Friday, 7 September 2012


So yesterday, I had the day off (literally, the day, as in when the sun is shining). My friend a.chen and I went around campus and explored the city. We attempted to go to Conestoga Mall, but took the wrong bus... so that was a failure, haha.

At night, there was a Monte Carlo Event, which was alright. It took us about an hour to get in. There was free bubble tea, which was cool, and a lot of free food, even better. They had like gambling games (i.e. Blackjack 21 and Poker) going on, but it wasn't for legit money so that kind of took the fun out of everything. My room mate g.lee and I went in with our friend l.wong, and then hung out for a while, but got bored. We chilled with some other people we know (vaguely) after. It was more fun hanging with everyone outside of the event than it was inside, though I'm not sure why, haha.

This is after we got out... I was bored... unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures inside...

This was the line-up... 2 hours after the event had begun.
Today was "FYE" day, which is basically like "First Year Experience". It was good, I guess, but I couldn't hear a lot of it, 'cause they didn't have microphones and when they did, it echoed horribly and I just couldn't hear (and sometimes see), so I missed a lot...

Our schedule for the day, as well as a ballot to win stuff
The front of the room after everyone had cleared out
After that we got lunch, which was alright, then headed off to some workshops as well as a Funny Money Presentation (I've been to it before. It's the same thing every time, but he gives money away, so that's always great~). The last one, about like goal setting and student success was great 'cause the speakers were loud, enthusiastic, and they gave everyone who spoke chocolate, which I love. The first presentation was kind of useless 'cause the presenter wasn't great... and didn't really provide any really helpful information, sooo... yeah...

Anyways, after a day of that, we got... THIS!

A USB key supposedly filled with useful info and resources for first years! I didn't find that.. but you know, to each their own
We got this at the beginning, but whatever. It's a UW pin!
After all that insanity, we got a few hours off to do whatever. I checked out the FEDS clubs and there was like a cheese club and one for F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans (which I am, whooo~). After that, we had to go back out again. Arts had an awards ceremony~ Whoo~

Of my team (CHARCOAL~) I won the 'Super Student' Award. Which basically meant that I was the most enthusiastic person on my team, haha, which is shocking, to say the least.
When I went up for my award, one of my orientation leaders tried hugging me, and he's just like 'My goodness, you're so short'. Like it's true, but c'mon man, haha. Seriously...

Once we were let out, we were given some dessert, and then an hour later we go pizza (we kind of switch all of that around didn't we...). Then we had a crazy dance party! I'm sure we had more events planned but no one wanted to stop the dance party.
People trying to fulfil a scavenger hunt quest item thing 
Dance party ! With glow sticks and everything~
I stayed until 11, but then had to go 'cause it started raining unfortunately.

This week has been awesome and I had a total blast. I'm definitely going to be an orientation leader next year, omg.

Hope everyone had as great a first week back as I did!


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