Sunday, 25 November 2012

University Y01W12

It's been a while since I've posted here... or anywhere for that matter. If you were to ask me what I did with most of my time, I honestly could not tell you. I think like 40% of my time now goes to my cell phone, 40% to social networking websites, 29% to movies and tv shows, and like 1% to work.... You can see I have a problem. I have five exams and an essay due in the next three weeks and I haven't touched anything. In layman's terms, I'm screwed. (BTW, how isn't 'movies' a word here on blogger. YOU CANNOT TELL ME THAT ISN'T A WORD)

So what's been going on with me. I recently entered another Figment writing contest and I've got my fingers crossed, but I have yet to win anything with my fantastical writing skills, which slightly depresses me. I want to enter this other contest, but I have little to no idea what to write about and that is driving me insane (just a little).

My econ mark has drowned. I really need to do well on this final exam, but I know I probably won't... 'cause I suck at econ and econ hates me.
Psych is as fun as ever in it's like bazillion (THAT'S A WORD BUT 'MOVIES' ISN'T) pages of mind numbing information. I love the subject, but honestly... this textbook is so big I could throw it at someone and they'd die.
Music is awesome, and English is monotonous (and I'm majoring in it... this shall be fun). French is a bundle of joy. It'd be a bigger bundle if I had the ability to spell, but you know... that won't happen.

Around my dorm room.. nothing much has happened.

We have oddly cut toilet paper... (ignore my massively messy desk)
I made my hair look nice (:
Double Chocolate Fudge Tart, from Second Cup who got it from Dufflet
Only my Psych textbook would have a little mini happy face emocon in it
This photo was taken at three o'clock in the afternoon...  the sun was already setting and the moon was sitting way up high in the sky already
Yesterday, our building had a Frost Fest, so in the building's community centre they had movies playing, food being given out, and crafts and stuff. It was cool, but I didn't stay long 'cause there was a lot of people.


Yup, it's a BLUE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. I was quite pleased with that. We got to decorate gingerbread men, drink hot chocolate, and create out own little ornaments ~ (again, ignore the mess of our dorm room...)

A few days ago, I went exploring in Uptown Waterloo (admittedly I went the wrong way... I was aiming for downtown Kitchener, but you know...).
At Words Worth Books, they had this beautiful little corner for story reading ~
I got a few things, but mainly I just walked around, hehe...

Weeks ago, my roommate and I went to Zehr's and we saw this tomato
It is a very weird tomato, but the sign was like 'of the heirloom variety' or something like that... I don't know if it was genetically engineered to look like that, but it was a weird tomato.

On another note, Taylor Swift's new album's out, and it's quite good, but I think I enjoyed Speak Now better.

Anyways, I'm off to get my educational life back in order ~


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