Friday, 26 October 2012

University Y01W08

Oh. My. Goodness. You do not know how happy I am that it is Friday. There are no words for the feeling of relief and joy I feel at this very moment.

Okay, not this very moment, but I felt pretty damn good about three hours ago when I got home and thought to myself 'I AM DONE.'

Technicalities aside, the past few weeks have basically been a bout of smashing as much information into my tiny, Asian head as I possibly could. Let's just say, that plan didn't work out too well.

My Psych exam... WAS CANCELLED... the first time at least. My teacher came in 15 minutes late and said 'I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you're here, but you're exam isn't - ' -everyone begins to whoop in joy and my friend yells out I LOVE YOU- '- that was the bad news ! The good news is I don't have my lecture notes, so... I'll see you all Thursday. The midterm will be rescheduled for next week Tuesday.' Insert a vast amount of celebration here.

Then, I proceeded to go piece together a 5 page essay about Oedipus Tyrannus and Doctor Faustus... That was fun... I had 2 days, and I hadn't read the books yet...

My French test was a bundle of joy, in which I forgot to read the instructions for two of the questions and ended up doing something totally wrong, and yeah... there goes like 10 marks right there. (I'm actually pretty close, the marks just got posted... that sucks.)

Next up, my psych exam. This time it actually happened. That thing was so long. I'm praying I guessed right on all the questions I had to guess... this sucks. My teacher did put a fun question at the end though, and it was like a bonus question, so if all else fails, I got at least one mark.

Wednesday, the 24th, was our Campus Bubble Shop's first birthday! Haha~

The Cake! Isn't it adorable?!
The first piece of cake went to me ~ I think I got the largest piece :o ! This was my breakfast...
With the purchase of a bubble tea, you got the cake as well as this adorable little stress ball!
The other side of the stress ball~
Then, today, I had an Econ Exam. I don't know how I did, but I don't think I did well... that's for sure... I spent the day at DC studying and managed to get everything down... (It was also FREAKING FREEZING IN THERE... I felt like I was sitting in a freezer...). Then I got to the exam and was just like... dwat ?

Yeah... sounds good.

Also, my hands this week:

Lookin' healthy... basically... I scraped my left hand across the ceiling (I think I created 'ceiling burn' as opposed to carpet/rope burn), and cut my thumb with a knife... and then cut it again later with my umbrella... my right hand? I don't know what I did, but it hurt like hell.

It's been a good two weeks.

Anyways, so I got back from my Thanksgiving weekend and it was like mother-nature took fall and dumped it onto Waterloo xD

I found this walkway a few weeks back, and I just love it. Now the trees are basically naked... but it's still a convenient way to class, haha~ That leaf is from a bush/plant thing that grow around campus. The leaves all fall off like half red, half white, its beautiful... and very Canadian !

This weekend will be music study (yup, music exam.), maybe some piano practising, some exercise, I might hit up the mall~



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