Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Olympics 2012 - Day 7 to Day 12

Olympics have been a total challenge for Canada. Monday, in their game against the USA, there was a bad call by the ref, therefore ending in Canada's loss. I suck with soccer, so this is what I've read and heard from  people. News articles are saying that they may be looking into the play again to see if the call was right, but a day before the game for Bronze, in which Canada will supposedly be playing in, it'd be hard to make the call.   I heard that said ref has been suspended and will not be refereeing any more games in this particular Olympics. However, it's still not known whether anything is happening with the ref's ruling.

On another note, here are the new Google Doodles from the past few days (:

Day 7

Day 9
Day 10

Day 11 [Mini Game - Can be played here]

Day 12 [Mini Game - Can be played here]
Onto Canada's success, we won Gold for Women's Trampoline; Silver in Men's 1500m Freestyle and Men's Kayak 1000m Single; Bronze in Men's Canoe 1000m Single, Men's High Jump,  Women's Team Pursuit (Cycling), Men's 81kg Judo, Women's 63kg Weightlifting , Men's 100m Freestyle, and Women's 48kg Freestyle Wrestling. Canada's doing fairly well, medal wise.

As always, Jamaican runner Usain Bolt is flying through his rounds. It's always fun watching him run, because, really, he makes it look like such a breeze.

Then there's Phelps, USA's druggie star (or not so drugged up star now...). He couldn't even make finals for the one or two races he had been expected to win Gold for, which was a shock to everyone, though he ended up winning Gold in the 200m Individual Medley Race.

It's interesting, watching the Olympics, 'cause this is when the underdogs rise up and when the champions fall back, we see the expected the win, but we also get a chance to see the unexpected to succeed, to dominate, to make their country proud.

Have fun watching, world!


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