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Girl Crushes

So those who know me in real life, or even read the small blurb on me on our tab about us, know that I love a lot of guys. I claim to be in love with every idol or actor out there. If you asked me to list out all my husbands, I can probably name 20 off the top of my head and still have way more to go. Jay Park, Junhyung, Zhang Yixing, Raymond Wong, Raymond Lam, Dongwoo, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yang Yoseob, and the list is pretty much never-ending...

A couple years ago, my friend really got into SNSD and said she like a girl crush on every member and I was kind of like... wat r u straight??? Mildly ignorant of me but if you don't know what a girl crush is, like me a couple years back, watch this:

... and now I totally know what a girl crush is and I below is a compilation of them. For all my girl crushes I'm gonna list, I'm on a level two when it comes to my love for them. Anyways, so while I often fangirl, blog about, and just obsess over my many many husbands, here's a random post about my girl crushes! Besides, posts about my oh-so-sad-life is getting boring.

Probably the biggest girl crush! I think she's absolutely amazing at everything she does and that's not my bias-for-her speaking. I love that she's the main dancer and main rapper for KARA so she already does 2/3 of the main tasks of every group. She can sing and she can speak fluent English! I think she's stunning and is the prettiest member of the group. When they were on "All The K-Pop" and those plastic surgeons said she was the least attractive member, I remember being so shocked since I thought she was the prettiest!

Is this song not the most beautiful thing that has ever graced your ears? My God, the MV was beautiful and so was Nicole and it just shows how much her fluency in Japanese has grown too!

Here are other reasons as to why Nicole is awesome:
Reason 1, Reason 2, Reason 3, Reason 4, Reason 5

omg gurl let me be you
you're like the epitome of perf in my eyes ok

Totally different Jung. Not related to Nicole Jung.

Major girl crush on Jessica! I think she's absolutely stunning and I have yet to see one picture of her where she even looked the slightest unappealing. She literally is the Ice Princess since she's just so flawless! I really admire her singing and I love that her voice is so distinct from the rest of SNSD since it's high yet somewhat raspy?? I love her sense of style and if I ever were to have an amazing body like hers, I'd totally imitate her choice in clothes because it's gorgeous.

credits to owner of photo.
- but srsly guys look at that
I love that she can rock any hairstyle and she'd still look beautiful. I especially loved her hair during "Run Devil Run" days and all hairstyles after that especially during their promotions in Japan.

omg she looks so damn badass wat is this
Other reasons why Jessica Jung is awesome:
Reason 1, Reason 2, Reason 3, Reason 4, Reason 5

Linda Chung is one of my most favourite TVB actresses and I follow every drama that she's been in. I think she's one of the best actresses in the business but it's a shame that she has yet to win "Best Actress" since the roles she gets often don't shine as much as other actresses in the category. I love that she's Canadian so I feel like she's so real and she's one of us. I think she's an amazing singer too and she's one of the few Canto-pop singers I follow.

The scene in this video was basically Miss Koo (Linda Chung) finding out that her boyfriend was a complete fake. Her character had a rough childhood growing up and so she's learned to be completely cold to everyone she meets, thus the name Miss. Koo (Cool). However, throughout the series, she slowly falls in love with a teacher (that guy you see in the clip) and opens up so much to him only to find out that he was actually an undercover police officer who only dated her to get information for his case. She came back from the police station after giving her statement and was confronted by him at her door. Everyone praised Linda for this scene since she put so much emotion into it and you can only cry along with her when you see her sprawled on her living room floor bawling.

Basically, I think Linda is such an inspiration. She went into the industry when she was around 19, competing as a pageant queen contestant and won! Shes played roles where she was a doctor, a police officer, a spoiled brat, a girl suffering from depression, the servant of a princess, and she's just been amazing. She's also a singer and if I one day, miraculously, become an actress in TVB, I want to be like Linda.

This might seem a bit random compared to the last three who are idols... but I think Bubz is really awesome. While I think Nicole, Jessica, and Linda are all so pretty, I think Bubz is a bit different. Not to say that I think Bubz looks like a gremlin or something, but she's not what I would label as "holy-shit-she-looks-like-Megan Fox". She's more beautiful-on-the-inside. Even though I don't wear makeup, I still follow her Youtube channel and watch all her videos. I admire her for being so positive and I think she seems like a genuinely fun person. I love her life; I'd love to be popular on Youtube, have two adorable puppies, be so artistic whether it be with crafts, painting, or applying makeup, have such a loving fiance, and live in Hong Kong!

After watching that video, I teared up because I thought it was so cute, beautiful, and inspiring. She's so hardworking and I really wish I have the balls one day to do what she did.

The thing with Bubz is that I find her so much more real. With people like Nicole or Jessica, it's kind of like, "I think you're absolutely stunning but let's be realistic... the chances of be becoming a K-Pop star one day is less than 0.001% and the chances of be having a 20" waste is even lower" But with Bubz, I find that she makes everything seem so possible and you can totally achieve your goals just like her!

What's also a plus is that I love that she speaks Cantonese like me and so I feel like I can relate a lot more to her. Plus, we have a lot of similarities too! (Hey, I'm a human alarm clock too!)

Ok, so I basically grew up watching Hannah Montana, and so I've been a big fan of Miley since I was like 12 years old. While I don't think she's the best actress and I don't think she's the best singer, I will, however, still watch all her movies and I will listen to all her albums. I think she's an amazing performer and I love that she's the epitome of confidence and bad-ass. 

Miley is absolutely hilarious and I love her sense of humour. I love her fashion choices and I like that she's not the type who's all secretive. She's very open and straight-forward with a no-bullshit attitude and I totally admire that.

Two other reasons why Miley is bomb:
Reason 1: Her relationship with Ryan Seacrest always makes me laugh; then and now.
Reason 2: Her amazing confrontations with annoying paparazzi. Badass and assertive.

So much more but this post would never end. Bottom line is: I totally admire Miley's attitude and I think she's definitely one of the best artists.

So yeah. :)

Until next time! Peace x

- Dee

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