Thursday, 8 August 2013

What Is Up World!?! -Waves Hands-

How goes life people of the Internet? How am I? Well, one would think that due to my lack of posts on here, I have been extremely busy with life. Alas, that is not the case, well... not really the case.

This summer, I'm learning to drive. Let me tell you... I SUCK at right hand turns. I don't even know why. My instructor doesn't know why. My parents just don't understand WHY. My dad's actually so confused, he came back today after I drove around the city and was like, "See, most people have issues with left turns, and yet you have no problem. But your right turns are horrific." Basically every time I have to turn right, I scare everyone in the car, and likely those surrounding it, shitakeless. Pro Asian driving man /partofthestereotype.

I have also been posting regularly on my book review blog (a miracle, I must add). It's been great getting back to it and I hope (and PRAY) that I'll manage to keep it up through the school year. 'Cause it would suck if it just dies again because I lack time and initiative... Anyways, check it out if you're into books, or like reading stuff by someone who's obsessed with them ;)

This year, I've taken it upon myself to watch a number of dramas. I've finished Smiling Pasta, One Litre of Tears, Secret Garden, and am part way through The Queen of SOP. I'm thinking of starting Lucky Seven which stars Matsujun, or get into School 2013, High Kick: Revenge of the Short-Legged, or I Hear Your Voice purely to see Lee Jong Suk, because he was beautiful and sassy in Secret Garden (which I highly recommend by the way). Anyways, we'll see how that goes. Might also get into Dating Agent: Cyrano 'cause Dee recommended it (she also recommended two of the others listed).

What else have I been doing... watching a lot of YouTube videos, that's not unusual, but I'm doing it more now that school's off. I've been stalking a number of B2ST performances. Can I just take a moment to mention that Hyunseung looks amazing with his hair white? HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL ~~ 

Also, I've been loving all of EXO's new songs for their repackaged album.

And I've been loving all the videos Max Schneider, Kurt Schneider, and others have been posting ~
asdfghjkl they're so goooooooood -flails-

Hmm, I've also been doing a lot of jewellery making and fixing. I'm hoping to maybe sell some of my stuff one day, HOPING, but doubting I'll ever get to it...

So, people of the earth, tell me, how have all your summers been going ? :D



  1. Hi! :) <3 your blog. OMG!! You should totally watch School 2013 and I hear your voice. They are really good. :)

    1. Hey :D ! I will check those two dramas out ASAP ~ Thanks for checking out our blog and thanks for helping me narrow down the choices ;P !