Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wrapping up Summer + uWaterloo Orientation Week!

Since my last summer post, I've been doing pretty much nothing. I'm gonna try and go through this post in summary-style and pray I don't bore everyone.

Note: All pictures are from my phone; may not be the best quality!
I finally used the H&M gift card that my friend, Alice, got me almost two years ago!
The flash kind of ruined the picture!
But these bracelets were so cool/pretty :)
I went out to Pacific Mall with fishandchips, simply-wintry, and my other friend Alice. We didn't really do much other than walk around the mall, have lunch, take some booth pictures and yep.
fishandchips's birthday gift for me! :) 
Part 2 of simply-wintry's birthday gift for me! <3
Pardon the ugly flash! The bracelet's actually super cute :)
We took photobooth pictues!
We each took a set of 8 getting a total of 32 pictures!
It was so hot in that tiny booth :(

I finally got a new phone! Since I'm heading off to uWaterloo, my dad got me a Blackberry Curve 9320 with an awesome plan from Koodo! After four years of torture with my ugly-ass LG Shine Wood, I was finally able to get a pretty cell phone :)

I went to Pacific Mall again a week later with simply-wintry and her grandma. I got a pink phone case for my BB, nail polish, and two rings.

This store at Pacific Mall sells the nicest colours of nail polish!
They gave me a lot of free samples of BB creams and other creams.
I even got a membership card with them since I was so
pleased with their products and service :)

On Monday the 3rd, I officially moved my ass into uWaterloo! I woke up before 6 and got everything and moved into the car. Our drive there took an hour and a half. I managed to get there before the crowds started forming.

My keys! + Bone flashlight + Arts key-chain ;)
After I unpacked, my two roommates came and unpacked their crap as well. I didn't take any pictures of my room so I'll update with that later on! Then, I waited for an hour for fishandchips to finish unpacking her stuff so we can take our studentID photos together. After many texts and calls to her, I decided to go out for Burger King with my family since I hadn't eaten all morning. When I came back, I waited for almost another hour BUT THEN... the asshole texted me saying she already took her photo and was leaving the center to go back to her building. Girl, I know you're reading this and you now know how frustrated I was. I ended up going to take the photo by myself but luckily, my other friend, the-uglyducklings, came to keep me company.

Birthday gift from the-uglyducklings :)
After getting my ID card, I walked back to my dorm only to realize that I forgot to grab my orientation kit! We rushed back to the PAC building.

There was a bunch of stuff inside including a piggy bank,
two bottles, a USB, a chocolate bar, etc...
Front of the uWaterloo Arts t-shirt
That print on the side of the shirt is the boar, our ... mascot?
Back of the uWaterloo Arts t-shirt
While I was grabbing all this, one of my roommates texted me saying to come home ASAP because she wanted to head back to Toronto. I texted back asking why, but she kept texting back with vague responses. I called her, but she wouldn't pick up since her phone would charge her long-distance fees. I ended up having to run across campus (and getting lost!) with two big bags, sweating like a fat-ass, and having her texting me every 3 seconds to "hurry up". Needless to say, I was actually pretty frustrated since she didn't pick up any of my 5 calls but constantly rushed me when I was so stressed. I ended up having intense pains across my collar/chest area. When I got back to the apartment, she said she wanted to skip orientation because it was going "to be boring anyways". I argued that we already paid $100 for it and we should at least stay for a day or two before we head home. However, her parents convinced my parents and I ended up feeling obligated to go back (long-story short).

And... now I feel like a total loser since I missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and also because my other roommate and fishandchips keep mentioning how awesome FROSH is. Sigh.

After coming back to Toronto, I ended up just spending more time with my parents. We went out to buy dimsum so I can bring it back to uWaterloo to cook.

Not really relevant but look! A wall of rice...
I was originally supposed to take my G1 test but I ended up being a lazy turd as per usual. Maybe some other time...

I also went out to Vaughn Mills today and my mommy got me this:

I'll be spending the next few days in Toronto and I think I'll return back to uWaterloo on Sunday!

For the past few days, my roommate and I have been rounding up people for a dinner the night before class starts on the 10th! A bunch of people turned out to be pretty busy on Sunday night so now it's reschedule for Monday evening. fishandchips is now in charge of contacting half the guest-list. To be honest, I'm kind of looking forward to this dinner. I mean, I missed out on all the frosh stuff, and now I'd really like to just chill with a couple of my friends and other classmates from my high-school!

On another note, I saw this at Danier today and really wanted the Grape colour. Also, this shirt from AE was super cute too! Unfortunately, I didn't have any money on me so I guess I'll have to shopping when I get back to Waterloo... unless anyone wants to get me those items ;)

Crap I have to bring back to uWaterloo!
I ended up not having enough hangers when I moved in...
There's also a bag filled with more shirts, slippers, shoes...
Oh gosh, just noticed the pads at the corner. LMAO!
- eggtart

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