Friday, 20 July 2012

Another Asian Driver

'Cause the world really needed another, you know?
Today, my dad drove me to get my G1 license from the Downsview DMV. It took us a half hour to find it. Google maps was not helpful. Though, it probably didn't help that I forgot to print off said map... Regardless, once we got there, we realized that Friday afternoons at the DMV are busy.

For those who never took their Ontario G1 test, and want a little run down as to what happens, here you go:

When I got it, I went to the front desk, by the door. After showing my forms of IDs, I filled out one form (basically put on 3 check marks and signed my name) and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited a little bit more. Another half hour later, my number was finally called and I went up.

After being momentarily confused as to what my address was (I cannot have things spelt out to me, it just doesn't work), I paid and got my photo taken. Once that was complete, I took the vision test. This is a simple test. You will have to look into this set of binocular things. There will be a lit up circle that contains 6 numbers (ex. 567384). You will be asked to recite said number. Once you have completed one circle, another will light up with a different set of number, this happens three or four times (I have a bad memory...). The size of the numbers will progressively get smaller. Next, they test your peripheral vision. A light will flash on one side and you have to tell them if it's the left or right side. It's fairly simple and straight forward.

Once that's done, you'll go into the writing exam room and write your exam. It's a set of 40 multiple choice questions: 20 rules, 20 signs. In order to pass, you must get 16 on each one right (i.e. you can only get four questions wrong for the rules, and four for the signs, for a total of eight errors). These don't balance, unfortunately. So if you get perfect on the signs, and five wrong on the rules, you do not pass.

After your exam, you hand it in and resume waiting. I waited twenty minutes for the results of my exam. By then, the room was packed with people waiting to either take their exam or get their results. Once your results process, they'll call you up and tell you whether you passed or not. I heard 5 people not pass, so don't take the test too lightly.

All in all, it was a new experience. And now I'm licensed to drive (with an adult who has been fully licensed for four years or more and at any time except between midnight and 5AM)!

In all honestly, I didn't get my license so I could learn to drive and become an epically awesome drift racer like Jay Chou in Initial D. No, my real motivation was food. I don't have a passport because the last time I left the country, passports weren't yet required for five year old children. This proved to be a large inconvenience because if I wanted to get my WATcard in September (which is kind of a necessity at UofW), I needed a government issued ID. Based on price, as well as convenience, I chose to get my G1. Once my license card is mailed, I'll be able to go to Waterloo and get my lovely WATcard, which has all my food money on it. I think the first thing I'll purchase is an Ice Cap (:

Next piece of news: I got my residence placement! I'm right across from eggtart ~ I'm room with my friend GL and another girl. She seems alright (if you can base anything off a few emails). I'm quite excited!

So yesterday, I had a bout of nostalgia and decided to check out one of my old favourite shows: Digimon.

So that's Digimon Adventure's (i.e. Season One) characters. Those are the characters I remember. I loved those characters and everything, but I couldn't remember anything from that season except for the characters.

On the other hand, that's Digimon Adventure 2's (i.e. Season Two) characters. I don't remember any of them, except Ken (Mr. Purple Hair). Ken was my favourite character in all of Digimon (yeah, I loved the bad guy turned good, I can't help it. He was awesome.). I did, however, remember what happened throughout the season. So I don't know why my memory blended both seasons, but every time I pictured Digimon, I saw Ken against season one's characters... I don't know. Still, I love both seasons, and I still love Ken (: I watched an episode of each season and my first thought, when I saw the episode from season two, was: Davis? I vaguely remembered every character except Davis from S2. And he's like the main character... My memory's so selective... I'm a little worried.

On another note, I've made a slight dent in my reading. I've finished:
The Immortal Rules [#1 Blood of Eden] by Julie Kagawa [5/5] 
A book about vampires (though they're the evil ones (for the most part) in this series). Kagawa really brought the vampire concept back to life and made it different from the other crazy ones (i.e. Twilight, House of Night). It's basically like the Dust Land Series (by Moira Young), meets The Host (by Stephenie Meyer), meets Dracula (by Bram Stoker), meets Julie Kagawa's imagination. It's really awesome and brings together dystopian fantasy, paranormal fiction, and horror, to make one awesome book.

The Thing About the Truth by Lauren Barnholdt [3.5/5] 
A love story, where the truth ruins everything. This kind of left me with an ending that was not really resolved. It bugged me. However, the novel wasn't bad. It was taken from the two main characters' point of views before and after the 'incident'. There is a fair amount of humour and I like the real life references, as well as the characters, so that made up for the end. Yet it didn't, you know? Eh, just thinking about it... it's still bugging me...

Next, I'll probably finish Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti (which I've started but haven't finished yet...), then Divergent by Veronica Roth, which my sister has been raving about (unconsciously raising my expectations).

Anyway, I think I've babbled enough for today ~ Good night to those in the EST time zone. Good morning eggtart!


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