Sunday, 30 September 2012


The third week of university has officially ended. Once again, as anyone can guess, I'm back in Toronto for the weekend. I'll be leaving in an hour or so for Waterloo. sigh. 

When I went back last Sunday, my roommate and I decided we should get a birthday cake for our friend. We pooled in some money and got her a small ice cream cake from The Marble Slab and if anyone doesn't know... that place is way to fucking expensive/overpriced. At least it was for a cheapass like me.

We split the cake between 6 people and none of us could really finish it since it was WAAAAY too sweet except for fishandchips but we're all pretty sure she's gonna get diabetes afterwards.

The rest of the week was pretty much dedicated to going to classes and cramming for tests/exams.

Making notes/reviewing for French test!
I had my first French test on the Wednesday and I got a 93%. I mean, I could have done better but... stupid mistakes tend to always gravitate towards me. I never fully read any questions properly and then I end up regretting it. Oh well, my mark is nothing I should complain about.

The same night, my Economics professor created a study session/lecture from 7:30PM - 9:00PM where he went over the material that would be on the midterm on Friday. I felt pretty confident with the material in class since it was taught in high school but there was some stuff from the textbook (which he didn't cover in class) that I wanted clarification on. Halfway through the lecture, it felt like he'd never clarify those questions and so I went back to my residence.

Walking to the lecture at 7:00 PM..
sky looked pretty :)
Walking back to res around 8:00 PM...
so dark and cold ..

On Friday morning? .. Thursday morning? .. my roomie made me this for breakfast:

k so I probably gained like 10 lbs from this, but omg so goood!!
So the Economics midterm was alright. I don't think I did as well as I did on my French test but I'll take what I get as long as it's over 80%.

So anyways, since the Econ midterm was at 4:30-5:20PM, we weren't able to catch the FedsBus. Instead, we took the GO bus from uWaterloo to Square One. It was $4 more but I gotta admit... so much more comfy! From Square One, we transferred onto the GO bus that took us to YorkU. By the time we reached YorkU, it was already 8 PM and it was dark as hell. Forget the fact that I wouldn't know my way around in broad daylight... I couldn't see shit at night. We walked for like 20 minutes until we got to an empty field of grass...
YorkU ... plaza? Food court?

Looked really cool though!
YorkU at night is quite lovely :) 

Anyways... it's about time I started getting ready to go back to uWaterloo. sigh.

- eggtarts

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