Friday, 25 January 2013

Bonsoir tout le monde!

Pardon my random French. I'm cultured, I know.

This semester, I've been taking the FR 152 course (French) which is the level-up of FR 151 class that I took last semester. I have to say, I'm no longer dreading French lectures and tutorials. My new French prof is pretty bad with English but she's really friendly and she tries to explain the lessons really well. I really like her! My new French TA is... different from last semester. While I feel like she's much nicer, I have to admit... my TA from last semester was much better in his lessons and teaching. I felt like I learned much more from him, I guess? That took a lot of courage to say. I had my first French test yesterday. It felt a lot more difficult than last semester's tests and I can only hope I did well.

Other than French, my other classes are alright. Accounting is still as boring as it is in high school and I still hate it. I can already smell my failures in this class. Legal Studies is the same as it was last semester which is okay. Political Science is the worst class ever. I have absolutely no interest in this class whatsoever. Every time I'm in this class, I go on Tumblr or Twitter and maybe chat with friends on Skype. Recently, my roommate linked me to this blog: SAYA IN UNDERWORLD. It's filled with translations of Japanese horror stories and we all know those are the best ones. They're pretty slow with updates, I feel, but if you have time, definitely go through it if you're interested in scary things. I went through almost the entire blog in one period of Political Science. Haters gonna hate on my perfect studentness.

Lastly, I'm also taking Psychology. This, by far, is the most interesting class I'm in this semester. I've heard from other people that the amount of material covered is killer but I hope I can just pull through. I also need to manage my time better and participate in those research experiments for extra credit!

-transitions into another topic-

So lately, I've been a bit more active on Instagram and I think I may be slightly addicted. Especially every time I post a photo, I check back way too often to see if anyone has liked it. I'm shameless. Sigh.

Here's just two of my most recent photos I've uploaded to Instagram!

Taken from my bedroom window (my dorm at university).
My life is so glamorous, I know.

While I'm showing my Aldo backpack purchase, I also want to show everyone a bit of the stuff that I've bought these past few weeks. Before you judge me on buying so much, give me the benefit of the doubt! Check the prices I'll put under the picture of each item!

A navy blue sweater from Old Navy.
Mint green blouse, also from Old Navy!
Boots from American Eagle
(Okay, my only pair of boots broke, so...)
These were $20?
Patched Skinny Jeans from American Eagle
Light Blue Skinny Jeans
(Forgot exact price)
These were the same boots from above but in a different colour.
They were $20 when I bought that first pair and when I went back,
they were selling it for $12.
Fashion scarf from Winners.
Close-up of the pattern of the scarf!
Striped sweater from Old Navy
Yes, I know I bought a lot! I promise not to buy anything for the next little while. But you gotta admit, everything was pretty damn cheap. I mean, the boots were originally at $40+. The mint green blouse was at $35ish, the American Eagle jeans were at $35-$45 and the last striped sweater was at $25 (approx)!

-awkwardly transitions into another topic-

I don't really have much else to say but I do want to show you guys some videos that I've found recently that were interesting or just captured my interest.

So apparently the medley above is an old video but I only found it recently. I thought it was really well done and the medley actually sounded like one song as opposed to those that sound choppy and pieced together. Plus, Victoria actually sounds nice here which is rare for me to say since I don't find her singing that amazing.

So the first time I heard of Wang Lee Hom was when Wongfu made his music video. Since then, I never paid much attention or really cared about his stuff. But since I'm getting into EXO-M, I was watching a clip of Xiumin/Chen (I forgot) performing this song and I thought it sounded really pretty.

So, ISAtv just released their newest "Step by Step" video and I've been looking forward to this episode for the longest time!

I'm by no means a dancer but something about dance is really interesting to me. I love watching K-Pop dance covers and I love the "Step by Step" series. I've watched all the episodes multiple times and I really admire all the dancers. If you guys have time, definitely watch this mini-series. Maybe you'll learn a dance or two!

Also, Wongfu released their newest short last night and I thought it was the cutest thing:

I absolutely love it when Ki Hong Lee is in Wongfu videos 'cause I think he's adorable. He's a good actor and he seems like a genuinely good person. I think he looks like one of my relatives but that's aside from the point. I didn't know who the girl was but she looked really pretty! I thought the short was simple and sweet and I'm so sure every one can relate to this. Not so much the ending but the "wow-that-guy/girl-is-cute" and "let-me-just-stare-at-them-all-day-and-fake-laugh-so-they-notice-me".

I just recently discovered Justkiddingnews (the Youtube channel) and I spent a whole night just going through some of the more interesting videos. This is one of the more recent ones and I thought the whole conspiracy theory was interesting. Take these things with a grain of salt but I figure it's just nice to see things from a different perspective. With this video, I'll admit... the news was interesting but the thing that interested me the most was Anthony Lee. I never knew who he was until I watched "When it Counts" where he played such a derp and then I see him on "Step by Step" and again, he was really funny and chill. When you watch this video, you notice how Anthony is a really bright person and I think that's really awesome when a person can have so much depth to them but you just don't really notice from first impressions/acting. It's probably not the best comparison, but I find him a bit like Tablo from Epik High? We all know how Tablo can be the weirdest, funniest guy. I think just his choice in usernames (blobyblo) is good enough proof of that. But on the other hand, he's a Stanford graduate and he's just a genius with his words and his music. Gap moe, guys, gap moe.

-slowly moves into another topic- 

So, this month, I've finished two TVB dramas which were "Friendly Fire" and "Missing You". I think TVB started off the year well with these two dramas since they were both so well done! I definitely loved "Friendly Fire" more whether you compare them based on cast, story-line, and just the general drama as a whole but "Missing You" is good as well.

I really LOVED Sammy Leung's acting in "Friendly Fire" and for his first time acting in a drama, he was absolutely amazing! I think I pretty much speak for a lot of people when I say that while the plot was captivating, Sammy's acting and character was even more beautiful. Suddenly, "Friendly Fire" just topped a lot of my favourite TVB dramas and became my #1 most recommended series!

"Missing You", on the other hand, was more of a romantic-comedy type of drama. I loved the concept of it and the storyline was cute and really heartwarming. But, for me, action-packed dramas with undercover police, lawyers, and shootings will always be the best.

Sometimes, I feel like maybe I should make a separate blog just for my TVB feels. I could do like episode reviews or just spazz about my love for a character. Sigh. When time allows...

While we're on the topic of dramas, I spent a good amount of time last night trying to find the drama I watched when I was in China this summer. I finally found out that it was titled "Queen of SOP" or something like that. What the crap is an SOP anyways? Apparently, the cute guy from the drama was Zhang Han which was the same guy who played the Domyouji in the Chinese version of "Hana Yori Dango". I had watched this (Let's watch the Meteor Shower) in China too but never noticed they were the same guy......... Ah well, this summer, I'm dedicating myself to this drama! and finding a job... and reading more books... and having fun before I spend the next 4 years of my life studying/working... and yeah.

Also, because I've watched Taiwanese, HK, Japanese, and Mainland dramas, I feel like I should give K-dramas a try. I've watched half of "You're Beautiful" and given up and now I think I should try and watch some of those highly recommended ones. I heard "City Hunter", "Reply 1997", and "Ghost" were good but does anyone have other recommendations? I actually spent a good portion of time last night watching clips of Jessica in "Wild Romance". Is that any good? I'm really not interested in the whole "rich-guy-falls-in-love-with-poor-girl-but-can't-date-her-because-his-mom-says-she's-too-poor" storyline... well, unless it's really amazing.

ANYWAYS, I think I've went on for long enough...

- eggtart

P.S: That weird countdown thing on the side? That's all fishandchips and her obsession with books. If you guys think it looks whack, you can take it up with her. I guess it adds a bit of colour to our boring-looking blog though.


  1. it was for a contest, sue me (someone named Alicia won... I had a heart attack, then realized no one emailed me and now I'm depressed /lifestory.)

  2. Hey just wanted to ask how much the ALDO backpack was. It's so cool!

    1. Sorry for the late reply! It was $60. It should still be in stores :)