Monday, 4 March 2013

Welcome March!

Hey everyone!

I really don't have much to say for this post so I'm warning everyone now that this post is going to be all over the place. Bear with me. Maybe one part will entertain you enough.


So recently, my roommate has been telling me that a lot of people on her Twitter have been raving about the app LINEPLAY. It's basically a Skype/chatroom/Instagram/Twitter kind of app with cute avatars that you dress up and you can decorate your room and stuff too. It's made in Japan, I believe? So, as expected from the Japanese, the app is amazingly adorable and pretty damn addicting.

I actually met this one person on LINEPLAY from Indonesia and he's really cool and funny. Not that I'm promoting revealing yourself on the internet to strangers although so many people already do that, but I think it can be pretty nice to talk to people you don't know. Does anyone feel more comfortable telling them your stories? Sometimes, with strangers, you feel like you don't have much to be ashamed of. But, do be careful of what type of information you're telling people! If you want to, at least get to know these people a bit beforehand!

Anyways, I definitely recommend this app. You'll have to download the LINE app in order to play LINEPLAY but it's worth it. I hope you guys enjoy!

Part 2: Lady-issues!

Warning: If you are a dude, let's just skip this part and move onto Part 3 ~

Anyways, so I've been that girl that's never had regular menstrual cycles and for some reason, it's been getting regular now and I just want to shoot myself. I don't get cramps like other girls so I feel extremely blessed, but it's still annoying nonetheless. I do feel bloated and I get backaches which makes me feel like a pregnant woman. But I have read somewhere that those are the feelings associated with getting your periods cause you're body is all "I'M READY TO GET LAID!"

I bet a lot of people weren't expecting me to be that blunt.

On a side note, I also learned from friends who Google'd these things that during this time period, girls feel really horny? HA. HA. Why am I still talking? Ahem. I'm always turned-on by my Korean men. Seriously, I'm gonna stop now. Basically, to summarize, I hate periods and I'm always excited by my babies.

WAIT, while we're on a topic of being sexually aroused. Let me tell you guys about the story of me on Tumblr. I was scrolling through my dashboard, and I came across this post that got a lot of comments and... actually, the more I go into this, the more I feel like I shouldn't share cause it was too... weird. Let's just leave it at the Japanese people and their AV videos... need to sit their ass down and... well, the Japanese and their weirdness need to stop. I felt so done with Tumblr at that point and you know you got me good when I felt like quitting Tumblr.

Wow, did I actually just spend 5 minutes typing up a section on periods, horniness and Japanese porn? Oh lord.

Part 3: School tingz

School has been a pain in my ass. Recently, my grades have been slipping and I really just want to punch myself in the eyes. Why oh why am I getting 70s when my marks have always been mid 80s to low 90s? JESUS. I think part of the reason is because my iPad is finally working its magic on my marks. Plus, I have 0 interest in the courses I'm taking aside from Psychology and Criminal Law.

I have another accounting midterm coming up this Friday and that just makes me cry. It doesn't help that I have a French test right before it (Thursday) and I need to get my shit together since my last French test scored a 73% and my last accounting midterm scored a 79%. Brb, drowning in a pool of sorrows.

Ugh, I really don't understand accounting. Why do dentists have such high suicide rates but not accountants? Accounting is easily the worst subject to exist on this planet. Right next to that would be Political Science. I took my midterm for that class last Tuesday and I answered all the questions. I know I'm totally wrong for one question, which unfortunately, was 6 marks. The whole midterm was 60 marks so... I'm crossing my fingers right now.

Part 4: Instagraming

Lately, for some reason, I've been a bit more active on Instagram.

I'll just post some of the recent pictures down below:

I went to ALDO during my reading week and got this.
I was upset that day and I needed a mood-lifter.
No regrets. The bracelet was so pretty!
Tang Yuan for Lantern Festival Day!
Picture from the last post we made!
fishandchips editing my essay early in the morning!
We ended up staying up until 4AM after finishing my essay,
going on Tumblr and then talking about celebrity news.
Don't deny it, fishandchips, you had fun! :)

8PM Harvey's run with fishandchips.
We spent the day watching "Pitch Perfect",
went to eat at Harveys,
and then she spent another like 5 hours at my place.
Part 5: Blog updates

LINEPLAY, periods, school, and fun times aside, fishandchips and I have been making slow changes to our blog. The "About Us" page has been changed so check that out for a better understanding of who we are! Our background will be changed sooner or later and I'll be updating soon with another post after my midterms and tests finish. I think after this week, my schedule will finally be a bit more chill!

- eggtart

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