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K-Pop Fanatic Confessions

Since I started following unpopularkpop-opinions on Tumblr, I've seen a lot of confessions that I always wanted to respond to, but I didn't want to come off as being disrespectful (like so many of the other repliers I've seen), so I figured I'll just compile some here. Because I can totally appear rude here, right?

Let's start with some of my own confessions:


So there's this girl I know. I wouldn't exactly call her a "friend", but we've spoken quite a few times during our high school days and we're on good terms with each other. So we follow each other on Twitter, and sometimes I just can't stand her tweets about K-Pop. She's said stuff like (not direct quotes), "EW why is this store playing SNSD omfg like i can't stand it i need to block this off from my ears ughh" or, "OMG B2ST <3 but i dont really like junhyung tbh and ew hyunseung wtf your hair is gross omfg yoseob stop being so manly and go back to being cute"

QUUUUURL, it's fair that you don't like SNSD, but that was just rude and uncalled for. If it bothers you so much, step out of the store then. Also, how can you so often claim to like this band, but hate this member, be bothered by this member, etc? Just enjoy the music then.

I'm Junhyung biased, but I love all the other members as well!

Everyone's always talking about how EXO is untalented and they're all just pretty boys, but I mean, I personally do feel that everyone's talented in their own way. They may not be the best at what they do, but it doesn't mean that everyone has to live up to your expectations of what a good singer/rapper/dancer is, right?

EXOtics haters. Where do I even start?

Let's begin with, "Stop calling yourselves EXOtics. it sounds pretentious/cocky. Besides, it's not even official that your group will be called EXOtics anyways. Just call yourselves 'EXO fans'". OK ASSWAD, first of all, a person can call themselves whatever they please. If they want to call themselves EXOtics, then who are you to tell them to stop? If calling yourself EXOtic sounds pretentious, then what about B2UTYs? VIPs? And lastly, the name EXOtics has been used for so long, that it might as well be the official name anyways. We're not going to stop calling ourselves that, and there's no reason why we need to type another character to express what fan-group we're a part of.

Then there's, "EXOtics are so annoying! They're all sasaeng fans. They're rude, obnoxious, elitists, and just so annoying! I can't stand them." Alright pal, can't stand them? Sit down then. Let me give you a nice coaching on common sense. If you feel like they're doing something wrong, tell them nicely. If you just can't stand to be around them, leave. Overgeneralizing just makes you seem like a douche. I mean, it's kind of like being racist, no? "Oh, all Asians have small eyes!" I mean, have you SPOKEN with all the EXOtics? Are they all really that unintelligent and annoying? I beg to disagree.

Lastly, the famous, "I'm an EXOtic, but I would never admit to it because being one is so embarrassing." I... actually don't even know what to say to this one. What's more shameful? Being an EXOtic? Or trying to hide something that you enjoy?

Totally irrelevant image, but this has me dying every. single. time.
I have a ton of other confessions of my own, but I'll stop with those two. I'm gonna go through some of other people's confessions now. I'm too lazy to read and link each and every one, so I'm gonna summarize: 

"I don't like that HyunA is made to look so slutty/sexy for their concepts. She should just be herself; she's so cute in real life, they should just let her do that."

To be honest, I think the biggest appeal of HyunA isn't that she's sexy. It's that she can do the sexy thing so well despite being a really cute and dorky girl. It really makes her stand out against other idols who can't really seem to be able to pull off a bunch of different concepts. Or at least, that's why I like HyunA.

"SM is not promoting f(x) very well. They're like the forgotten group. If they can't do it, then f(x) should just leave and go to a company that actually cares about them." 

I'm sorry, but at what point do these people become marketing experts? Just because f(x) has yet to reach SNSD or Super Junior level in popularity, doesn't mean that SM is doing a bad job? I mean how many groups out there really has reached those insanely popular levels? I don't know, maybe it's because I'm just being ignorant to the fact that they are being ignored. But at the same time, f(x) is still one of the top girl groups, no? But since you propose that solution, what other company do you think can honestly do a better job? What other company doesn't already have their own baggage trying to put their own girl group on top? Which company has the resources to get f(x) on top then? I just feel like each member has their own stuff going on. Without SM, do you think these five girls would be MCing? Taking on lead roles in dramas? Musicals? But hey, if you can make a valid proposal, I'll totally listen.

Responding to these are getting tiring, so here's some confessions I agree with: 

Alright, there's actually a lot more, but I'll stop here for now.

All photos are from unpopularkpop-opinions on Tumblr! Follow them if you have the time! Some of the opinions on there that are submitted will have you face-palming, but it's always interesting to see other people's comments towards K-pop (at least for me)!

Anyways, school is starting soon and I have to get cracking with packing and other crap.


- Dee

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