Sunday, 30 June 2013

Let the Memories Begin

WAY back in May (the 3rd to the 10th), my family spent a week in Orlando, Florida, where we danced with minions, flew across town with Spider Man, and spent some quality time with Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.

Our journey started bright and early Friday morning.
Yes, that is a bear shaped pancake.
We drove down to Buffalo, New York, and stopped by Galleria Mall, which was GIGANTIC and everything was priced so prettily. My sister bought some nail polish from Sephora, and then we frolicked over to the airport.

Our awesome plane
FREE STUFF (the first time, I got Coke (but I forgot to take a picture)
This is technically the snacks I got on the way back...
The flight was about two and a half hours, and was pretty chill~
When we got to the airport (IT WAS A PRETTY ARSE AIRPORT), we had to take a tram from the gates to the actual airport part, where security and our luggage was.

The tram!
We grabbed our luggage and got our rental car and headed out of the airport. It was POURING rain outside, and so it took us about 30 minutes to get from the airport to our hotel villa thing. On our way we picked up some Wendy's and it was probably the best tasting Wendy's I've ever had *A* .. We also got some nasty tasting "iced tea" which was blech. Apparently, Nestea and/or Brisk doesn't exist at fast food places down in Florida.

Our lovely car
My sister and my bedroom (yes, that is a pineapple shaped lamp)
We had a little balcony. (yes, that's another pineapple shaped lamp, but it's harder to see 'cause it's considerably less 'ripe')
Our beautiful toilet (and washroom) 
Our little kitchenette
My parents kitchen and a peak into their washroom
The overall suite was split into two, so my parents and brother got one side and my sister and I got the other. There were a lot of pineapple shaped objects. Like the table legs? Pineapple shaped. The painting? All of pineapples (there may have been one of a monkey). The ceiling border in the 'living room area? PINEAPPLES. This place really had a thing for pineapple. Within our kitchen, we also saw this ginormous bug that crawled out of the coffee maker @_@ omfg. SCARED ME SHITAKELESS. Not something you expect to see when charging your mp3. I didn't get a picture of it 'cause I was too busy freaking out that there was a bug, almost the size of my fist, crawling around our counter top.

Anyways, you don't care about all that. TO DOWNTOWN DISNEY! We went Saturday afternoon to look around after buying groceries and such (i.e. ice cream sandwiches, cups, and t-shirts).

They finally changed the LEGO displays! Here's a cool ass dragon. Yes, it's made of lego.
Well, they changed most of it.. this guy's forever grinning from the water
Toy Story! Another awesome LEGO display.
Snow White (there were more LEGO displays inside too~)
I just thought this dinosaur was cool haha
Inside the dino store. It's like Rain Forest Cafe, 'cept... prettier *A* 
This was a gigantic store full of Disney merch. There were two other entrances but Stitch's was the best. If you stood there long enough, he'd spit on you, LOL
Blown glass hand made dragon
Blown glass hand made Beauty and the Beast rose
ICE CREAM that looked delicious, but we didn't get any :(
The next day, we went to UNIVERSAL'S ISLANDs OF ADVENTURE~ We spent both Sunday and Monday there~
Giant tower thing (Y)
Fantastic 4 Cafe
In the Spider Man ride

The entrance to the Dr. Seuss section
Live reading of the Lorax, with songs and dances by some of the Seuss characters
Entrance to Jurassic Park

Part of the Dinosaur display there
Poseidon's Mountain
Honeydukes in HP world
A not so great picture of the castle
The four houses of Hogwarts
The Sorting Hat!
The best meal I had all week
Butterbeer awesomeness xP If you ever go, get the frozen one, a billion times more tasty~
The old Weasley car
We rode basically every ride in Islands of Adventure except the water rides, mainly 'cause none of us wanted to get wet. We spent Monday, the sixth in HP world 'cause it was my sister's birthday and she probably loves Harry Potter more than I do. Islands of Adventure was a lot of fun and a lot of walking @_@

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we spent our time in Disney World. We went to MAGIC KINGDOM and HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS.

The magical tram that brings us into Magic Kingdom
Cinderella's Castle, ofc
I just found this entertaining LOL
Fast Pass. They let you into like a VIP line so you don't need to wait like 5 hours for a ride~
Alice in Wonderland shaped bushes
The Main Street Parade

Tigger looking joyfully annoyed LOL
IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL ride. Equally as annoying as I remember it.
Ariel on her ship
Beauty and the Beast's Castle (actually a restaurant)
Entrance to Magic Kingdom, night version (also the entrance's train station)
Hollywood Studio's centerpiece, Mickey's Wizard Hat!
Yup, that is Hannah Montana's multicoloured shed, haha (found in the prop house at Disney's HWS)
Darth Vader and a storm trooper 'cause why not
My kickass score on the Toy Story ride (I'm yellow !)
Entrance at Hollywood Studios, night version
 At night, we watched the Wishes show and the firework display in Magic Kingdom. The Wishes show basically went through every animated Disney movie and projected scenes and pictures onto Cinderella's castle. It was awesome to see, and the firework display was fantastic! The next day, we saw the FANTASMIC! show in Hollywood Studios, which was epic, though I wish they had had spotlights, but that's besides the point.

On Thursday, after a very lengthy and boring timeshare presentation, we went to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!

How to make a Minion
A dancing minion
A sign in the Spongebob store that I found entertaining
My loot! This is what I ended up taking home from the whole trip
Well, I ate the frog... It was delicious, haha. And my magic card was Salazar Slytherin
This sign confounded me the entire trip. I finally figured out it meant Pedestrian Crossing LOL
My wonderful pins that I traded (and bought) throughout the trip, hehe~
A HP postcard ~
The trip was amazing and I loved every second of it~ I can't wait to go back again some day. Hopefully I'll be spending a little more time in Disney than Universal next time, but I really enjoyed the rides, the stores, and the parks. All in all, it was a great way to start a very monotonous summer break xD


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