Sunday, 16 September 2012


The first week of University is officially over! ... and I'm tired as fuck.

On Sunday, the day I went back to Waterloo, I had really wanted to visit Conestoga Mall but none of my friends/roomies wanted to go with me so we ended up staying in and playing Chinese Checkers.

Our friend from Ryerson University paid us a visit over Skype :)
On Monday, I had one class which was Economics from 12:30 to 1:20. The first class was just intro stuff and my prof seemed really awesome. He's a really chill guy and I always look forward to his classes. After that one class, I found out that we can switch our schedule around so I ended up switching around my classes.

I now have French and Economics lectures on Monday along with French Labs and Tutorials. Tuesdays and Thursdays are Legal Studies, Sociology, and Arts and Business 101. On Wednesday, I have French and Economics with Arts and Business 100 every other week. On Fridays, I have Economics again and that's it! I was originally going to switch my Sociology class to Monday from 6-8pm, but then I'd have a night class, and that was really unappealing. My schedule still looks horrendous compared to my other Arts classmates. Aside from Wednesdays and Fridays, all the other days make me want to cry. But then I cheer myself up by looking at Engineering schedules.

Later that night, our high-school group gathered for a dinner. The dinner was originally planned for 6PM but we ended up having to wait on a bunch of people who had assignments and other duties to finish.

Roommate 1 (left), another pal from High-School (middle), and fishandchips waiting
in the lobby of my building/residence for the other guys to arrive. Yes, I was shunned
The nine of us went to East Side Mario's. I got some... dish and it was fucking expensive. Like, it was so expensive that I had to use a cuss word to describe the price of that crap. It didn't taste amazing, quite frankly and $22 dollars for it was TOO DANG MUCH.

Blurry pic... but omg so expensive.
We waited 45 minutes just to get our food and by then I was already full from my saliva, ok? I couldn't finish the food and actually wanted to doggy-bag it home but breakfast but since my friends kept mocking me... I couldn't. Hmph. Overall, excluding the food, I really enjoyed that night. The place itself was pretty, and we all laughed a lot. Long story short... there were jokes, gossip, and one great prank call.

The rest of the week went by way to damn slow. I was constantly pissed off by roommate disagreements, annoying schedule of classes, and just... ARGH. When Thursday night rolled along, we all kind of just gave up with readings and other work since we all just had one class on Friday and it was in the afternoon. fishandchips came over that night and watched "Prom Night" with me and another my other roommate. At 10pm, our building had an ice-cream event where everyone brought that own bowls and went to each floor to get ice cream, toppings, cookies and other stuff. It was pretty cool :)

On Friday, I added my final class of the week and then went back to Toronto for the weekend. We took the Feds Bus which is actually just a school bus. The bus ride would have been fine if it wasn't for the horrible traffic at Mississauga. Apparently, there was a car crash and it delayed us for almost an hour.

By the way, I'm typing this with an hour left in Toronto before I head back to Waterloo. Someone hold me. I don't want to go back. -tears-

Speaking of tears, do you guys know that fishandchips pronounces tears (cry) and tears (rip) the same way? ENGLISH MAJOR. 

SO ANYWAYS... I don't know how to slip into this next topic but...

Top 4 things I hate about Waterloo
1. My schedule. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have to run across campus in 10 minutes for my next class which causes me to miss to chance to grab a good seat. I have to end up sitting at the back. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have a 1.5 hour gap between each class. Walking back to residence takes me 15 minutes and it takes me 15 minutes to go to the next class. I can't even do anything in an hour...

I have to go through like a forest, cross a bridge that's over this lake to get to class.
On my way, I also slay dragons, leap over giant craters, and swim across a pool of lava.
2. One of my roommates. I mean, I love her but I hate her at the same time. She's constantly displeased about so many things and it just gets on my nerves the way she speaks to me sometimes. Just darejghjllks!!!

3. Independence? I mean, I don't hate being independent but it's a lot of work. I'll admit - I was babied all my life. I know how to cook, clean, and take care of myself. I have to constantly be on top of my work and readings and omg. Fffffuuuu --

When we're too lazy to make food, we grab lunch.
I treated my roommate to BK and she treated me to this.
Marble Slab Creamery? Tasted so good! :)
4. Money $$$. Uhm, over 10k on education. I have to pay out the ass for textbooks, clicker, netbook, and other crap. Guys, that's almost 15k a year for education, ok? I want to slit my wrists just hearing that number. Who wants to pay for my tuition and doesn't expect me to pay them back? Leave a comment. Seriously.

- eggtarts

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