Saturday, 16 February 2013

Harlem Shake + Other Updates

Let me just jump right into it and ask: WHAT THE HELL IS THE PURPOSE OF THE HARLEM SHAKE?

I am so god damn confused by this dance. Can we even call it a dance? People are calling it the next "Gangnam Style" and while I'm not the biggest fan of Psy or the horse-riding-dance, I just find that offensive. At least that was a dance. What the crap is Harlem Shake supposed to be?

The first time I heard of it was when one of my peers posted this up on a Facebook group:

That itself was weird as hell for me. The first time I watched it, I didn't know that it was the Harlem Shake since the title of the video didn't exactly make that clear for me. Then, people started showing me videos of other universities doing it and I was just flat out confused. Is it... funny? Interesting? I don't know!

Then, you read comments on that video and it's pure Laurier vs. Waterloo pride and well... ok then. Then, there was talk that Laurier was to "retaliate" as if this was actually a war. So they made an "official" Harlem Shake video and this is how it turned out:

As a Waterloo student, I thought this video was pretty darn cool. Oh dear God, if a uWaterloo student is reading this, don't kill me. But uWaterloo's was pretty darn awesome as well. Here's the video:

Random note: The girl doing the splits in the second Harlem Shake was... interesting LOL.

Another random note: While I'm all for uWaterloo pride and spirit, do you think it's too late to change our cheer/chant thing from "Water Water Water Loo Loo Loo" to something else? Seriously, don't kill me.

and while I do think it's awesome that all these students managed to organize such a big thing... I STILL DON'T GET IT. But oh well, another big boom for something "cool" and it'll be sure to fade away soon. Hopefully.

-awkwardly moves onto another topic-

So the past week has been absolute crap for me. I did horrible on my accounting midterm and my French test and I pretty much just want to hid under a pile of clothes and sleep away my sorrows.

Unfortunately, I can't do that since I'm swamped with a pile of crap to be doing this Reading Week. Well, actually... it's not that bad if I manage my time well but ya'know... Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, watching dramas and all that stuff just sounds so appealing next to that 7-page paper and the 600 pages of readings. brb, crying.

Once I get some of my stuff done though, I think fishandchips and I should do a bit of cleaning-up on this blog. Maybe a better layout, a better "About Us" page and overall... better. That would require me to magically pick up some html skills so... yep.

Anyways, this will be one of my shorter posts since I need to basically do all my readings from the beginning of this semester for Political Science now. A+ student right here.

- eggtart

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