Friday, 29 June 2012

And It's The End

We are officially done high school. Four years of bruises (mostly for me), sweat (we both did that (our school seriously needs A/C), and tears (well...), we are finished.

Two Fridays ago (i.e. the 15th of June), we got our yearbooks!

Theme: 'Home of the Phoenix' (I blacked out the name of our school)
Man, was I displeased. There were about 6 things that bugged me about it (le rant):
1. The cover. The 'program' on the top right and the 'courses' at the bottom right just bug me. They stick out and don't work with the design well...
2. Someone, I don't know who (but if I ever find out, they'll be getting a piece of my mind), edited (or I'd like to think of it as SCREWED UP) a page I complete last year. Not only did they get rid of a background that my friend KW and I worked hard to make, but they got rid of names and shapes so it just looks stupid, which REALLY irks me. I looked at the printed out version that I had from last year, and everything that was wrong with this year on the page, was right last year. HMPH. I AM THOROUGHLY ANNOYED.
3. On one page, the Carnival page, people who wrongly named. Evelin turned into Nino and Larissa became Aurora, and it's just like C'MON.
4. Last semester's editors sucked. Like they're fine people, but like they gave little to no effort, it seemed. They botched up names, they couldn't even get their 'Yearbook Staff' page right. One of them was deemed the "Assitan" Editor. Not only that, but they were A LOT of pages behind. Within four months, our semester had to complete 137 pages of our 152 paged yearbook. Seriously guys?
5. The page that I lost to my co-editor (she has a closed mind and does not appreciate the opinion nor the effort of those around her). It's the first page of the yearbook. It's tacky. That's all I have to say. There are these faces... and like overuse of photoshop brushes... I don't even... AND THE QUOTES. It's supposed to be the QUOTE page. There are like 15 quotes, half of which are googled, odd sounding, not by a student at the school, and has no relevance to the theme. There were, like, 5 that were said by a student at the school that were actually good (had some relevance, made sense, etc). The others were just like Albert Einstein, Hayley Williams, and other famous people that have no connection with the school, or are dead.
6. The HMST page. As an HMST student was not pleased. Not only were the pictures blurry, they were not of HMST students. WHICH MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. Also, on the front cover, our program was not there at all. Which seriously annoyed me. I did not waste three years of my life in a program that was totally annoying to NOT have it recognized my final yearbook. Oh... but I did. HMPH. x2.

On another note, yesterday was our graduation!

Behold, the stage (and yes, those are fans at the front)
It was basically 2 hours of sweat. I'm not sure anyone shed any tears, but gosh, it was hot in there. There were a lot of speeches and various awards given (I won the English award~), and a lot of standing. By the end of the night, my feet were killing me.
We went out to eat at this Japanese restaurant: Ichiban Sushi (I think...). It was our first time there, and we were pleased with the food.

My dish: Chicken Katsu
Today, was our final day of our grade 12 year. Actually, it was technically 2 minutes. We went to school, got our report card and were to go home after. I hung our for an hour though, just to talk to friends for (maybe) the last time. Also, I got to see one of my friends, A, who left the school for the senior year 'cause his parents' work brought them to Oshawa, which sucked. C'est la vie, though. It was cool seeing him, but he couldn't stay long 'cause our other friend R's bike broke, haha.

My Agendas (gr 10-12) (I kind of threw out gr 9's) (11 & 12's are slightly defaced...)
The prom ticket and the chopstick cover was meant to cover our school's name, but there's some significance to them.
1. It's my prom ticket.
2. That's the restaurant I went to for my sixteenth birthday. I invited 12 people, only 2 came (That should be some record out there...) Six, at last minute (I mean like the night before (one was the morning of)), said they couldn't come, and the others had other plans. But yeah... I still had a lot of fun, and the food there's absolutely delicious (Click here for more info).

Anyway, we are both NV graduates. I'm going to miss a lot of these people. Not a lot of them were easy to be around, but a fair amount of them were, and they were/are great friends. Whether we'll still be in touch 20 years from now, I doubt it, but I hope I'm able to keep at least a few of 'em in my life~ (Though I doubt eggtart shares my sentiments)

Next step: the University of Waterloo! (:


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