Tuesday, 4 September 2012


After a sleepless night (Honestly? Blasting music 'til 3 in the morning? Not cool), I woke up to a cloudy day. Now one would think clouds = rain. I thought clouds = cool. I was wrong. It was still hot outside, and also raining. Like really raining. Not a light drizzle, but a dumping of the world's ocean's upon our heads.

This week, for orientation, I'm part of 'House Charcoal', which is basically was a spin off from the Game of Thrones (perfect for me, no? haha~). We played a lot of icebreaker games which was fun and I got to know a few people which is definitely awesome.

Then we went in for a few sessions learning about the arts council as well as the student's federation, and then we started doing all these activities and games and stuff, which was awesome (and entertaining, haha). There was this one game, minefield, where one person was blindfolded and another was leading them through the minefield and it was seriously hilarious. Another event was when we had to dress up our leaders, that was hilarious, since we made the guy wear girls shirts and skirts and stuff, but it was so entertaining.

Lunch was horrible though. We ended up running through the rain with our lunches because there wasn't enough room in SCH for all of us, so we had to run all the way to Hagey Hall, like my god, bad planning.

There's also this scavenger hunt thing going on for our faculty and one of the things on there was like 'lick your elbow'. Contrary to popular belief, it's actually possible, for one of my orientation leaders at least, haha. Harry Potter (not his actual name, but he uses it) had the ability to lick his elbow, not only one way, but two. It was crazy. We also did movie re-enactments which was hilarious 'cause it was so weird. 

Today's been a blast, and a drenching, haha ~

Anyways, I have to go save my friend from the dark, laters ~


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