Monday, 9 July 2012

Course Selection

Today was the first official day to enroll yourself in classes for Waterloo. I tried to get into Chemistry... and Biology... and Physics... but all of them were basically filled to the rim, to my dismay. C'est la vie. Maybe I'll take 'em in the summer (if those buildings have air conditioning...).

"F" takes up so much of my time, while "M"'s just chilling there like "I'm a 3 hour class @ 7pm"
My schedule's pretty full on Wednesdays, I was honestly surprised that that "F" class will require so much time. Hm. That night class worries me a little, even though my UofW tour guide reassured us that "the lights around campus were just changed and are very bright". Although it's good to know that the lights are very bright and numerous around campus, I'm still a little wary of the whole thing. I know I'll get used to it after I settle in, but until then I'll sit here and pray it's not like York's lovely campus on which crime just happens to be sky rocketing.

Oh, I forgot to mention: eggtart is currently gallivanting across the eastern side of Asia, so you won't here from her for a little bit. I finally got eggtart's birthday present, too! Hope she likes it, haha.

I finally finished Season 2 of Game of Thrones! Minus the nudity, the show is awesome. Lot's of violence and backstabbing. And somewhere between cutting off a dude's head to being a faceless man, there's romance.

And speaking of that series, I currently have the first four books waiting to be read.

On top of those, there's:
Sisterhood Everlasting: 10 years after the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants

The Enchantress: the final book to its series
Keep Holding On: I got it for my birthday from my Uncle (:

Bitterblue: the third book to the Seven Realms Series
Divergent: the first in the series  (I also have the second)
Also, I need to read:
I require a driver's license before university starts...
Add in grade 9 French, grade 12 Calculus and Vectors, Student 101 in August at Waterloo, some intensive piano practice, as well as a piano exam, and I'd say I have a lot to do in the next seven weeks. Should probably start working on all that. Well, what'd you know, even in the summer I can procrastinate.

- fishandchips

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