Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Bane of My Existence...

... is Economics. Honestly, I've spent like four days going through the textbook, writing notes, and I've gotten through chapter one... and chapter two... that's it. Nothing more. It's just so boring... and ugh. Mind numbing.

On another note, I love my music class, which I just got back from an hour ago. My teacher says like the randomest things, and has a hatred for Nicki Minaj. And only in my music class would you hear the teacher speak of searching for porn online and drinking...

Moving your imagination away from that odd image, Kat Zhang, author of the debut novel "What's Left of Me", spoke of her publishing experience while she was still in college. It was entertaining and a little daunting. But I thought I'd share it~

My Twitter account is acting up, like an upset child. Honestly, even the virus advertisements aren't working... (I don't know how to get rid of them... any suggestions? 'Cause I'm tired of seeing stupid stuff like 'SINGLE ASIANS IN YOUR AREA' and garbage like that...(I already tried AVG and Malware Bytes, Avast doesn't work on my computer for some reason unknown to me))

No real other things to note about these past few weeks.

Tomorrow is my first university test. It's in French... we'll see how that goes. Then I have my Econ test on Friday... This week kind of sucks. But not as much as three weeks from now when I have an English essay due on the same day as I have my Psych midterm... I guess that means I'll have to work ahead...

Know what I hate? When people don't answer your texts. I do that every now and then, usually 'cause 1. I'm avoiding said person or 2. I am busy at the moment and take like 30 mins or so to answer. But I'm not talking about people doing that. I'm talking about people taking like 5 hours to answer your text. Bro, what were you doing in those five hours that you couldn't take 1 minute to text me back the amount of rice and water that I should be using to cook YOU rice.. o-o... c'mon...

That irked me today. I know it wasn't exactly their fault, per say 'cause they were doing class work, but that still doesn't mean it didn't annoy me a little (a lot).

Anyways, back to my useless studying... -rolls away-


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  1. you should have googled it! =P I think its 1: 1 1/4 for white rice, brown rice is 1: 1 3/4 (but it depends on the rice too... :l) or you could do it the Asian way and stick your finger in it! If it's at the first line of your finger you are good!