Saturday, 6 October 2012

University Y01W05

I remember the first week of September when I was all gung-ho about posting every other day/week of the year talking about my university experience... yeah, so much for that...

Anyways, I'm trying. Even my book review blog is feeling a little neglected at the moment.

Since I'm on the topic of books, I the ARC of Black City by Elizabeth Richards :D I just started it this morning and am already half-way through. It's really good !

On another note, I'm back in Toronto for the first time since I started university. I missed my bed so much... and my family, I missed them too (: Haha~

Let me tell you the story of my trip back here. So I got a ticket for the school's buses, and they're your regular yellow school buses that you'd take during a high school trip, nothing fancy. And they're all like 'we should be back to Toronto around 4:30, since we're leaving at 3pm'. And I'm just like 'aiight, let's get going then~' THREE BLOODY HOURS LATER, we get to our destination. I honestly wouldn't have minded if I hadn't had to go to the washroom really badly about two hours into the trip. I also wouldn't have minded if I hadn't had such annoying people on the bus. Like they wouldn't shut up. When we got to Jane and highway 7 some person was like OMFG I SEE JANE AND FINCH. I'm just there like bro, NOT EVEN CLOSE... Then we pass my neighbourhood, and one of 'em's all like OMG WE'RE NEAR WONDERLAND. And again I'm just there like NO. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Now this was only for Vaughan, where I knew where everything was. But throughout the whole trip they just kept stating these random places that they insisted were around where we were. I'm guessing about 99.99% of those place weren't actually within a 10 km radius of our bus.

Anyways, now I'm home and currently skyping with friends, which is pretty fun ~

Also, our aerial photo was released!
So awesome ~ Hehe ~

I'm really behind in psychology... that's like my main task this week... well, also my freaking English essay but like you know... -sigh-

Anyways~ Off to bed with this one ~


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