Saturday, 1 December 2012

University Y01W13

Exams are next week, and I have yet to start studying. The world wide web has been distracting me. It's like I start doing something, and then my attention goes flying off to Jupiter (more like tumblr, or some other social networking site). It sucks. I know I have to get a lot of stuff done, and yet I can't help but get distracted. What's worse is that I can't not go on the computer 'cause I need to type out my essay. No I don't need it to do my notes for exams, but I need to finish my essay like now... Any tips ?

I know, going on the internet to find out if people can help stay off the internet. That's smart. But hey, you never know.

I think the exam I'm the most prepared for at this point is Music. And that's not 'til the 15th of December. I wish I had Music first and Econ last. That'd make me a lot happier.

On another note...

I saw this guy stealing the picnic table that my friends and I sat at after we escaped from Monte Carlo during O week
Needless, to say, I was fairly sad to see it go.

Also, happy December to everyone !
I get open up this sucker today :D ! Hooray for cheesy parents and advent calenders xP
I also saw this song and was highly entertained~
My roommate/suietmates and I put together little candy packages for everyone on our floor and the floor above us (: They were very cute... but I forgot to take a picture so... well... yeah x(

On tumblr, you always see those little designs in the milk/foam something or another of hot drinks, and so my roommate had tried to do it
Not too bad... It looked like leaves... bent and twirled ones, but leaves, nonetheless, haha~
On another note, I heard Nolan Gerard Funk was in Glee... as a Dalton Academy Warbler. I was just like WHHATTT ? Mainly 'cause this is the Nolan I knew:

And I loved him when he sang this:

Now he looks like...

And he's a Warbler. Not any Warbler, but the head Warbler in Glee at the moment, Hunter Clarington. But then I saw this...

And I was just like OMFG. Him singing Whistle was just... *A*... (Better version here for Whistle, Better version here for Live While We're Young) (I think it's safe to say I've watched their performance of Whistle about 3429834792387 times now...)

The only two stars I'm willing to drool over: Oliver James (who has seemingly fallen off the edge of the earth) and Nolan Gerard Funk.

I mean, like, that SMILE. </brbmelting>

Sebastian singing Live While We're Young was good too... but Nolan as Hunter...? -insert a billion hearts here-

-end of momentary fangirling-

Anywho, back to my essay, which is thankfully about halfway done.

Good luck to everyone on finals!


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  1. I've never heard/seen this actor/singer before, but I really like his version of 'Whistle.' You always have the best video clips. Thanks for sharing!