Saturday, 15 September 2012

University Y01W01

This week was our first week of classes and it was definitely interesting.

My first class was Economics. When I first saw the classroom (last Thursday) I was just like 'woah... it's big'. On Monday, my first thought this time was '... aw man'. There were two things that warranted this reaction. 1. My teacher has a really heavy accent. I don't know what kind of accent it is, but you can't understand half of the words that leave his mouth. I'm not trying to be rude, but it's really impairing my learning curve. 2. The room is big. So I can't understand my teacher when I sit close, but even worse is that I can't hear him if I sit far. Either way, I lose. So far, there hasn't been anything that appealed to me in this class. Even the textbook makes me not want to learn...

Next, I have French. So far, this class has been alright. My teacher's a little quirky, but not bad. I have the class with eggtarts which is awesome ~ My tutorial's not too bad either. I like the small class setting. It really let's us get to know each other and kind of reminds me of middle school, where we got to know each other more and more throughout the year, and it was easy 'cause it didn't have a population anywhere close to the thousands of students Waterloo has.

Psych is next. My teacher's cool. He explains things well and he adds a little humour to his lectures which is awesome. The topics in the course seem really interesting too. We're going to learn about memory and dreams and stuff ! If he manages to show us a way to help us get a better memory, he'll be my hero.

English is like my French tutorial - it's small. There are like 26 kids in my class. My teacher is a nice guy. He kind of reminds me of Mr. Dressup. I don't know why, but when I saw him, that was my first thought. I can't wait to start reading (I'll be starting tomorrow...) 'cause the books are interesting. I've always been a YA novel kind of person. We'll be hitting some of the classics in this class, which I'm totally cool with. I've always meant to read some of these things, but just never got to it.

Music. Music is probably my favourite class. It's the only class I have that's 3 hours long (my others range from 50 mins to an hour and 20 mins). I have it with my friend d.hang, which is nice, I like the company. He's also in my psych class. Anyways, our teacher is really cool, funny, and relatable (I thought that was a word... whatever, I'll make it a word! /EnglishMajor.) making him the best teacher so far. Whilst lecturing us about downloading music illegally and how it hurts the economy and is horrible and you shouldn't do it, he went up to his computer and opened up a Word document on the projector screen and typed "Ignore Me!". That part probably sold me. I'm definitely looking forward to this week's lecture ~

This week was also Welcome Week, held by our student council (basically). There were things like free breakfasts, free poutine, etc. I heard that the Cash Cab guy was here too (I'm so upset that I missed him... I would've loved to go... hopefully he'll be back another time...). I didn't skip out on the whole week. I attended the free bubble tea giveaway (it was delicious), and the Faber Drive Concert yesterday night. It was freaking awesome.

The line for the poutine... I didn't even try.
The line for bubble tea, but I was like 20th in line, so it was okay, haha
Yummy~ Strawberry bubble tea!
The line for the concert. This time I was like 10th, haha
The opening act - Dubz ... I think.
A very freaking looking staff member from the Bombshelter (his eyes...), Jeremy 'Krikit' Liddle (the band's bass player), and Andrew Stricko (drummer (and best looking in the group tbh))
Jordan 'JP' Pritchett (guitarist) and Dave Faber (lead singer)
I got a CD and then got it signed by the band ~ The black is Stricko and the silver is Krikit
Faber's sig ~ JP's is in the inside booklet, but it's hard to see 'cause he didn't have a Sharpie...
Today, I spent the day working (what a drag). I made myself some chow mein for breakfast (and burnt myself in the process) and finished my French homework. D.hang came over later in the afternoon to copy my psych notes 'cause he missed the last class due to a dislocated thumb. I'm not too sure how he managed it, but he did. Right now he's got it wrapped up, hoping it'll heal soon. I made us a taco dinner and it was delicious ~ I love tacos (: 

(I have random thought processes...yeah...)

Anyways, I've bought all my books (and am about $700 poorer than I was when I got here last week) and have gotten myself a University of Waterloo t-shirt and this awesome erasable pen from the campus stores~ This week has been fun but I actually kind of miss my family. I'll probably go back next weekend... hmm...

Anyways, to sleep~ After all that cooking, studying, and getting distracted, I'm tired, haha~


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