Tuesday, 17 December 2013

EXO's Miracles in December

Hi, all! I've been MIA, I know, but it seems like this blog is doing well even without us constantly updating? Anyways, I'll join Alikiya later, and make a end-of-semester post talking about my courses and profs!

For now, I wanna talk about EXO's new mini-album that I've had on repeat for the past week or so.

I don't know about everyone else, but I was kind of worried for this album. I mean, I felt like it was just yesterday when they finished up promos for "Growl". It just seems like somehow, with EXO, it's either they're never around and taking long ass hiatuses, or they're just everywhere. This year though? I can say that they've been everywhere. There was "Wolf", and then there was "Growl". There was the XOXO album, and then there was the XOXO: Repackaged album. There were drama MVs, radio appearances, variety shows, more radio shows, special stages, a whole ton of airport mishaps, serious sasaeng issues, more radio appearances, award-show winning galore, their own TV show, and more radio shows!

Even as a pretty big EXO fan, I think it's safe to say that I was getting kind of tired of them everywhere. It doesn't mean I love them any less, but I've gotten to a certain point, where it's like, "Oh, you're back again?"

Especially because they said that this was going to be Christmas album, I was kind of iffy; thinking how they can possibly make an entire mini-album with Christmas-themed songs.

When the "Miracles in December" MV came out, it was actually quite a shock. I knew it was gonna be a ballad-y type song, but I wasn't expecting it be that sad? I mean the title was "Miracles in December"... what kind of damn miracle happened? Like Tao turned back time for two minutes, and everyone's situation still seemed crap. I know the song itself already talks about a failed relationship... but GAH. WHY? Totally killing my Christmas spirit.

So, since the beginning, I've always had a preference for EXO-M, mainly because I don't need subs to watch their videos, and I just generally like the members more, whether for their talent or their personality. Normally, for title tracks, I would prefer K's, like when they did Wolf/Growl, but for this song, I actually preferred the Chinese version.

I think Luhan's voice fit this song more than D.O.'s. As much as I love D.O.'s voice, I think it's a bit too low for this song, and Luhan has a "lighter" voice, which works better. Ya'know what I mean?

Anyways, the rest of the album was also a lot better than expected as well! My favourite would definitely be "First Snow", but "Star" and "My Turn To Cry" were both awesome as well. "Christmas Day" was fine, but would probably be my least favourite in the album!

You guys can Youtube the rest of the album. It's all pretty damn amazing! :)

To finish up anything related to EXO, please check out my new Tumblr where I answer everyone's requests for EXO-related scenarios!

Thanks for the support!

- Dee

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