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EXO - Happy Camp (快樂大本營) on 130706


So after almost a month of postponing the broadcast, the episode for EXO on Happy Camp has finally been aired! The English subbed version might not be out right now, but by the time I finish this post, it might be. You hardcore EXOtic subbers out there. I see you. Last night, I watched the episode on TV, because we have this box thing that gives us access to shows that are shown in China. It's pretty good since we get to watch the episodes the same day it's aired!


I felt like this episode really brought out the EXO-K member's variety show skills. If you're watching this show for Lay, Luhan, or Kai, you're out of luck because those three barely showed up. The whole episode basically centered around Kris, D.O., Tao, Suho, and Chanyeol. The rest of the members I didn't mention got some camera time, but not too much. Nonetheless, I still thought this episode was the best one that EXO has filmed with Happy Camp. It was really cute and funny, so I decided to point out some highlights!

So EXO came out with their performance of "Wolf" in Chinese. Pretty much expected...

As much as I love Happy Camp, there's just one thing I can't stand. I hate the bright-ass lights that they use for performances. There's hardly ever a good, clear shot of a member's face before some sort of bright-light special effect kicks in and ruins the shot. Thus, excuse my crappy ass screenshot. They looked better on TV.
So, during their introductions, Nana (one of the hosts) was saying Luhan doesn't really look like a wolf, but more like a little cat. So they told Luhan to do a scary wolf expression, and they'd make scary wolf sound effects for him. As soon as Luhan made the face, Nana meow'd like a cute little cat.

One of the best parts of the show was when they shrunk D.O. with special effects. When everyone was introducing themselves, Baekhyun, Chen, and Kris decided that they would mess with D.O. and announce that they too were also main vocals. Aside from Chen, Baek is actually a lead vocal, and Kris is mainly a rapper. So with the overcrowding amount of main vocalists sprouting up, the hosts said that it seems like D.O. is just getting shorter and shorter. 

So they decided to let those four have a little competition. Everyone sang a snippet of "Baby, Don't Cry", which prompted Kris to ask, "Is it ok if I sing in a lower pitch?" Yes, babe, of course you can. 
Then because Kris would have clearly failed as a main vocalist next to those three, he tried out as our lead dancer. They brought out Kai, one of the main dancers of EXO, who danced to Wolf. Kris failed three times in a row. First time, he somehow got confused, so he did some weird little freestyle thing. Second time, his hand got stuck/accessories started flying about. Then, he just completely missed the part of the song he was supposed to dance to since it took him so long to get ready. Remember, dumbzhang, I still love you.

Kris realizing he messed up, prompting everyone behind him to
collapse from laughter.
Then, they had this mini segment where they asked the members, "If you could go back in time, at what age/time would you go to?" I just want to take a moment to forget what they answered with, and just take a look at Chanyeol's baby picture. 

Chanyeol's baby picture.

Lay said he would have wanted to go back to when he was in his pre-teens (when he was a child star). He would have wanted to partake in more shows, so that he would have more clips to show everyone now. He also wanted to learn more from Weijia ge (one of the hosts of Happy Camp, who used to host other shows that Lay was on before). Oh my God, Lay, you sure know how to butter someone up, eh? Darling is so good with words. Then, as one of the main dancers of the group, Lay did a little freestyle dance for us which was the sexiest thing my eyes have seen. 

Then, Tao's response was my personal favourite. He said he wanted to go back to last year when he was on the show with only EXO-M. He said he felt like he came off really "silly/stupid" at that time. 

Why I think this was the best answer was because Tao used the term     
"傻不啦叽" (sa bu la ji). It's a term that mostly people from the NorthEast of China use. It's actually a term that I've grown up saying. I really love it when Tao accidentally let's his Shandong dialect slip out 'cause I think it's absolutely charming and it really makes him special!

Then, Tao did a little Korean rap for us. But it failed multiple times. He had apparently actually prepared a "surprise" along with the rap. Surprise? No wait, I meant 色卜瑞丝 (su pu rui si). Dear, your English is charming, you know that? Finally though, with Chanyeol beatboxing and Kris joining in the rap, Tao finished his su pu rui si rap. 

After this, Happy Camp put up 12 poles for the EXO members to stand near depending on their rank for certain titles. The first one was "the most immature member". Person at the #1 spot was most immature, and person at #12 was the most mature. 

Xiumin ended up claiming the 12th position. HE WAS SO CUTE HUGGING THE TALL POLE ALL CONFUSED.

Chanyeol and Tao were then dragged to the front by Chen, despite their protests, with Chanyeol as #1 and Tao as #2. When Luhan was asked who was in the wrong spot, he answered with, "Chanyeol and Tao". Tao, thinking that he had a chance to be put towards the end of the line (closer to the mature end), Luhan stated, "Tao is actually #1".

Poor Tao.
Stabbed right in the heart by his hyung, Luhan.
Next, it was "who's best at charming the ladies". In a secret vote before the show aired, almost everyone voted for Kris, who ended up winning the #1 spot. Like last time, Tao was not pleased. At the behind-the-scenes voting, Tao stated, 

"What does he have that makes people look at him and not me? Really, I'm pretty handsome too. There really isn't much difference between us. Sometimes, I think people are looking at me (when I'm out with Kris), but then I see their line of vision, and I end up being wrong. They were actually looking at Kris. Honestly, I'm a bit jealous. But I mean, I'm not that bad either. I think everyone can tell, just by looking, who really is the most handsome."

Stroking the face he's so proud of.
Then, they dragged Chanyeol down from the #1 spot to allow Kris to step up. He Jiong (main host) asked Chanyeol and Kris to comment on how they felt about their current position (Kris as #1 and Chanyeol was moved to #6), Chanyeol decided to answer this with a skit. Unfortunately, no one really understood what the skit had to do with anything. Poor Sehun and Luhan was dragged into it too.

Chanyeol asking for 100 bottles of beer in Mandarin.
Last question was: "Who's the biggest scaredy-cat/who get's scared the easiest?" Suho got the #1 spot. To help him overcome this, they played the trust game in which Suho stood on a higher platform and would fall backwards into the arms of his members. 

Poor guy was so scared, and you could see how worried he was with the look in his eyes. When a helper stepped off the platform, Suho was quick to ask, "Where are you going!?" in Mandarin, begging for them to not leave his side and to help him with the fall. 

Suho gave a very touching speech after the members caught his fall.
Afterwards, they played a game that split them into teams. Somehow it ended up being the short-team vs. the tall-team. And even though my biases were all in the tall-team, I was definitely rooting for the short-team because they were too funny!

He Jiong as "Snow White" and his 7 dwarfs.
Sehun and Kai crouching a bit to match their heights, LOL!
The fall of the tall team.
Short team's awesome teamwork vs. Kris
Xiumin as mother hen! Great leading, Xiumin!

Tall team (losers) forced to carry short team and do 5 squats.
Hai Tao (host) dropped Chen.
I mean... "Chne".
Lay had to carry Weijia (host).
Apparently Lay did well in the beginning but started making
constipated noises
towards the end.
Weijia's face as he makes the noises, LOL!

And that was basically the whole episode!

There was a lot more funny parts, but I didn't want to make this post longer than it already was! If you're a fan of EXO, or you're just starting to get into them, watch this episode! You won't get to know all the members really well because only a few got to shine, but it's a really funny episode. 

Normally, I don't really care much for members like Suho, Xiumin, or D.O., but I feel like this episode really let them shine, and they were really funny and cool. It seemed like the EXO-K members really had a good time, so I'm glad they enjoyed themselves even though they're not great with the language.

Anyways, EXO's episode for "Weekly Idol" is coming up soon! I can't wait! 

- Dee

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