Monday, 18 June 2012

Next Stop: University of Waterloo!

It's the end of high school!

The last day of high school (minus exam and graduation) was on the 15th! Exams start today and will go on for this entire week. Then, graduation will be on the 28th and I'll finally be out of high school!

A couple days ago, I had asked my friends, "Do you think you'll cry on the last day of high school?" Most of them replied with, "No" or "I don't think so? Unless someone else starts crying, then I might..."

To be honest, I didn't think I would cry either since quite a bit of my friends will be going to the same university I'm going to (University of Waterloo). Plus, the ones who aren't... well, we promised we'd stay in touch and I intend on keeping that promise!

But then, we started signing yearbooks, and I read one of my friend's message to me and I actually teared up a bit. At the end of the day, I didn't cry and I ended up leaving high school with a smile. BUT, when I read her message, "I wanted to really thank you for the past 4 years. You are one of my closest friends & I'm very thankful for that. You put up w/ all my bullshit & jokes and hopefully we shall stay in touch", I felt a little tear forming, haha. When I look back, I think I'll actually really miss high school.

I've been saying the past 4 years have been hell, and at certain points, they were. However, when it really comes down to it, I realized that I created some amazing memories there with all the new friends I made. I really hope that one day we'll end up seeing each other again 'cause honestly... I don't know if I'd survive high school without them.

Anyways, on Saturday, I took a tour of the University of Waterloo. From what I saw, I can understand why people would say the campus is "ugly" ...

While I don't think the campus was horrible, it was rather bland in comparison to other campuses that I've seen.
UWaterloo Store!
(Ignore my friend/future roomie's head)
So basically, the picture above the UWaterloo's store! It sells a lot of cool UWaterloo stuff like hoodies, sweat pants, bottles, cups, keychains, etc... The stuff is a bit overpriced, but I think I'll get some apparel anyways! The sweatpants and sweaters looked really nice!

UWaterloo Book Store
The picture above is basically of UWaterloo's book store. I guess primarily they'll sell books for the courses you'll be taking. (Oh my God, they were like $100 for a tiny ass book! Onwards to the used book centers!) I did see books like the Hunger Games though?

Anyways, I didn't take much other pictures but I do wanna say that the Student Life Center at UWaterloo seems quite cool! There were Tim Hortons, Teriyaki, Bubble Tea, Sushi bars, and other food places! Woot!

I should get studying now... I have an Economics exam tomorrow and I didn't even start studying.

- eggtart


  1. What will you be studying in Waterloo? I will be in electrical engineering
    See you there :)

    1. I'll be in Arts and Business! Wow, electrical engineering? Sounds interesting. See you there :)

      - eggtart