Monday, 3 September 2012


Today was the first day of our FROSH week, as well as our moving day. I woke up too early this morning only to lift everything I had to bring to university into the car. Honestly, you don't know how much you have until you try sticking 'em all in boxes and into your car. At least everything fit, haha.

When I got here, our apartment was disgusting, honestly. There were dead bugs everywhere and things plastered semi-permanently to the floor. There was dust everywhere and grime all over the place. Literally (and I'm totally serious), my sister scrubbed the walls. That's how dirty the place was.



After we got unpacked, I went over to the SLC and got my WATcard (while kind of abandoning eggtart (SORRY!)). The line was alright, but that guard/holder for the card cost me like two bucks, haha.

Then my family and I went over to St. Jacob's to eat the most amazing fish and chips ever made (it's at Stone Crock, like seriously go it's amazing). After we walked around for a little bit and then came back to campus for the events and stuff.

We first went to our floor Don's room to listen to rules and eat pizza and stuff (which I couldn't do 'cause I was so full from my lunch.. well I ate one piece (I'm a pig, I know)) After we went out to V1 for this even thing where we like got to know people and there was a lot of touching and holding arms and crossing legs and sitting on the hay-like grass. Also, it was boiling hot, so we were all sweating to death... Yeah... but it was fun to do and I got to know some people, which was cool, haha~

Anyways, FROSH is going well so far ~ I hope everyone else gets back to school well and safe, and ready to learn (alright that was cheesy). Good luck!


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