Saturday, 22 September 2012

Toronto > Waterloo

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet Toronto!

Every time I come back to Toronto for the weekend, I just want to stay here forever. School has been okay but I've definitely fallen behind on my readings so I need to catch up ASAP. Yet I'm here making this post. I figure I'll do a couple of quick updates and then head back to note-making.

Economics class has been treating me VERY week so far. I love the prof. I think he's definitely my favourite prof so far and I adore his humour and lessons. I've learned a lot of the material covered so far in high school already, so I feel prepared for the midterm this week but I'll still be working hard. Unfortunately for me, I have French class right before Econ so I end up having to run across campus and ending up having a terrible seat in class.

My seat the back of the room. Right in the middle!
Queen of the world, ladies and gentleman :) 

French is also pretty chill. I have that class with fishandchips so it's pretty fun. My prof's a bit weird but you can tell that he's a really good teacher. He knows his material and I like that he's enthusiastic about what he teaches. The only downside is that French takes up a lot of time and there's also Tutorials and Labs that come along with it. My Tutorial and Lab prof is ... very young. He even has eyebrow piercings and my friend finds him very attractive. I think he's alright but the fact that he speaks pure French can be kind of a pain especially when you're not too comfortable with the language yet.

Legal Studies is alright. I constantly find myself wanting to sleep in that class. I've been falling really behind in this class's readings so I need to catch up soon. The material is somewhat confusing too...

Free hot chocolate and Tim Horton treats outside Legal Studies building!
For Sociology, I have probably the coolest prof. He's super fun and awesome. The only downside is that he talks at the speed of light, so I end up falling behind in note-taking in class. So far, we've been studying the history of Sociology so it's been pretty boring. My other friends are learning about brand-names and other cool stuff like that. I hope we get to that material soon!

My Business course is that one course that I despise the most. The material is long, the prof is incompetent, and it's a waste of money. The prof constantly assigns these readings that are extremely long. He then makes powerpoints for us to follow in class but the powerpoints are absolutely useless and are just filled with horrible graphics. He can't teach properly and stutters/uhhh-ummms throughout the whole class. Then, he's making us purchase this game called Mike's Bikes and it's going to be worth a giant portion of our grade. We're going to be put into groups with 3-5 other people and just... UGH. I absolutely hate everything about this class. It's a waste of time, money, and just life in general.

Also, I have so much complaints for my residence too. The shower-head is so weak. It takes me almost double the time I normally need to take a proper shower and I still don't feel clean when I come out. I mean... I want a shower not a mini drizzle. Then, the toilet is stupid too. Not to sound crude, but I have to flush at least 3-5 times every time I take a dump. I mean... omg, can you just FLUSH PROPERLY? SHIT SON. Then, we only have one compartment/hole? For example:

We only have one... side? As opposed to two...
- Image from Google
It makes washing dishes really inconvenient and it frustrates the hell outta me. Then, our living room is oddly placed so that the chairs that face the TV are at an angle where you can't see the TV directly. We can't move the chairs either cause then we'd be blocking doors and it won't allow for proper walking space.

On another note, I got uWaterloo sweater. It looks like this:

There was another dark grey one and a light grey one, but I found this one to look better since they're the Waterloo colours :)


Other random crap:

I was digging through my baby photos the other day and I found this:

Anywho, I'm off to do more notes for a class I hate ~

- eggtarts

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