I know my TVB dramas and the actors and actresses.

Anyways, I didn't watch the whole AOD Awards but I'm currently in the process of downloading it. I did see clips and bits of it though.

Ok, it's hard to fangirl with proper grammar so ...

- omg so the part when Raymond Lam won his award and he was thanking his "little sister" Kate Tsui and he was all "my character would have been nothing without you. thank you for having such good chemistry with me throughout the series. tonight, you are the niiiiice-est candidate" omgomg k that was so beautiful 'cause his character in the drama always said "niiiiice" and ahhh LOVE ♥♥♥

- and then when Tavia got best actress award and instead of calling Him Law (her boyfriend) on stage to accept the award with her, she called Raymond Lam onstage and he was so shy and kept giggling about it and then later he asked her "are you sure you don't wanna call Him on stage?" and she slapped him omg their relationship is so cute ♥

- andand I was so proud of Koo Ming Wah for winning his award for his character as So Gay. he's been in the industry for sooo long and now he finally got an award && it was so cute when he kept rambling on and on cause he thought he might never get a chance at another award again ;-;"

- but really my favourite moment of the entire night was when Tavia and Kenneth won cutest couple but Kenneth was still filming so he wasn't able to attend and so Tavia accepted the award on his behalf.. and she was giving a speech and suddenly Kenneth comes in from the far end of the room (?) and goes through the audience and walks on stage! and then he was saying how as long as her character exists, he'll always be by her side and afghjkl ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ship them sooo hard waaaay more than her and Him Law

k so onto the TVB awards! so the AOD awards were hosted in Malaysia and it's only been going on for 2-3 years? but this was TVB's 45th anniversary awards so this is pretty big!

so Mandy Wong won most improved artist (female)! I'm actually so pleased with this selection cause I've watched Mandy since she first started appearing in dramas and it's very clear that she's an amazing actress way better than the person who wins best female actress BUT my one problem was that.. I felt that she deserved so much more than just the "most improved" award. last year, they gave the award to Sire Ma who I felt like... was still such a n00b in the industry and her acting was very .. stiff and awkward. with Mandy, you can tell she's able to do so many different types of roles so perfectly! she's definitely one of my faves in TVB ♥

then Oscar Leung won most improved artist (male)! I'm pretty happy with this too but again, I found it unfortunate that he's been in TVB for 10 years or so and he only finally gets the "most improved" award.. last year, MC Jin got the award and I love Jin and all but he didn't deserve it... Jin was so new to TVB that he didn't even have any series to look back on and say that he "improved" from it .. but yes overall, so much love for Oscar and so happy one of my darlings got the award! ngl though, I thought Him would have gotten it...

then best actress in supporting role was Nancy Wu! THIS award again .. omg, k super duper happy about the results but again, this award came so late! Nancy deserved this for so many years and she's been improving so much in each role she takes on... I remember how anxious she was last year for the award but ended up not getting it.. but yes, so happy for her! I hope this means she'll start getting more lead roles now because she's sooo capable of them!

best actor in supporting role was to Koo Ming Wa! I think this was the same award he got in Malaysia during the AOD awards... I didn't really follow the voting for this award but I'm pretty pleased with the results.. I think he said he's worked for TVB for almost 20 years now and he finally gets an award so I'm glad he won :)

favourite female TV character went to Kate Tsui! I'm really happy with this because this award.. was exactly how I wanted it! from the times when Kate first debuted as an actress until a very recent past, I didn't really like her 'cause she had the whole I'm-better-than-you face and she came off as very rude but recently, she's really been growing on me especially after her role in "Lives of Omission".. then when she played Pat, a drug queen, omg she was so good .. I love how emotional she got and how she adfghjkl k she was just perfect.. so much feels when she started to cry on stage when she got the award. Kate was saying how she knows that a lot of people didn't like her when she first became an actress and she's been through so much and ahhhh .. ;_____; SO HAPPY

then Kenneth Ma got favourite male TV character for his role as Yat Kin and OMGOMGOMG k see I loved his character and all and his acting is superb which is why I wanted him to win the "best actor" award but this was good too! but if I had to choose, I'd say Kevin Cheng's Law Bak, Raymond Wong's Bat Dee, and Raymond Lam's Happy Sir was a lot better than Yat Kin's character.. but yes still, so happy for him because Kenneth is one of my favourite actors ♥♥♥

for the biggest awards of the night, Tavia Yeung got Best Actress (TVB Queen)! I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed because I really liked Myolie's and Kate's acting this year which is rare for me 'cause I used to hate them both so much but I feel like Tavia's acting has not improved at all over the past couple of years... she's always been the strong-independant-woman-with-a-soft-side and it gets really old, really fast. but I guess if we're talking about seniority, she goes before Kate and she does deserve it for her hard work.. so I'm cool with Tavia winning.

OK AND Best Actor (TVB King) went to Wayne Lai AND HERE IS WHERE I HAVE A PROBLEM OK. UHM WUT. k I like Wayne Lai and he is an amazing actor and all BUT THIS IS THE THIRD TIME HE GOT THE AWARD. THIRD, OK? I'm a very strong believer in give-others-a-chance and UGH. and just like Tavia, every time Wayne wins TVB King, it's always for the same damn character. the guy that's all JUSTICE, FIGHT FOR FREEDOM AND BLAH BLAH. ok that's important and all but again.. gets old very fast. this year was the year of Kenneth Ma/Raymond Lam, ok? I have been supporting those two since the beginning because they've shown soooo much growth in their acting and both of them portrayed such awesome characters this year .. this is just a deja vu of last year when we all know that Michael Tse was supposed to win but somehow.. it ended up in Kevin Cheng's hands. I MEAN.. ok fine Kevin Cheng's Law Bak role was funny and clever and he did it well.. but Kevin's won before and Michael's Laughing Gor was amazing... then there was that whole issue last year where they said that the TVB awards were rigged and that it was already decided that Kevin was going to win because they didn't want to loose him to the rival TV station and so the TVB King award was just a way to make him stay... THEN this year there's the whole issue with TVB not showing the voting results from netizens/citizens which makes the whole thing seem very sketchy again since the netizens/citizens are all very aware of Raymond Lam's fanbase which is HUGE.

ANYWAYS.. some other people that I really love didn't get awards but they looked beautiful so here are some pics of them:

Niki Chow (left) and Michelle Yim (right)
omg Niki's gown is so pretty.. ;-;
also, can anyone tell me how Michelle is like 50+ but still looks so young and fit?

Last year's TVB Queen and King!
Myolie's dress is weird but Kevin looked cute :)
I feel like it would have made more sense if they won this year as opposed to last year...

Fala Chen!
one of my favourite actresses!
she looked stunning that night
& apparently that dress was specially made.. only one in the world ;-;

k there's a lot of other pics, but I think I'm fangirl'd out.

ALL PICS FROM TUMBLR OR FROM: www.tvbnewsworld.blogspot.com

another post soon - finishing the first semester of university! :)

- eggtart

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