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Olympics 2012 - Day 13 to Day 15

If you haven't noticed, my days are a little off since I named the first day of the the Olympics Day 0. In total, this year, though, there were/will be 17 action packed days of the Olympics. Tomorrow being the final day of the 2012 Olympic games.

Before I get ahead of myself, here are the recent Google Doodles for this year's Olympics:
Day 13 [Mini Game - Can be played here]
Day 14 [Mini Game - Can be played here]
Day 15

The games, this year, had been dubbed the Twitter games (vaguely acknowledged by the Olympic committee when they put in the social network segment into the opening ceremony two weeks back). As such, Twitter has been on fire with updates all around the world about results, judging comments, athlete fandom, as well as tweets from sport castors and Olympians alike. There were one or two Olympic participants who took the liberty to post racists comments (and were promptly sent packing), those who raged at judges and ref calls (especially after that Canadian penalty fiasco), and those who hated on Olympians because they're jealous, insecure, or whatever. Honestly, those were the tweets I couldn't stand. Heck, those were the tweets that made it onto the news as people were outraged by them.

The one that stood out most to me was the tweet to Tom Daley, Great Britain's greatest hope for a Gold in Syncro Diving with his partner Peter Waterfield. When their fourth, and final, dive was off time, they saw their chances of Gold slip away, landing fourth place, just off the podium. Soon after the event, someone tweeted Daley saying "you let your dad down i hope you know that".

Let me take a moment to give some back story. Daley's father had cancer within his brain. The first tumour was taken care of, and he was in remission for a while, and then a second one came along. Brought into remission again, Daley's father had high hopes in seeing his son in the London 2012 Olympics (this year). However, relapsing once more, hope was slowly dwindling. The cancer took his life late last year, 2011.

Tom Daley took one day off from training after his father's death. One day. Note: Daley is only 18 years old. Not only did he have his father's death to contend with, but also Great Britain's hopes of getting a Gold medal was resting on his and his partner's shoulders.

The fact of the matter is, this person, some Twitter user out there, tweeted "you let your dad down i hope you know that". Now, not only is that cyberbullying, slander in a sense, but to say something like that to an eighteen year old kid, who just lost his father recently, as well as lost the Gold medal for his nation is horrid, inhuman, heartless. Add that to the fact that according to the news, Daley's dive was immaculate, Waterfield had pulled up too soon, and he couldn't stop it once it happened. I could go on an extreme tirade about how wrong that tweet was on so many levels, but I don't even think it needs to be said. Something like that is just inexcusable.

The thing about the internet is that once it's there, it's set in stone. Nothing said on the internet cane ever really truly be erased. Cyberspace is infinite.

On a brighter note, Daley won Bronze in his individual event, and no one, not even a user on Twitter, could take that away from him. By his reaction, that Bronze medal was a Gold to him. I'm not even of Great Britain, but I have to say I am proud of him. He really deserved that medal.

(Also, he is the best looking eighteen year old I've ever known. OMG. If the guys at my school looked like that... my gosh... /foreverswooning. This may well be the closest I'll ever get to a celebrity crush *A* so hot. He's only 22 days older than me too... it's a totally rational celebrity crush... However, his achievement also makes me feel widely unaccomplished... he's over in Britain winning medals and I'm here at my computer writing this... well...)

Thomas Daley - Great Britain - Bronze Medal in 10m Platform Dive
On the other hand, while Daley's celebrating the Bronze like it's a Gold, and the USA's celebrating the Gold 'cause it's a Gold, China's Qiu Bo, who won silver, was said to be inconsolable and quite upset at the results. However, feelings aside, all of them performed well. And just 'cause I'm biased, I'd liked to just say: Congratulations Tom Daley !

Back to Canada, Matt Gentry skimmed the Olympic podium, placing 4th in Men's 74kg Freestyle Wrestling. Faced with old World Champion, Gentry was unable to hold his own in his final rounds. However, he definitely made Canada proud by even making it that far. Fourth in the world, that's pretty good.

Canada, today, was disqualified in the Men's 4x100m relay. Third-leg runner, Jared Connaughton, had stepped on the line marking the lane's boundary, leading to their disqualification. Landing third place in the finals only to have it taken away from them, that is heartbreaking, not for Canada, but for the runners themselves. All the way to third place and conquered by a line. However, besides the line step, the team had an amazing run, unfortunately, that wasn't enough though.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Olympics, the closing ceremony taking place at 4pm EST, 9pm in London. According to leaks and gossip, the Spice Girls are making a return to the stage, and The Who, Ed Sheeran , George Michael, and Muse have all said that they will be taking part in some way. It's said Tinie Tempah (Rapper, known for his song "Written in the Stars" ft. Eric Turner) and Jessie J (Pop singer, known for songs "Domino", "Who You Are", and "Price Tag") are highly likely to perform. There will also be a small bit created by the next summer Olympics host, Brazil, which is said to have a fair amount of samba dancing, though whether that's true, we'll just have to wait to find out. Also, One Direction has been rumoured to be closing the closing ceremony, though that rumour has neither been confirmed nor denied by officials.

One more day world! Tomorrow is the end of the London 2012 Olympics! I hope everyone had fun watching and will tune in tomorrow to watch the finale the these amazing games!


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