Sunday, 30 September 2012


The third week of university has officially ended. Once again, as anyone can guess, I'm back in Toronto for the weekend. I'll be leaving in an hour or so for Waterloo. sigh. 

When I went back last Sunday, my roommate and I decided we should get a birthday cake for our friend. We pooled in some money and got her a small ice cream cake from The Marble Slab and if anyone doesn't know... that place is way to fucking expensive/overpriced. At least it was for a cheapass like me.

We split the cake between 6 people and none of us could really finish it since it was WAAAAY too sweet except for fishandchips but we're all pretty sure she's gonna get diabetes afterwards.

The rest of the week was pretty much dedicated to going to classes and cramming for tests/exams.

Making notes/reviewing for French test!
I had my first French test on the Wednesday and I got a 93%. I mean, I could have done better but... stupid mistakes tend to always gravitate towards me. I never fully read any questions properly and then I end up regretting it. Oh well, my mark is nothing I should complain about.

The same night, my Economics professor created a study session/lecture from 7:30PM - 9:00PM where he went over the material that would be on the midterm on Friday. I felt pretty confident with the material in class since it was taught in high school but there was some stuff from the textbook (which he didn't cover in class) that I wanted clarification on. Halfway through the lecture, it felt like he'd never clarify those questions and so I went back to my residence.

Walking to the lecture at 7:00 PM..
sky looked pretty :)
Walking back to res around 8:00 PM...
so dark and cold ..

On Friday morning? .. Thursday morning? .. my roomie made me this for breakfast:

k so I probably gained like 10 lbs from this, but omg so goood!!
So the Economics midterm was alright. I don't think I did as well as I did on my French test but I'll take what I get as long as it's over 80%.

So anyways, since the Econ midterm was at 4:30-5:20PM, we weren't able to catch the FedsBus. Instead, we took the GO bus from uWaterloo to Square One. It was $4 more but I gotta admit... so much more comfy! From Square One, we transferred onto the GO bus that took us to YorkU. By the time we reached YorkU, it was already 8 PM and it was dark as hell. Forget the fact that I wouldn't know my way around in broad daylight... I couldn't see shit at night. We walked for like 20 minutes until we got to an empty field of grass...
YorkU ... plaza? Food court?

Looked really cool though!
YorkU at night is quite lovely :) 

Anyways... it's about time I started getting ready to go back to uWaterloo. sigh.

- eggtarts

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Bane of My Existence...

... is Economics. Honestly, I've spent like four days going through the textbook, writing notes, and I've gotten through chapter one... and chapter two... that's it. Nothing more. It's just so boring... and ugh. Mind numbing.

On another note, I love my music class, which I just got back from an hour ago. My teacher says like the randomest things, and has a hatred for Nicki Minaj. And only in my music class would you hear the teacher speak of searching for porn online and drinking...

Moving your imagination away from that odd image, Kat Zhang, author of the debut novel "What's Left of Me", spoke of her publishing experience while she was still in college. It was entertaining and a little daunting. But I thought I'd share it~

My Twitter account is acting up, like an upset child. Honestly, even the virus advertisements aren't working... (I don't know how to get rid of them... any suggestions? 'Cause I'm tired of seeing stupid stuff like 'SINGLE ASIANS IN YOUR AREA' and garbage like that...(I already tried AVG and Malware Bytes, Avast doesn't work on my computer for some reason unknown to me))

No real other things to note about these past few weeks.

Tomorrow is my first university test. It's in French... we'll see how that goes. Then I have my Econ test on Friday... This week kind of sucks. But not as much as three weeks from now when I have an English essay due on the same day as I have my Psych midterm... I guess that means I'll have to work ahead...

Know what I hate? When people don't answer your texts. I do that every now and then, usually 'cause 1. I'm avoiding said person or 2. I am busy at the moment and take like 30 mins or so to answer. But I'm not talking about people doing that. I'm talking about people taking like 5 hours to answer your text. Bro, what were you doing in those five hours that you couldn't take 1 minute to text me back the amount of rice and water that I should be using to cook YOU rice.. o-o... c'mon...

That irked me today. I know it wasn't exactly their fault, per say 'cause they were doing class work, but that still doesn't mean it didn't annoy me a little (a lot).

Anyways, back to my useless studying... -rolls away-


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Toronto > Waterloo

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet Toronto!

Every time I come back to Toronto for the weekend, I just want to stay here forever. School has been okay but I've definitely fallen behind on my readings so I need to catch up ASAP. Yet I'm here making this post. I figure I'll do a couple of quick updates and then head back to note-making.

Economics class has been treating me VERY week so far. I love the prof. I think he's definitely my favourite prof so far and I adore his humour and lessons. I've learned a lot of the material covered so far in high school already, so I feel prepared for the midterm this week but I'll still be working hard. Unfortunately for me, I have French class right before Econ so I end up having to run across campus and ending up having a terrible seat in class.

My seat the back of the room. Right in the middle!
Queen of the world, ladies and gentleman :) 

French is also pretty chill. I have that class with fishandchips so it's pretty fun. My prof's a bit weird but you can tell that he's a really good teacher. He knows his material and I like that he's enthusiastic about what he teaches. The only downside is that French takes up a lot of time and there's also Tutorials and Labs that come along with it. My Tutorial and Lab prof is ... very young. He even has eyebrow piercings and my friend finds him very attractive. I think he's alright but the fact that he speaks pure French can be kind of a pain especially when you're not too comfortable with the language yet.

Legal Studies is alright. I constantly find myself wanting to sleep in that class. I've been falling really behind in this class's readings so I need to catch up soon. The material is somewhat confusing too...

Free hot chocolate and Tim Horton treats outside Legal Studies building!
For Sociology, I have probably the coolest prof. He's super fun and awesome. The only downside is that he talks at the speed of light, so I end up falling behind in note-taking in class. So far, we've been studying the history of Sociology so it's been pretty boring. My other friends are learning about brand-names and other cool stuff like that. I hope we get to that material soon!

My Business course is that one course that I despise the most. The material is long, the prof is incompetent, and it's a waste of money. The prof constantly assigns these readings that are extremely long. He then makes powerpoints for us to follow in class but the powerpoints are absolutely useless and are just filled with horrible graphics. He can't teach properly and stutters/uhhh-ummms throughout the whole class. Then, he's making us purchase this game called Mike's Bikes and it's going to be worth a giant portion of our grade. We're going to be put into groups with 3-5 other people and just... UGH. I absolutely hate everything about this class. It's a waste of time, money, and just life in general.

Also, I have so much complaints for my residence too. The shower-head is so weak. It takes me almost double the time I normally need to take a proper shower and I still don't feel clean when I come out. I mean... I want a shower not a mini drizzle. Then, the toilet is stupid too. Not to sound crude, but I have to flush at least 3-5 times every time I take a dump. I mean... omg, can you just FLUSH PROPERLY? SHIT SON. Then, we only have one compartment/hole? For example:

We only have one... side? As opposed to two...
- Image from Google
It makes washing dishes really inconvenient and it frustrates the hell outta me. Then, our living room is oddly placed so that the chairs that face the TV are at an angle where you can't see the TV directly. We can't move the chairs either cause then we'd be blocking doors and it won't allow for proper walking space.

On another note, I got uWaterloo sweater. It looks like this:

There was another dark grey one and a light grey one, but I found this one to look better since they're the Waterloo colours :)


Other random crap:

I was digging through my baby photos the other day and I found this:

Anywho, I'm off to do more notes for a class I hate ~

- eggtarts

Sunday, 16 September 2012


The first week of University is officially over! ... and I'm tired as fuck.

On Sunday, the day I went back to Waterloo, I had really wanted to visit Conestoga Mall but none of my friends/roomies wanted to go with me so we ended up staying in and playing Chinese Checkers.

Our friend from Ryerson University paid us a visit over Skype :)
On Monday, I had one class which was Economics from 12:30 to 1:20. The first class was just intro stuff and my prof seemed really awesome. He's a really chill guy and I always look forward to his classes. After that one class, I found out that we can switch our schedule around so I ended up switching around my classes.

I now have French and Economics lectures on Monday along with French Labs and Tutorials. Tuesdays and Thursdays are Legal Studies, Sociology, and Arts and Business 101. On Wednesday, I have French and Economics with Arts and Business 100 every other week. On Fridays, I have Economics again and that's it! I was originally going to switch my Sociology class to Monday from 6-8pm, but then I'd have a night class, and that was really unappealing. My schedule still looks horrendous compared to my other Arts classmates. Aside from Wednesdays and Fridays, all the other days make me want to cry. But then I cheer myself up by looking at Engineering schedules.

Later that night, our high-school group gathered for a dinner. The dinner was originally planned for 6PM but we ended up having to wait on a bunch of people who had assignments and other duties to finish.

Roommate 1 (left), another pal from High-School (middle), and fishandchips waiting
in the lobby of my building/residence for the other guys to arrive. Yes, I was shunned
The nine of us went to East Side Mario's. I got some... dish and it was fucking expensive. Like, it was so expensive that I had to use a cuss word to describe the price of that crap. It didn't taste amazing, quite frankly and $22 dollars for it was TOO DANG MUCH.

Blurry pic... but omg so expensive.
We waited 45 minutes just to get our food and by then I was already full from my saliva, ok? I couldn't finish the food and actually wanted to doggy-bag it home but breakfast but since my friends kept mocking me... I couldn't. Hmph. Overall, excluding the food, I really enjoyed that night. The place itself was pretty, and we all laughed a lot. Long story short... there were jokes, gossip, and one great prank call.

The rest of the week went by way to damn slow. I was constantly pissed off by roommate disagreements, annoying schedule of classes, and just... ARGH. When Thursday night rolled along, we all kind of just gave up with readings and other work since we all just had one class on Friday and it was in the afternoon. fishandchips came over that night and watched "Prom Night" with me and another my other roommate. At 10pm, our building had an ice-cream event where everyone brought that own bowls and went to each floor to get ice cream, toppings, cookies and other stuff. It was pretty cool :)

On Friday, I added my final class of the week and then went back to Toronto for the weekend. We took the Feds Bus which is actually just a school bus. The bus ride would have been fine if it wasn't for the horrible traffic at Mississauga. Apparently, there was a car crash and it delayed us for almost an hour.

By the way, I'm typing this with an hour left in Toronto before I head back to Waterloo. Someone hold me. I don't want to go back. -tears-

Speaking of tears, do you guys know that fishandchips pronounces tears (cry) and tears (rip) the same way? ENGLISH MAJOR. 

SO ANYWAYS... I don't know how to slip into this next topic but...

Top 4 things I hate about Waterloo
1. My schedule. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have to run across campus in 10 minutes for my next class which causes me to miss to chance to grab a good seat. I have to end up sitting at the back. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have a 1.5 hour gap between each class. Walking back to residence takes me 15 minutes and it takes me 15 minutes to go to the next class. I can't even do anything in an hour...

I have to go through like a forest, cross a bridge that's over this lake to get to class.
On my way, I also slay dragons, leap over giant craters, and swim across a pool of lava.
2. One of my roommates. I mean, I love her but I hate her at the same time. She's constantly displeased about so many things and it just gets on my nerves the way she speaks to me sometimes. Just darejghjllks!!!

3. Independence? I mean, I don't hate being independent but it's a lot of work. I'll admit - I was babied all my life. I know how to cook, clean, and take care of myself. I have to constantly be on top of my work and readings and omg. Fffffuuuu --

When we're too lazy to make food, we grab lunch.
I treated my roommate to BK and she treated me to this.
Marble Slab Creamery? Tasted so good! :)
4. Money $$$. Uhm, over 10k on education. I have to pay out the ass for textbooks, clicker, netbook, and other crap. Guys, that's almost 15k a year for education, ok? I want to slit my wrists just hearing that number. Who wants to pay for my tuition and doesn't expect me to pay them back? Leave a comment. Seriously.

- eggtarts

Saturday, 15 September 2012

University Y01W01

This week was our first week of classes and it was definitely interesting.

My first class was Economics. When I first saw the classroom (last Thursday) I was just like 'woah... it's big'. On Monday, my first thought this time was '... aw man'. There were two things that warranted this reaction. 1. My teacher has a really heavy accent. I don't know what kind of accent it is, but you can't understand half of the words that leave his mouth. I'm not trying to be rude, but it's really impairing my learning curve. 2. The room is big. So I can't understand my teacher when I sit close, but even worse is that I can't hear him if I sit far. Either way, I lose. So far, there hasn't been anything that appealed to me in this class. Even the textbook makes me not want to learn...

Next, I have French. So far, this class has been alright. My teacher's a little quirky, but not bad. I have the class with eggtarts which is awesome ~ My tutorial's not too bad either. I like the small class setting. It really let's us get to know each other and kind of reminds me of middle school, where we got to know each other more and more throughout the year, and it was easy 'cause it didn't have a population anywhere close to the thousands of students Waterloo has.

Psych is next. My teacher's cool. He explains things well and he adds a little humour to his lectures which is awesome. The topics in the course seem really interesting too. We're going to learn about memory and dreams and stuff ! If he manages to show us a way to help us get a better memory, he'll be my hero.

English is like my French tutorial - it's small. There are like 26 kids in my class. My teacher is a nice guy. He kind of reminds me of Mr. Dressup. I don't know why, but when I saw him, that was my first thought. I can't wait to start reading (I'll be starting tomorrow...) 'cause the books are interesting. I've always been a YA novel kind of person. We'll be hitting some of the classics in this class, which I'm totally cool with. I've always meant to read some of these things, but just never got to it.

Music. Music is probably my favourite class. It's the only class I have that's 3 hours long (my others range from 50 mins to an hour and 20 mins). I have it with my friend d.hang, which is nice, I like the company. He's also in my psych class. Anyways, our teacher is really cool, funny, and relatable (I thought that was a word... whatever, I'll make it a word! /EnglishMajor.) making him the best teacher so far. Whilst lecturing us about downloading music illegally and how it hurts the economy and is horrible and you shouldn't do it, he went up to his computer and opened up a Word document on the projector screen and typed "Ignore Me!". That part probably sold me. I'm definitely looking forward to this week's lecture ~

This week was also Welcome Week, held by our student council (basically). There were things like free breakfasts, free poutine, etc. I heard that the Cash Cab guy was here too (I'm so upset that I missed him... I would've loved to go... hopefully he'll be back another time...). I didn't skip out on the whole week. I attended the free bubble tea giveaway (it was delicious), and the Faber Drive Concert yesterday night. It was freaking awesome.

The line for the poutine... I didn't even try.
The line for bubble tea, but I was like 20th in line, so it was okay, haha
Yummy~ Strawberry bubble tea!
The line for the concert. This time I was like 10th, haha
The opening act - Dubz ... I think.
A very freaking looking staff member from the Bombshelter (his eyes...), Jeremy 'Krikit' Liddle (the band's bass player), and Andrew Stricko (drummer (and best looking in the group tbh))
Jordan 'JP' Pritchett (guitarist) and Dave Faber (lead singer)
I got a CD and then got it signed by the band ~ The black is Stricko and the silver is Krikit
Faber's sig ~ JP's is in the inside booklet, but it's hard to see 'cause he didn't have a Sharpie...
Today, I spent the day working (what a drag). I made myself some chow mein for breakfast (and burnt myself in the process) and finished my French homework. D.hang came over later in the afternoon to copy my psych notes 'cause he missed the last class due to a dislocated thumb. I'm not too sure how he managed it, but he did. Right now he's got it wrapped up, hoping it'll heal soon. I made us a taco dinner and it was delicious ~ I love tacos (: 

(I have random thought processes...yeah...)

Anyways, I've bought all my books (and am about $700 poorer than I was when I got here last week) and have gotten myself a University of Waterloo t-shirt and this awesome erasable pen from the campus stores~ This week has been fun but I actually kind of miss my family. I'll probably go back next weekend... hmm...

Anyways, to sleep~ After all that cooking, studying, and getting distracted, I'm tired, haha~


Friday, 7 September 2012


So yesterday, I had the day off (literally, the day, as in when the sun is shining). My friend a.chen and I went around campus and explored the city. We attempted to go to Conestoga Mall, but took the wrong bus... so that was a failure, haha.

At night, there was a Monte Carlo Event, which was alright. It took us about an hour to get in. There was free bubble tea, which was cool, and a lot of free food, even better. They had like gambling games (i.e. Blackjack 21 and Poker) going on, but it wasn't for legit money so that kind of took the fun out of everything. My room mate g.lee and I went in with our friend l.wong, and then hung out for a while, but got bored. We chilled with some other people we know (vaguely) after. It was more fun hanging with everyone outside of the event than it was inside, though I'm not sure why, haha.

This is after we got out... I was bored... unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures inside...

This was the line-up... 2 hours after the event had begun.
Today was "FYE" day, which is basically like "First Year Experience". It was good, I guess, but I couldn't hear a lot of it, 'cause they didn't have microphones and when they did, it echoed horribly and I just couldn't hear (and sometimes see), so I missed a lot...

Our schedule for the day, as well as a ballot to win stuff
The front of the room after everyone had cleared out
After that we got lunch, which was alright, then headed off to some workshops as well as a Funny Money Presentation (I've been to it before. It's the same thing every time, but he gives money away, so that's always great~). The last one, about like goal setting and student success was great 'cause the speakers were loud, enthusiastic, and they gave everyone who spoke chocolate, which I love. The first presentation was kind of useless 'cause the presenter wasn't great... and didn't really provide any really helpful information, sooo... yeah...

Anyways, after a day of that, we got... THIS!

A USB key supposedly filled with useful info and resources for first years! I didn't find that.. but you know, to each their own
We got this at the beginning, but whatever. It's a UW pin!
After all that insanity, we got a few hours off to do whatever. I checked out the FEDS clubs and there was like a cheese club and one for F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans (which I am, whooo~). After that, we had to go back out again. Arts had an awards ceremony~ Whoo~

Of my team (CHARCOAL~) I won the 'Super Student' Award. Which basically meant that I was the most enthusiastic person on my team, haha, which is shocking, to say the least.
When I went up for my award, one of my orientation leaders tried hugging me, and he's just like 'My goodness, you're so short'. Like it's true, but c'mon man, haha. Seriously...

Once we were let out, we were given some dessert, and then an hour later we go pizza (we kind of switch all of that around didn't we...). Then we had a crazy dance party! I'm sure we had more events planned but no one wanted to stop the dance party.
People trying to fulfil a scavenger hunt quest item thing 
Dance party ! With glow sticks and everything~
I stayed until 11, but then had to go 'cause it started raining unfortunately.

This week has been awesome and I had a total blast. I'm definitely going to be an orientation leader next year, omg.

Hope everyone had as great a first week back as I did!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wrapping up Summer + uWaterloo Orientation Week!

Since my last summer post, I've been doing pretty much nothing. I'm gonna try and go through this post in summary-style and pray I don't bore everyone.

Note: All pictures are from my phone; may not be the best quality!
I finally used the H&M gift card that my friend, Alice, got me almost two years ago!
The flash kind of ruined the picture!
But these bracelets were so cool/pretty :)
I went out to Pacific Mall with fishandchips, simply-wintry, and my other friend Alice. We didn't really do much other than walk around the mall, have lunch, take some booth pictures and yep.
fishandchips's birthday gift for me! :) 
Part 2 of simply-wintry's birthday gift for me! <3
Pardon the ugly flash! The bracelet's actually super cute :)
We took photobooth pictues!
We each took a set of 8 getting a total of 32 pictures!
It was so hot in that tiny booth :(

I finally got a new phone! Since I'm heading off to uWaterloo, my dad got me a Blackberry Curve 9320 with an awesome plan from Koodo! After four years of torture with my ugly-ass LG Shine Wood, I was finally able to get a pretty cell phone :)

I went to Pacific Mall again a week later with simply-wintry and her grandma. I got a pink phone case for my BB, nail polish, and two rings.

This store at Pacific Mall sells the nicest colours of nail polish!
They gave me a lot of free samples of BB creams and other creams.
I even got a membership card with them since I was so
pleased with their products and service :)

On Monday the 3rd, I officially moved my ass into uWaterloo! I woke up before 6 and got everything and moved into the car. Our drive there took an hour and a half. I managed to get there before the crowds started forming.

My keys! + Bone flashlight + Arts key-chain ;)
After I unpacked, my two roommates came and unpacked their crap as well. I didn't take any pictures of my room so I'll update with that later on! Then, I waited for an hour for fishandchips to finish unpacking her stuff so we can take our studentID photos together. After many texts and calls to her, I decided to go out for Burger King with my family since I hadn't eaten all morning. When I came back, I waited for almost another hour BUT THEN... the asshole texted me saying she already took her photo and was leaving the center to go back to her building. Girl, I know you're reading this and you now know how frustrated I was. I ended up going to take the photo by myself but luckily, my other friend, the-uglyducklings, came to keep me company.

Birthday gift from the-uglyducklings :)
After getting my ID card, I walked back to my dorm only to realize that I forgot to grab my orientation kit! We rushed back to the PAC building.

There was a bunch of stuff inside including a piggy bank,
two bottles, a USB, a chocolate bar, etc...
Front of the uWaterloo Arts t-shirt
That print on the side of the shirt is the boar, our ... mascot?
Back of the uWaterloo Arts t-shirt
While I was grabbing all this, one of my roommates texted me saying to come home ASAP because she wanted to head back to Toronto. I texted back asking why, but she kept texting back with vague responses. I called her, but she wouldn't pick up since her phone would charge her long-distance fees. I ended up having to run across campus (and getting lost!) with two big bags, sweating like a fat-ass, and having her texting me every 3 seconds to "hurry up". Needless to say, I was actually pretty frustrated since she didn't pick up any of my 5 calls but constantly rushed me when I was so stressed. I ended up having intense pains across my collar/chest area. When I got back to the apartment, she said she wanted to skip orientation because it was going "to be boring anyways". I argued that we already paid $100 for it and we should at least stay for a day or two before we head home. However, her parents convinced my parents and I ended up feeling obligated to go back (long-story short).

And... now I feel like a total loser since I missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and also because my other roommate and fishandchips keep mentioning how awesome FROSH is. Sigh.

After coming back to Toronto, I ended up just spending more time with my parents. We went out to buy dimsum so I can bring it back to uWaterloo to cook.

Not really relevant but look! A wall of rice...
I was originally supposed to take my G1 test but I ended up being a lazy turd as per usual. Maybe some other time...

I also went out to Vaughn Mills today and my mommy got me this:

I'll be spending the next few days in Toronto and I think I'll return back to uWaterloo on Sunday!

For the past few days, my roommate and I have been rounding up people for a dinner the night before class starts on the 10th! A bunch of people turned out to be pretty busy on Sunday night so now it's reschedule for Monday evening. fishandchips is now in charge of contacting half the guest-list. To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to this dinner. I mean, I missed out on all the frosh stuff, and now I'd really like to just chill with a couple of my friends and other classmates from my high-school!

On another note, I saw this at Danier today and really wanted the Grape colour. Also, this shirt from AE was super cute too! Unfortunately, I didn't have any money on me so I guess I'll have to shopping when I get back to Waterloo... unless anyone wants to get me those items ;)

Crap I have to bring back to uWaterloo!
I ended up not having enough hangers when I moved in...
There's also a bag filled with more shirts, slippers, shoes...
Oh gosh, just noticed the pads at the corner. LMAO!
- eggtart