Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Years! 2013, let's GO!

Wishing everyone another wonderful 365 days to come!
May all your goals/resolutions come true!

I hope you guys spend the year with your friends, family and all your loved one!  

Please continue to follow yu-ai and I promise this year that I'll try to better myself and this blog :)

So how was your New Years, everyone? I spent four hours before the New Years on Skype chatting with some of my closest friends, including fishandchips. It was really cool that we counted down together and everything (fishandchips NOT included here because she rather spend it with her family it's ok bro, I get it. I get it.)

I went to bed at 2AM because I stayed up longer wondering if my husband Jay Park would come online to Twitter and have another fan-chat. I've never been able to catch him online and I've been disappointed each time since I see his replies to his fans are so funny/sweet and I really want to be a part of that!

Resolution #1: Communicate more with my favourite idols (my husbandos) on Twitter! I hope one day I'll be able to get replies from Jay Park, maybe some of my favourite Youtube stars and others! :)

I woke up today to have curry and rice for breakfast. It's a microwaveable meal but let me tell you... those curry and rice boxes are soo good! I need to take a picture one day and show everyone! Promote promote.

Then, I went over to my friend's place to make some crepes. We ended up having to mission out in the cold to an Asian supermarket because only Asians don't close on holidays because she forgot that she ran out of eggs. The finished crepes turned out pretty good and I didn't get diarrhea!

Making the crepes!
My crepe!
A bit plain looking but it tasted good! :)

My friend's second crepe (sorry, wrong order of photos!)
She didn't know how to "drizzle" the Nutella on top but it still looked nice!
My friend's first crepe!
I feel like ice cream on the inside of the crepe might be better...
Resolution #2: Learn how to make more desserts/foods for a hobby! Since school is ending at the end of April, as opposed to the end of June now, I'll have more time to pick up some cooking skills!

Anyways, a couple days ago, my family drove up to a place near Barrie? I think it was Barrie... or close to there... BUT ANYWHO. We found a Coach outlet store and we ended up buying a bit over $500 worth of stuff. Even though it was my dad's money, it still hurt to see him spend so much on my mom and I. I love you dad... ;v;

The reason was because my mom and I don't own anything Coach. While it was popular back then, we were never willing to spend so much money on something that wasn't that brand name or amazing. Plus, even though I kinda wanted it, I never really wanted it that much and since I never got it... my want kinda dwindled down. But there was a HUGE sale and there was a coupon for 30% off all items with an additional 10% of after. Some items on one side of the wall had 50% off too and with that coupon, it really was a big deal! There was a long line outside but we managed to get in early.

I ended up getting a backpack and a wallet!

My mom ended up getting two purses for her birthday which is coming up tomorrow (January 2nd). I mean, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase and I'm happy and all but at the end of the day... I still feel like my dad wasted too much on us. Even though I kept saying I didn't want this and I didn't want that at the store, they kept telling me to get something since we're never gonna see such an amazing sale again. Now that I think about it... I regret not getting a longer wallet/mini messenger bag. Oh well. I can't complain when I already have two such amazing things already!

On Boxing Day, we didn't even end up buying a lot like most shoppers. We bought one item which was this:

PJ bottoms!
They were $3? $4?
Pretty comfy, cute, and cheap :)
Resolution #3: Invest more into nice clothing and improve my dressing style! I think because of Tumblr, I've been really getting into different, more sophisticated and interesting pieces. I really want to try out some new looks rather than sticking to my jeans and casual wear...

To do that and look good...

Resolution #4: LOSE WEIGHT. I've been saying this every year but it ends up in the back of my head within a week. I always manage to exercise and eat healthy for a short period of time and just give up. Maybe if I write/type this down, I'll stay motivated? Fighting!

Gotta stay focused! AND PERSEVERE. Following David So's words... I must...

And while we're talking about this...

Resolution #5: No more procrastination! Or at least... less of it! I need to improve my grades since this semester could have been a lot better grades-wise if I had stopped procrastinating and pushing things to the last minute! No more excuses for not eating healthy and giving up on diets, giving up on books/dramas/animes, giving up on fighting addicting habits. ADD OIL!

Resolution #6: Be more outgoing! While I'm definitely capable of making friends and speaking up for myself when necessary, I tend to still stay near the shy-end of the spectrum. I need to open up in class, participate, and not be afraid of being judged! :)

I think that's it. That should be enough resolutions to keep my busy this year. I hope I stick to them!

What are your resolutions?

- eggtart

Did you guys hear this new song from SNSD?
Sounds funny since it sounds like a couple songs mixed into one...
But still kind of catchy!
I got a boy 멋진! I got a boy 착한! I got a boy handsome boy 내 맘 다 가져간

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